How to postpone Windows 10 19H1 update

Today, we will cover two different ways to postpone Windows 10 19H1 update for Windows 10 Pro and Home users. Windows 10 1903 is soon going to release in the upcoming month of April 2019. Once this is available on your System, you may or may not go for this update. If you don’t want to launch the update on your System for whatsoever reasons or delay the same, read this article.

You can use either local Settings or Group Policy Editor on Windows 10 Pro to postpone Windows 10 19H1 update. For delaying the update on Windows 10 Home PC, you may take the help of Metered connection settings or a registry tweak. Let’s explore them in detail-

  1. Postpone Windows 10 version 1903 Update- Windows 10 Pro
  2. Postpone Windows 10 version 1903 Update- Windows 10 Home

How to postpone Windows 10 19H1 update

Here is the step-wise walk-through on how to postpone the update of Windows 10 version 1903.

1. Postpone Windows 10 version 1903 Update- Windows 10 Pro

In case you are running OS “Windows 10 Pro” on your system and want to halt the upcoming updates for the specified period, use either Advanced Settings or Group Policy Editor. To obtain this tool, there are basically two readiness level enrolled.

Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)- This feature immediately upgrades your system when new updates are released. Using this you can defer it up to 365 days.

Semi-Annual Channel- This readiness gets the update feature until Microsoft confirms the new version is ready for enterprise deployment. This branch also postpones upgrade up to 16 months but the device enrolled in this tool will receive a new release update after 4 months in Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted).

Using Settings

To postpone Windows 10 19H1 Update using Settings, you need to follow the below procedure-

  • At first press Win logo & I hotkey to launch Settings.
  • Once the page appears up, hit Update & Security followed by Windows Update.
  • Here on the right pane, tap Advanced options then select “Choose when updates are installed”.
  • Succeeding after hit the readiness level i.e. Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) or Semi-Annual Channel.
  • Thereafter choose the number of days ( max 365) for which you want to postpone installing the update.

After following the above steps, Windows 10 will postpone updates until the specified time is over.

Using Group Policy

In case of Settings does not work as explained above, use Group Policy Editor to do the same. Here are the steps-

  • Press Windows key and R to launch Run dialog.
  • Here in text box type gpedit.msc, hit OK to launch Local Group Policy Editor.
  • On the new window, browse the following path-
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Windows Update for Business

Here open Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received policy then choose Enabled option.

Now in Options drop-down menu, select one of the following options as per your choice-

  • Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) – In this option, you can defer Windows 10 19H1 Update up to one year (365 days).
  • Semi-Annual Channel – This option will prevent installing Windows 10 1903 updates up to 16 months using the next step to specify the number of days.

There forth select the days till you want to postpone the upgrade followed by the Apply button.

At last, tap the OK button to complete this process.

Once the task is finished, Windows 10 will stop the upgrade of the next version until the specified period.

Note: If you want to delay a monthly update up to 35 days, use the Pause Updates option and select the specific time up to which you want to halt new update installation.

2. Postpone Windows 10 version 1903 Update- Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home also allows a deferring to update on your running device.  In this version, you need to turn On meter connection on connected Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This tool will automatically postpone the download and installation of Windows 10 OS update. Here are the steps to follow-

Set a Wi-Fi connection as metered connection

The Wi-Fi connect set as Metered on can prevent Windows 10 Update on your system. This process will block all Windows update unless you disable this option. If you don’t know how to do, here are the steps-

Go to the Wi-Fi symbol on the taskbar and tap on its icon.

Here, select your connected Wi-Fi connection thereafter press Properties link.

Postpone Windows 10 1903 update

This will open up a new Window, now scroll down the cursor to reach the Metered connection section.

Succeeding after turn ON the toggle switch against set as metered connection.

postpone Windows 10 19H1

At last close the current window, this will restrict background data usage as well as update your Windows 10 PC.

Set an Ethernet connection as metered connection

You can set an Ethernet connection as a metered connection as well to postpone the upcoming Windows 10 update. Here is the procedure-

Firstly, go to the Search box and type Settings in the text area. Hit the Settings option from the list of appeared options.

Again on the current window, select Network & Internet thereafter Ethernet from the left column.

Henceforth, click on a wired Ethernet connection in order to access its settings page.

Succeeding after the move to the metered connection section thereafter enables the toggle key to turn on this option.

When this option is activated, it will prevent your system from installing the update.

Using registry tweaks

The registry editor also provides a tool to delay Windows 10 19H1 updates for the specified period. To perform this task go through below procedure-

Go to Cortana and type regedit in the text box, hit Enter to launch Registry Editor.

In the current page, navigate to the following path-

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsUpdate \ UX \ Settings

Henceforth, make a right-click on the Settings option and choose New DWORD (32 bit) option.

postpone Windows 10 19H1 update

On the pop-up dialog, name this new parameter as “BranchReadinessLevel” then press Enter key.

Go ahead and open this newly created dword entry and put 10 or 20 in its value field. After this, switch to Semi-Annual Channel or semi-annual channel (Targeted).

Succeeding after, tap OK to confirm the changes made so far.

Right-click again on Settings to choose New DWORD (32 bits).

Name this entry as DeferFeatureUpdatesPeriodInDays then tap the OK button.

After that, double click on the created parameter and put the day’s number ranging between 0-365 as per your wish.

At last, tap OK and Reboot your system.

This will postpone Windows 10 19H1 Update for the specified time in the last dword entry.

Note: Changing or creating entries in the registry without prior knowledge may create trouble on your PC. Therefore, proceed only if you are comfortable with this tweak. If you still want to go for this, do create a system restore point as this will create a backup of your important files in case something goes wrong.


Here, we cover two different ways to postpone Windows 10 19H1 update for Windows 10 Pro & Home users. We hope you get what you were searching for. If you have any queries related to this article, do ask us in the comment box.