Everything to know about Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Update

Microsoft is soon going to launch the next big release i.e. Windows 10 1903 which is most likely to appear in the upcoming May 2019. This is often called spring update and will be the seventh major update of this OS. There are some major changes and features which will come with this upgrade to improve overall system stability and reliability.

Today, in this article, we will discuss some key aspects of Windows 10 Build 1909 in addition to all the refinements and fixes of this OS. In general, we will focus towards-

All about Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Update – Details

Here is the detailed description of Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Update.

  1. Innovative Desktop experience
  2. Changes under Settings App
  3. What’s new in the Input category
  4. Changes in system experience
  5. In-built new apps

Innovative desktop experience

With the launch of Windows 10 1903 (19H1), the desktop environment becomes quite smooth as well as lucrative. Microsoft has improved the texture style in addition to Visual clarity w.r.t previous version.

In case, you are not satisfied with its new look, open Group Policy Editor with administrative privileges and adjust its settings. You need to follow the sequence System → Log On → Show Clear logon background. Here is the description about each section which undergoes modification on Windows 10 1903-

Start menu

There are some minor changes made in the Start Menu Section which impart a cool look. At first, The Power button is changed now with a new set of icons for Shutdown, Restart and sleep option. When you click on the profile menu, you will see a new icon available for Lock, Change account settings, & Sign-out. Similarly, if you right-click on a group name or tile folder you will find the unpin option. Some other changes performed in the Start menu are described below –

Windows 10 1903, Windows 10 19H1

Start menu now run on StartMenuExperienceHost.exe application which works to fix potential bugs.

Search and Cortana

The Search box is completely modified on Windows 10 1903. In case, you open the Search bar, a separate page will pop-up with better spacing.  Microsoft also confirms that Cortana and Search box will be now two separate identities on the taskbar. The Cortana comes bundled with voice assistant whereas Search is restricted primarily to local files that lie inside your System. With this release, you can see the recent activities section too on the System. If you hover over any option while filtering, there appears a light theme in the background (See snapshot).

Search and Cortana 1903


With Windows 10 version 19H1, there are slight changes in the notification area of the Taskbar. Here you will see the new “Disconnected” icon if there is no internet connection on the System.

Taskbar displaying On or Off connection

Under the System tray, you can also see the microphone icon if that is plugged into the port. When you hover mouse around this icon, it will show the currently accessed apps on your device. In case you are currently using multiple apps, this will display only the number of apps running behind on your system.

When you double click on this icon, it will open the Microphone settings page by default.

Action Center

Windows 10 Build 1903 has brought good feature which let you adjust the brightness of the system now and then. The new slider of action Center available on the desktop can help you to adjust the brightness of the screen directly.

New Action Center on Windows 10 1903

If you want to add or remove buttons without going to the Settings app then just right-click on a specific button and choose Edit using the drop-down menu. Here click on unpin thereafter do the click on Add button to re-add this button.

File Explorer

With the build 18305, the File Explorer icon gets a new look-alike Microsoft. On opening this app, you can have the feeling of working around the Office app with a similar light theme. This sounds interesting, isn’t it?

In File Explorer, you will experience a new date layout (friendly dates) which represents the date in a conventional format.

Updating the default downloads folder sorting

It is quite difficult to sort the recent items among the downloaded files when they appear in alphabetically order. With this build, Microsoft has also updated this sorting out option under the download section. The recently downloaded files will now appear on the top of the list thus it would be easy to identify them.

The Download folder organizes the most recent files on the top, thus enabling users to find any file in a more efficient and easy way. This is why certain applications that are downloaded recently won’t get deleted while cumulative deletion.


Clipboard has come out in Windows 10 19H1 with completely new design & text snippets maker. It also appears smaller than the previous one and contains more content.

Windows 10 19H1 - Clipboard

Light theme

The Start Menu, Touch keyboard, Taskbar, Action Center and many other functions are now available in light theme color in Windows 10 Build 1903. To add new color on the interface, you should navigate the following path-

  Settings > Personalization > Colors

Again select “Choose your color” section followed by Light option using the drop-down menu. When you select the custom caption under the same drop-down menu, it sanctions the usage of Light Theme without any changes.  

To use the light theme, navigate to-

 Settings > Personalization > Theme and select Windows Light theme.

Windows 10 1903, Windows 10 19H1

Game bar

The company has declared that Windows 10 1903 will come up with a new gallery that might add Game Bar. Here, you can add a new screenshot or video without even leaving the game console.

The contents of the game could then be shared directly on twitter or other social media platforms.

Game Bar

experience

In the upcoming 19H1 Windows 10 OS, you will get SMS code on your valid phone number using Microsoft account. As a result, you can set-up any account without even the requirement of a password. You may also avail of Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN facility to access your account. If you do want to change your PIN, you can reset the same using Microsoft web services.

Microsoft Sign In

Changes under Settings app

Microsoft has brought several improvements and features under the Settings app in Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1) 18305. This will help in easy and frequent set up of different changes. They are mentioned below one after another-

Power & Sleep

When you use Power & Sleep section, you will see the new slider (same as power flyout) used to change PC’s power mode.

Power and Sleep


Under the Sound section, they now include device properties option to control the balance of Spatial sound. See the Snapshot below –

Windows 10 19H1 - Sound

Focus assist

Microsoft has added a new option known as “When I’m using an app in full-screen mode.” under the Automatic rule section of Focus assist page in the Settings app. Using this tool, you can now avert distractions whenever you are working on full-screen Mode.

Windows 10 19H1 - Focus Assist


They even improvised the storage section on your system. There is no need to select each drive now to know the disk drive utilization. Using this feature, you can access settings to enable, disable, and configure options in an easy way. All you have to do is to select the Configure Storage Sense or run it from the Storage section on the Settings app.

Optimize Drives option is also included under Settings that users could use to de-fragment drives. Thus, you can access it to know the storage usage on other drives.

Windows 10 19H1 - Storage

Advanced scaling settings

Windows users can now fix the blurry scaling on the app by altering the Display settings. This update requires the enabling of the Advance scaling settings manually. To perform this task navigate to-

Settings > System > Display > Advanced scaling settings page

Printers & Scanners

The link of the Printers & Scanners settings page is now set on the right panel of the same page. Hence, different options are now available to find and fix the issue if (any) found.

Apps & features

There are elegant changes brought in the Apps & features section with Windows 10 Build19H1 update. You can now uninstall more in-built apps if you are not using them currently. They are Calculator, Snip & Sketch, Groove Music, Sticky Notes, Movies & TV, 3D Viewer, Mail, Paint 3D, Calendar and Voice Recorder, etc.

Prior to this update, you can only uninstall these basic apps- Microsoft Solitaire Collection, My Office, One Note, Print 3D, Skype, Tips and Weather.

Apps and Features


They made slight modification under Ethernet settings so that you can configure the static IP address, DNS server preference, set wireless settings which remain active for long time.


The enable or disable transparency function lie under the color section which exists at top of the page. So, it is quick and easy to find the default app. The available toggle switch “transparency effect” can also deactivate the acrylic motion of the current screen.


From 10th May 2019 Update, you will get the drag & drop menu once you install a new font family on your System.

Date & Time

Using the 10 May 2019 update, you can manually synchronize the clock of the time server. In case, the time server is disabled, the Settings app will keep the record of last time when the time server was successfully synced along with the path of the current time server.

Date and Time


After updating the System to Windows 10 version 1903, a separate option will now be there to install the language pack. Using this feature, users can now add a new language effectively. There is also an individual option to install Speech recognition, Text to speech after the upgrade.



In this category, you will locate the voice packages which actually lie on your system. You can download new voices from having different languages. To perform this task browse to-

Settings-> Ease of Access-> Narrator-> Add voices at the right pane.

Cursor & pointer

Under Cursor & pointer settings page, you can select the custom color for Mouse Pointer.

Cursor and Pointer

Color filters

There are no major changes in this section however, you will receive a warning message when “night light” starts to hamper the in-built color filter experience. They have added the option to disable night light functionality.

Searching Windows

The company adds a new page in the Cortana known as “Searching Windows,” which works to adjust the search indexing settings. In the previous versions, these settings is managed by Control Panel. Now if any extra folder exists in the search windows, you can exclude this after upgrading your system.

Microphone/ camera

Microsoft has confirmed that they will improve the Camera and Microphone settings on Windows 10 19H1. This will display the list of apps that are currently using the camera and microphone with a “Currently in use label.”


They add “Recommended troubleshooting,” under the Troubleshooting page to resolve the commonly occurring issues. This troubleshooting will start working by default and one can’t disable it when an error pops up.

If this troubleshooter is available in your system, it suggests apps in the notification that require immediate attention. When you reach there, the list will appear in front of you to either take responsibility or simply ignore it. However, in this bug fixing, you can’t avoid certain features using Recommended troubleshooting settings.

Windows 10 19H1 - troubleshoot

They are as follows –

  • Ask me before fixing problems.
  • Tell me when problems get fixed.
  • Fix problems for me without asking.

Windows Update

After Windows 10 version 1903 upgrade, the link option will turn into an icon instead of the button. Hence you can no longer see the link under the Windows Update settings page.

Another modification done here is to add the “Pause update” option which could be used to disable the current downloading update. In a similar way the pending update can now be extended up to seven days.

Windows 10 1903 - Windows Update

Delivery Optimization

This Windows 10 update supports LEDBAT as Delivery Optimization to the connected LAN. so the chance of network collation becomes less due to peer to peer traffic upload. As a result, network speed becomes high.

Windows Insider Program

In this major update a new Windows Insider program page available in Settings. The reason behind to avoid the clutter, switch the build easily from fast ring to slow ring or vise versa and quickly understandable the install ring.

In other cases, if you do not want to see the insider program anymore, go the “stop getting preview builds” and disable the toggle switch.  This process will lock showing insider preview until the next Windows 10 update.

Windows Insider Program

What’s new with input category


The built 18305 insiders have also added Windows Ebrima font which aids in reading ADLaM documents and websites.

Note: ADLaM is developed by Ibrahima Barry and Abdoulaye Barry, so that it would be easy to understand the Fulani language on Windows 10.


In this Windows 10 update Narrator section is also enhanced to work more friendly with Google chrome. You will see up & down arrows and slider to rotate the page, the left & right arrow will use to reduce and enlarge the slider in scan mode. Under the Narrator section, tab key works to navigate the desired path.


Below command use for specific work:

1. Caps + Ctrl + Period (.): Reads next sentence.

2. Caps + Ctrl + Comma (,): Reads current sentence.

3. Caps + Ctrl + M: Reads previous sentence.

The sentence is now a new Narrator view and can be reached using the Caps + Page Up or Caps + Page Down keyboard shortcut, and then, you can navigate with Caps + Left arrow for move by previous sentence and Caps + Right arrow for move by next

You can now use the text reading commands to scan the window. It’s also possible to use “read by the sentence” command with a braille display hitting the dots 2-3-4 or 2-3-4-7 in command input mode. The view options are now more consistent, and you’ll hear control information more consistently.

Character phonetic reading will no longer announce the phonetic information (“a Alpha,” “b Bravo,” c “Charlie”) automatically. If you need the phonetic information to disambiguate characters, you can issue a command to hear the phonetics. Use the keyboard command of the Narrator key + Comma twice quickly.

Starting with this new version of Windows 10, Narrator will stop announcing non-selected in a table when the aria-selected isn’t set on Microsoft Edge when navigating to a nested table, and when you leave and re-enter a table when reading a single table continuously.

Also, the Narrator now announces the state of hardware buttons such as volume keys.


The May 2019 Update brings lots of new special characters & symbols that you can activate using a touch keyboard. If you see the number and symbols at the same time, tap ‘Ω’ key to see the list of symbols on the touch keyboard.

This version also supports INSCRIPT keyboards which consist of many languages like- Hindi, Bangla, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Odia, Telugu, and Kannada.

Touch keyboard

There is good news for the touch keyboard users as well. Microsoft has finally worked upon the user’s feedback and improved the functionality of the Touch keyboard. With this update, it can now dynamically adjust the expected letter if the finger misses the actual key. As a result, you can type more accurately and much faster as compared to the one that came with previous Insider.


With Windows 10 1903 (19H1), the use of a touch keyboard will be much easy in comparison to its previous version. They have added many new languages in this Insider preview such as-

  • English (Canada) – en-CA
  • English (India) – en-IN
  • French (Canada) – fr-CA
  • French (Belgium) – fr-BE
  • Portuguese (Portugal) – pt-PT
  • French (Switzerland) – fr-CH
  • German (Switzerland) – de-CH
  • Spanish (United States) – es-US

Note: Even if you use the hardware keyboard, you can avail of the text suggestion feature.

Emoji panel

After upgrading your system to “May 2019 update”, press Win logo and semicolon simultaneously to let the emoji picker appears having kaomoji.

The kaomoji tool contains more symbols like “punctuation, currency, geometric, math, Latin, and language”. When you picked any, the same icon will appear in the recently used category. This certainly makes this procedure easy.

What’s new with system experience

The upcoming Windows 10 May 2019 update will introduce the group policy editor. This will restrict the use of Security on Local account. You can locate this by navigating to the following path-

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Credential User Interface.

Reserved Storage

Reserve storage is yet another facility that comes inbuilt with this update that solves the no enough space issue. This will take apart 7 GB storage of the hard disk and keep is reserved for the update, cache, or temporary files only.

Fiber Local Storage (FLS)

In this update, you will avail of the facility of Fiber Local Storage slot allocation in memory. Moreover, it will now be able to load several unique DLLs that are statically-linked to visual C++ runtimes, or otherwise allocate FLS slots.

Reset this PC

If you use this feature after installing version 1903, you’ll experience reinstalling Win10 with a new interface. This process is more consistent with your system and it goes through fewer steps to complete the whole process.


You will see a new caret sign at the end of the address bar under the Registry Editor window. When you press the F4 key, this sign indicates the expended auto-complete drop-down.


Windows 10 19H1 release has also adjusted the brightness on your computer. When you move from battery charger to battery Power, you will come to know that the current section is brighter than earlier.

Windows Console

There is a new adjustment made in the Windows Console such as Command Prompt, PowerShell and Windows Subsystem for Linux. The Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Scroll hotkey could now be used to enlarge the text size of these console.

In the Windows 10 1903 (19H1) update, the properties page will introduce a new “Terminal” under this section. This tab will help you to set the terminal’s color, Cursor shape and some more features to the console.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Starting with the first major release of 2019, the Windows Subsystem for Linux introduces new functionalities and new options to make management easier:

Consolidated command line options – The command line tool now includes options to manage your Linux distros that are included in the wslconfig.exe command-line tool.

Import a distro for easy sideloading including to non-system drives – Use the –import option to imports a tar file as a new distribution. You can specify the distribution registry to the location of your choice including non-system drives.

Export your WSL distribution for simpler environment management – Use the -export option to export a distribution to a tar file. Your distro will export to your default download location.

Task Manager

In this Windows update, the task manager is enhanced to the next level. You will get an alternative to set the tab when open the same using options menu.

Task Manager

Windows Mixed Reality

Along with this feature, you can launch application exist in Win32 like -“Specify, Paint.NET, and Visual Studio Code” in your system.

What’s new with built-in apps

Microsoft has declared that there will be more improvement in the section of built-in apps which are described below:


This app is now able to save files in UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark and make the file as default new.  The notepad app will now contain (*) mark at the title bar, indicating the document is unsaved.

With the onset of a new release, you can send your feedback directly using Notepad. Just click on the Help tab and select Feedback. Here type your opinion and send it directly to the product team. Some additional shortcuts are added to quick launch the different window:

  • Ctrl + Shift + N –>opens a new Notepad window.
  • Ctrl + Shift + S –> opens the Save as… dialog.
  • Ctrl + W –> close the current Notepad window.

Windows Sandbox

Windows sandbox is an amazing feature included in Windows 10 19H1 update windows sandbox is an amazing feature included in Windows 10 19H1 update. Additionally, It avoids creating manually virtual machines due to Windows sandbox directly connected with kernel scheduler, smart memory management, and virtual graphics.

Moreover, it automatically deletes everything running inside this app when you turn off your system. Therefore, background running application and the unnecessary storage of catches should avoid.

Windows Security

The most important change is made in the Security section of Windows 10  including “Protection history” option.  This tool now contains easy to understand the information of Windows Defender Antivirus.

After upgrading your PC, if any malware found under Windows Defender Offline scanning tool the same will be displayed in your history. In case any pending recommendation is available, it’ll show a red or yellow exclamation mark under the history list.

Windows Defender Application Guard

Windows Security has modified the name of Windows Security to Windows Defender Application Guard. This app now allows access to camera and microphone while browsing through this security app on Microsoft Edge.

Snip & Sketch

Microsoft has introduced Snip & Sketch feature on Windows 10 1903. They also added a unique too that can Screenshot of Desktop Screen. This can add the default copy of the snip on Clipboard.

There are other updates as well Snip & Sketch section which are-

  1. Separate Button in the toolbar so that you can print directly using the app interface.
  2. If you have unsaved changes then close the window or open file which will ask confirmation to go ahead.
  3. Filename now includes a timestamp.
  4. You can now save images as jpg and gif.

Sticky Notes

With the latest update, you may see more changes in writing Sticky Notes like Dark mode. Check the available notes of different clouds using this website.

RAW image format support

Windows 10 v1903 supports the RAW image file format, image thumbnails, preview, themes from Microsoft Store and many others. There is a possibility that it might fix the issue of unsupported Camera Metadata and Raw files in File Explorer. You can see the raw images as well using Windows imaging components in full resolution.

Windows 10 Setup

The upcoming 10 May 2019 update will also enhance the entire setup design in addition to the color of Windows 10. When you run the ISO file, it shows a light color instead of a purple color. Clean booting with Win10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education, the Cortana voice-over will disable by itself.

Note: The above details will come into effect on Windows 10 1903 as soon as it launches through the Insider Program. Some features may change or stay missing as time passes on. We will try to update this article on a regular basis.

Last Update- May 11, 2019: We have updated this article to make sure that it includes the latest changes and information.

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