How to Create and Rename Files starting with Dot (.) only in Windows 10 19H1

Today, in this article, we will discuss how to create and rename files starting with Dot (.) on your System. In general, when we try to put Dot character at the start while writing any file name, an error message pops up displaying “You must type a file name”. This is really a nuisance for web developers as well as common users who want to create files starting with Dot.

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File Explorer plays a vital role in organizing files and folders in perfect order on our PC. This is a file management application which performs several tasks like copy, move, delete, rename, etc. In addition to these basic functions, it also implements .exe shell such as Desktop, Taskbar and Apps icons. Anyways, users are earlier not allowed to save any files starting with Dot (.) as its first character. This is because, dot extension at the start while writing file names identifies .png, .txt, .jpeg and similar files only. Microsoft has now removed this restriction with Windows 10 Build 19H1 and 20H1. Windows users can now create and rename files starting with Dot. Let’s explore how to start this feature on your system-

Create and Rename Files starting with Dot (.) only in Windows 10 19H1

Here is the complete guide on how to Create and Rename Files starting with Dot (.)  only-

Create or Rename Files starting with Dot (.) using File Explorer

You can activate this feature using File Explorer. Here is the procedure-

  1. At first, Press Window key + E altogether to launch File Explorer.
  2. Once File Explorer appears up, locate the file which you wish to change or rename.
  3. Now right-click anywhere in the blank area and select Text Document using the context menu.
  4. Succeeding after, clear all the texts on the filename then put specified name starting with a dot (.). for example: .howtoedge
  5. Lastly, click anywhere outside of file and see whether a file starting with dot (.) appears or not.

Files starting with dot

Thus, you can create as well as rename configuration files of WSL apps.

Rename Files Starting with Dot (.) using Command Prompt

You can also rename Folders/ files starting with Dot (.) using Command Prompt. Follow these steps to move ahead-

  • At first, hit Search icon and type Command Prompt in the text box.
  • When the same result pops up, make a right-click and select Run as administrator option.
  • If UAC prompt appears up, click Yes to permit the access.
  • There forth navigate to the specific file that you want to edit and start with a dot (.). Type the following path and hit Enter to execute the command-
mkdir<space>.FolderName  for example: mkdir .howtoedge
  • Here you can see the folder name displaying .howtoedge (See snapshot) below.

Files starting with Dot, cmd

How to show file extensions in Windows 10

To identify the extension of any specific file like .jpg, .txt, you have to follow these steps-

  • Go to the taskbar and tap File Explorer icon. Alternatively, you can Press the Win logo and E to quick launch this window.
  • On the File Explorer window, switch to View tab then click on the options drop-down menu followed by Change folder and search options.

Files starting with Dot

  • When Folder Options window pops up, hit view tab again and un-mark the checkbox against “Hide extensions for known file types”.

Files starting with Dot

  • At last, click Apply and OK to save the changes.

That’s it. If you have any query related to this article, you can ask us in the comment box.