How to enable and install Chrome Extensions in Chromium Edge Browser

Windows 10 Insiders can now install Chrome Extensions in Chromium Edge web Browser. They can now download this browser on either architecture of Windows 10 i.e. 64 bit or 32 bit.

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge comes with lots of new improvements and fixes. Though this is confirmed that Microsoft will use Chrome Web store to add extensions, for now, they are working on their own Web store.

This implies that Windows users can host only top extensions on this web browser. The added functionality serves to test the enhanced capabilities of the New Edge. Here, in this article, we will guide you on how to enable such extensions as Chromium Edge doesn’t have proper support for this. Let’s explore this in detail-

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Get Chrome extensions in Chromium edge browser

Windows users can now add extensions on their Chromium Edge Browser through Chrome Web Store. Follow the below-written steps to get chrome extensions to support this native browser by Microsoft.

Enable Chrome extensions support

Here is how to Enable Chrome extensions to support on Microsoft Edge browser-

  • At first, open Start Home and select the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Now go to the top right corner then click on the horizontal ellipse (three-dotted) icon.
  • Here, select Extensions option henceforth enable Allow extensions from other stores toggle switch.

Extensions in Chromium Edge

  • At last, tap the Allow button to confirm the changes.

Once you apply the above steps, the Chrome-based Web Store becomes ready to install any extensions as per your usage.

Install Chrome extensions on Chromium Edge

  • At first, launch the Chrome web store page.
  • Again type any extensions name in the search bar then press Enter to launch matching results.

For example- here we type IDM to locate the Internet Download Manager app.

  • Succeeding after, click Add to Chrome button followed by Add extension.

Extensions in Chromium Edge

Note: In certain cases, the extensions will let you know if they require any other permission or data.

When this task is over, you can enjoy the specific extension which automatically gets installed on your Chromium Edge browser.

How to remove an extension

  • Open Chromium Edge browser.
  • Go to edge://extensions or click Setting and more (…) > Extensions.
  • Find the extension you want to uninstall and click Remove.

At last, click Remove again to confirm.

To withdraw consent

After you withdraw your consent, all the extensions that you have installed using the Chrome Web store get disabled. To re-enable them, you’ll have to follow the steps above to provide consent again. Here are the steps to withdraw your consent-

  • Open Chromium-based Microsoft Edge Browser.
  • Go to edge://extensions or click Setting and more (…) > Extensions.
  • Un-mark Allow extension from other Stores.
  • Click OK to confirm the withdrawal of consent.

That would be all for now.