Get the First look of Microsoft Edge Browser based on Chromium

Microsoft is soon going to launch its Edge Browser based on Chromium- a google’s project. Users are getting new images of its current state of development at regular intervals. We have tried to gather all the known information about this and represent the same to our users. Let’s explore –

What’s exactly in store with new Microsoft Chromium Edge

As we all know, the previous Edge was a little complex and crashes from time to time. On the contrary, Chrome works completely fine with a nice interface and ever-smooth user experience due to the Chromium platform. Mozilla Firefox (powered by Gecko Quantum) runs pretty well not up to the mark though. This is why Microsoft has opted for Chromium for its upcoming new Edge.

The new Edge is still under the early days of development and it still incorporates old extensions. The likelihood of this getting new plugins is pretty high. We can assume that this will get Chrome extensions for now.

What’ new in Interface & Settings

The interface looks more or less similar to Chrome with a combination of navigation tools, refresh and home buttons. The color scheme is too kept identical with matching favorites bar. The new Edge comprises multiple profiles section as well. You can see a profile image at the top right corner which indicates who is currently logged in.

Users can access the main settings menu from the right-top corner. Once they click on settings, this will open up a new tab with multiple options on the left pane- just similar to that of Chrome.

When you open the Settings section on a new tab, it opens into the Profile section displaying signed-in user information. You can change its appearance, start-up tabs, site permissions, privacy, languages, downloads, system, privacy and many other functions using the left column.

Some Other Information

The Company has not revealed a date yet for when users will be able to get this new Microsoft Edge Browser based on Chromium, however, it is predicted to appear soon.

The leaked images online were from versions (Developer) and (Canary) of Microsoft Edge. One thing is sure that Microsoft will bring Chromium-based Edge in the near future.