How to Set Google as default Search engine in Microsoft Chromium Edge

Today we will explore how to set Google as a default Search Engine in Microsoft Chromium Edge. You must be well aware of the fact that mobile browsers like- Chrome and Brave are based on chromium platforms. This optimizes the overall smoothness and effectiveness of a web-browser.

Microsoft has recently empowered its Edge browser with Chromium which is now available to download. This new Edge provides additional features like- Favorites, password and browsing history section in itself. Bing is the by-default search engine on this Browser, however the same can be changed to some other as well as Google, Duck Duck Go, etc. Let’s move to learn about this in detail.

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Set Google as a default Search engine- Microsoft Chromium Edge

If you do want to set Google as default Search Engine on Microsoft Chromium Edge, follow these steps-

  • At first, launch Edge web-browser then click on (+)  icon to open a new Tab.
  • Here in the Address bar, type thereafter press Enter key.
  • After this, navigate to the following path-
 Menu > Settings > Privacy and services
  • Scroll down the cursor then click on Address bar option followed by Manage Search engine.
  • Succeeding after, reach the google search engine then tap the horizontal ellipsis (…) icon.
  • From the list of options, choose to Make default (See the snapshot below).

Set Google as default Search engine


Anaheim is still not officially available for downloads, we came to know about this from a leaked build online. If you do want to try this out, you have to access its executable file from some unknown source. Just make sure that the downloaded file isn’t a malicious or virus. This will get launched soon for testing purposes.