Fix: Error 0x80070570 while coping data to External Storage

The Error 0x80070570, in general, appears when Windows 10 users attempt to share files or data to external storage. Owing to this bug, they also experience the lagging performance of their PCs. Often they receive an error message that reads “The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid” and simply stops any on-going task abruptly. Today, in this blog post, we analyze the reasons behind this error message along with repair strategies to deploy this bug in an easy way.

This anomaly occurs when there is some internal corruption in the system files or software. Recent changes like the installation of a new application or the presence of a third-party anti-malware program may also lead to this error. A few times, incorrectly configured USB storage may also result in a similar issue. Besides the above possible culprits; damaged USB or Filter drivers, disabled Windows Backup or Shadow copy returns the error message 0x80070570.

Removing third-party antivirus or other corrupt apps, turning On disabled services, executing SFC or DISM are the best possible workarounds to fix this trouble. If these solutions don’t address the error 0x80070570, you should switch back to an earlier system restore point where everything was running pretty normal. Let’s explore these methods in somewhat more detail-

Error 0x80070570 When copy to External Storage in Windows 10 Solutions

Below, we depict nine workarounds that may resolve the Error 0x80070570 while copying files to the External storage.

1} Unplug and Re-plug the USB device

When you try to copy files to the secondary device, however, it fails due to error 0x80070570; the probable reason might be “the device not attached properly”. Hence, before beginning any workaround, unplug the local USB drive (in which you are going to copy) at first and re-insert it to its respective port.

If even after re-plugging the device, Error 0x80070570 persists while transferring data; the error might be in the specific file. If that’s the case, follow the below guideline to resolve this bug.

2} Disable Third-Party antivirus

The presence of malicious files may also arise the error 0x80070570 during transferring data from PC to secondary storage. Such malware restricts the smooth-movement of files to peripherals like pen-drive, USB or SDD. In certain cases, it might even show a huge time to complete the transfer and stop the same in the middle suddenly. To resolve this bug, you may try disabling the anti-malware program following these easy steps- 

Step-1: Press Win and I hotkey together to invoke the Settings app.

Step-2: When the Settings app starts, select Apps category thereafter Apps & Features from the left-wing.

Step-3: Switch to the right, scroll down and select the third-party security program.

Step-4: Now do the click on the Uninstall button followed by Uninstall again to let the process finished.


Step-5: Once over, Restart your system and copy the documents without any interrupting issue. If the slow performance while copying files is still there, try the next method.

Note: The Security application is an essential app that protects the system from malicious attacks. The best solution to get rid of this trouble is the usage of the security program (built-in app of Windows 10). Make sure to frequently update the Windows security.

3} Uninstall recently installed applications

In certain scenarios, the recent installation of any app may also arise the Error 0x80070570. When you install new software, this may mistakenly affect a core file that lies on HDD. This, in turn, prohibits the smooth transfer of files to the secondary devices. Here are the necessary steps to work upon-

  • Right-click on the Start and choose the Run option using the Power menu.
  • In the text area, type appwiz.cpl thereafter press the Enter key.
  • The Programs and Features page will appear immediately afterward. Scroll and locate the software that you have recently installed.
  • Once caught, right-click on it and hit the Uninstall option using the context menu.
  • If any confirmation message appears, select Uninstall again to let this process begin. 


  • After finishing the above task, Restart your system and see if the triggered issue 0x800703EE has resolved now or not.

4} Reinstall the USB Controllers

The Error 0x80070570 may also occur if the USB bus connecting to the external storage has become corrupt. To resolve this trouble, you need to reinstall the Universal Serial Bus controller. Device Manager is the best way to update the drivers that have gone corrupt or obsolete. Here is the complete procedure-

  • Go to the search icon and type devmgmt.msc followed by the Enter key to cite the Device Manager.
  • The User account control window will pop up asking to permit the access, simply tap Yes.
  • Succeeding after reach and expand the Universal Serial Bus controller driver.
  • Next, do the right-click and select Uninstall device on the context menu. See the snapshot below-

Device Manager

  • Afterward, select Yes on the succeeding page to confirm the changes.
  • Repeat the above steps until each one of the USB drivers is uninstalled. Once over, Restart your system and come out of the Device Manager.
  • From the next login, the Windows will automatically detect the missing USB driver and install the setup file if available anywhere on the disk drive.

Note: In case you, want to fresh download it visiting the manufacturer website, make sure you have a proper internet connection to download the setup file. 

After completing the above steps, you might succeed to solve the Error 0x80070570 while copying data to the External Storage.

5} Performing System File Scan

Sometimes, Windows files become corrupt and hence start creating nuisance like this. To repair such files, you need to run the system file checker command on the Console. Here is the complete procedure-

Step-1: Press Window key and S hotkey together to launch the Search Home.

Step-2: Type cmd in the void area and right-click on the well-suiting result.

Step-3: From the appeared context menu, select Run as Administrator option.

Step-4: When the UAC prompt comes into view, select Yes to sanction the permission.

Step-5: Next, on the blank surface, type sfc/scannow command line thereafter hit the Enter key to begin the scanning and repairing procedure.

sfc scan

Step-6: This task will take approx 10 minutes to complete, so wait accordingly.

Step-7: At last, Restart your PC and on the next startup, check if you can copy the file to an external device without any interrupting errors.

6} Repair the corrupt system’s image files

If you try to transfer the documents to the external storage, however, fail due to the error 0x80070570, there is the possibility of a corrupt Windows image. To address this anomaly, we recommend using the DISM utility. This will look for any possible culprits that prevent the transfer of data to the secondary peripherals. Let’s see how to perform this workaround-

  • Right-click on the Start and choose Run from Power menu.
  • Subsequently, type cmd at the void and hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys thereafter press the Enter key. 
  • The User Account Control window will appear next, tap Yes to proceed ahead.
  • Now, copy the following command line and paste it on the elevated command prompt-
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


  • Henceforth, hit Enter key at the end to initiate the above task and wait till it completes.
  • Finally, Restart your system to save the changes made so far. 

Note: Since this process repairs the damaged Windows image, you need a fast and stable Internet connection to download the necessary files.

7} Enable Windows Backup and Volume Shadow Copy Services

When the Windows Backup or Volume Shadow copy services stay disabled, this might result in the Error 0x80070570 as well. You should follow these easy steps to re-enable these services and change their running status to Automatic-

  • Jointly press Win key and R hotkey together to launch the Run option.
  • Henceforth, type services.msc in the void followed by the Enter key to launch the Services screen.
  • If UAC prompts, tap Yes to proceed ahead.
  • Move to the right pane, scroll below and locate the Volume Shadow Copy service.
  • Thereafter, put the right-click and select Properties option.
  • Under the General tab of the succeeding screen, change the Startup settings to Automatic then tap Apply to confirm the changes.

Error 0x80070570 When coping to External Storage

  • After saving the above changes, switch back to the Services Window. Subsequently, right-click on the Windows Backup service and select Properties from the context menu.

Error 0x80070570

  • Now, tap the drop-down menu next to Startup settings and set its value to Automatic.

Once both services are enabled successfully, close all running windows and Reboot your PC.

8} Remove the Filter Drivers

If you still encounter the error 0x80070570 while transferring files to the external peripherals like pen drives, SD cards, etc. there may lie some internal conflicts. Removing Filter drivers may resolve the above trouble using registry tweaks. Just follow these easy steps-

  • Go to the Search icon and type Regedit in the text box.
  • From the list, click on the registry editor option.
  • In case there prompts the UAC, press the Yes button.
  • Next, reach out to the following address by expanding the ladder on the left column.
  • Put right click on {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} volume and select Export option using the context menu.


  • Succeeding that, choose the specified path and save the backup file with some other name.
  • Going ahead, choose the {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} entry and switch to its corresponding right-pane.
  • Now hold the Ctrl key and choose both Upperfilters and Lowerfilters key values.
  • Henceforth, right-click on each and choose the Delete option.

When all the changes are set successfully, Reboot your system and check if the problem has resolved or not.

Note: If you can’t access the above address, navigate to the following address under the registry path-

  • Afterward, go to the File menu, choose the Import option and delete the backup key.

Do Reboot your PC so as to save the changes made so far. 

9} Use System Restore Point

If you have applied all of the above solutions yet not able to fix the error 0x80070570, you should restore your system to an earlier point. Using System Restore point will bring back the healthy state of the PC and thus resolve the issue. Here are the steps to follow-

Note: If you proceed ahead, this will delete the latest changes along with recently installed apps.

  • Start the Run dialog using Win and X hotkey together.
  • Henceforth, type rstrui in the void then hit the OK button to launch the System Restore wizard.
  • If UAC prompts, select Yes.
  • When the System Restore window appears, click Next available at the bottom of the page.
  • Here, tap Show more restore points and select the recent restore point followed by Next.

System Restore point

  • Select the Finish button on the succeeding screen to start the PC restoring process.
  • Once completed, Restart your PC to save the changes made so far.

That’s it, hope the above solutions do resolve the data copying error 0x80070570 on Windows 10 device.