How to delete Installed Themes on Windows 10

Today in this blog post, we depict two easy methods to delete Installed Themes on Windows 10 using either Settings or File Explorer. Microsoft frequently releases new themes and wallpapers which contains innovative images portraying the beauty of colors, shades, and others. You may decorate your Desktop Screen with whatever topic you like the most. You can easily install these themes by visiting Microsoft Store and change the overall look of your PC. 

So naturally, when you have decorative themes such as art, game, nature, animal, you do want to delete the excessive themes that lie dormant on your PC. Keeping so many useless themes simply consumes a huge size of harddisk and blocks a good section of RAM. Deleting the installed theme (in bulk or one at a time) releases some space on your Windows 10 PC. 

Ways to Delete Installed Themes in Windows 10

Here, we discuss two distinct techniques to uninstall Windows 10 themes that exist on your PC. You may proceed with any of these methods-

1} Using Settings App

Settings provide an easy way to remove a particular Windows 10 theme using the Personalization section on your computer. This direct feature comes into effect after the Windows 10 Build 15014 releases for the general public. Let’s see how to do it-

Step-1: At first, minimize all the running tabs and right-click anywhere on the blank surface.

Step-2: When the context menu appears up, select the Personalization option.


Step-3: Next, select Themes on the left column then scroll down to see the installed Windows 10 themes collection.

Step-4: Here, choose any one of the theme icons that you want to uninstall. To do this, make a right-click and select Delete using the context menu.

delete Installed Themes in Windows 10

Step-5: Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation message, tap Yes to proceed.

Note: You can’t delete a default theme or a theme that is set as the current one.

2} Via File Explorer

Alternatively, you can also delete the installed theme in your Windows 10 PC using File Explorer. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the System tray and click the File Explorer icon.
  • Copy the following address and paste it in the search box thereafter press the Enter key to continue.


  • The list of installed theme folders will automatically come into view; each has its own collection of wallpapers. Reach out to the specific folder which you want to uninstall.
  • Succeeding after put the right-click on it and select Delete to permanently delete the theme folder.

delete Installed Themes

Hope, our guide helps to uninstall the previously downloaded themes lying in your system.