Best Windows 10 Christmas Themes and Wallpapers [Free Download]

The holiday season is here, and adding a bit of festivity to your computer would be a welcome addition. Check out the Windows 10 Christmas Themes for 2022. These programs are used to bring variety to your computer’s appearance.

Within a short period, numerous themes came to light in this latest OS. Other than themes, you can decorate your PC with a variety of personalization items like Wallpaper and a screen saver.

Windows 10 Christmas Themes and Wallpapers

 The following are some Christmas themes and wallpapers you can use to decorate your desktop during the holiday season:

1. The Christmas Countdown Theme

With the Christmas Countdown Windows 10 Theme, you will be able to see a countdown clock of the days left until Christmas. This way, you will always know when it will be.

The Christmas Countdown

This app can be used by anyone, whether they are adults or children. Make sure you switch between the various Christmas background themes to make things more dynamic. This theme has the feature of auto-applying settings to all your devices. 

2. Ninja Cat Holiday Escape

Ninja Cat Holiday Escape

Ninja Cat Holiday Escape is another lovely Windows 10 theme featuring images tailored to the holiday season. Once you’ve grabbed this animated theme, Ninja Cat will take you on a variety of holiday adventures. There are times when you simply have to escape from your everyday life, and that’s when you need a holiday background that reminds you of your childhood.

After installing this application, you’ll have personalized Christmas images that will help you get into the holiday spirit. In these images, you can see the Ninja Cat with a dogsled, as well as just casually wandering through a candy and gingerbread world.

It is a collection of 14 holiday-themed images that can be used at any time to provide you with creative and meaningful desktop backgrounds. They are based on the same ideas you had as a child transposed into a holiday setting.

3. Twinkle Wish Theme

Here’s another free Windows 10 Theme that will make your desktop screen glow with Christmas cheer. There are six high-resolution Christmas wallpapers included with the theme. When you install this application, you will see beautiful snowmen and pleasant Christmas decorations, making you feel festive. Such beautiful desktop backgrounds make Christmas even more special.

4. Winter Holiday Glow Theme

Winter Holiday Glow

With this cool Christmas theme, you’ll be able to grab nine cool wallpapers featuring ornaments, cookies, light displays, and more to feel the holiday spirit. You can download it from the Microsoft Store.

5. Free Christmas Wallpapers

Free Christmas Wallpapers

To decorate your desktop screen with stunning wallpapers, check out Free Christmas Wallpapers on the Microsoft Store. The app not only offers you a wide selection of wallpapers but also allows you to share them through any social media network. This application is compatible with PCs, Windows Mobile devices, and Hololens.



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