Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18323 Changes and Features

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18323 is now live and rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. The 19H1 Bug Bash is already opened yesterday and will be there till 3rd of Feb’2019.

Today, in this article, we have brought all the necessary details about Build 18323 of Windows 10 19H1. Be it the general improvements, fixes and features or the known issues, you can find them all. What’s new in this field and how to get hands-on this update is also depicted here. Let’s move to explore this-

Insider Preview Build 18323

What’s new in Build 18323

Improved RAW image format support

Windows 10 now will support the images having raw image formats. This is in reality a great news for all those out there who love to take pictures using their camera.

With the Insider Preview Build 18323, a new raw codec package will be attached to the core system files. Users can see the thumbnails of pictures that they have taken along with Camera Metadata which were earlier unsupported in file explorer. Thus with the release of 19H1, you can view raw images on native Photo. The same will be applicable to those applications which supports framework of Windows Imaging Component to decrypt raw photos.

Known issues in this build

Since this build 18323 has lots of new features but there are also some known issue in this build, these are:

When you depict the camera properties stored as EXIF/XMP metadata, the specific raw images format is not functioning properly.

The issue occur in File Explorer due to hang. This trouble generally occur if you try to change the “Details Pane” and a raw file which activates the new raw codec package is selected.

The low resolution of thumbnail image created via Photo app. It also stuck when using store-delivered raw codec pack.

Improved Light Theme

There were new Light theme introduced in Build 18282. With the onset of Insider Preview 18323, minor improvements have been made to the Light theme based on users feedback.

The text in the battery flyout was nearly unreadable owing to white light themes in previous releases. This issue has been fixed now.

Inside the network flyout, the scrollbar was not functioning properly. In this build this bug is also solved.

Autoplay icons will just work fine with this release and they won’t be invisible like older times.

The issue of volume and network button going white and gets resolved only after the restart of the PC is now resolved.

Other changes are too made in the notification area like the Settings icon will appear to be grey rather than white.

General changes, improvements, and fixes-

There are quite a lot improvements, fixes and changes made to the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18323. Here is the glimpse-

  1. There is a new tamper protection settings available on Windows Security app. This aids your device by preventing it from the bad sectors like: tamper with the vital security settings.
  2. The Update Orchestrator Service was earlier getting stopped on regular intervals. Due to this only, we get the error message: “Windows update failed to restart”. This bug is now resolved.
  3. Now you have the option to sign out too from Cortana if already signed in. You can even change “My name button” under this.
  4. Addressed the night light not working issue completely.
  5. Quick actions under Action Center were reported to be missing sometimes. This is now solved too with this update.
  6. Excel pages becoming unresponsive when closed from taskbar is now out of the picture.
  7. The hotkey Win+Ctrl+ <number> will just work fine from here onward.
  8. The Volume Mixer link is now available. You can access this by making a click on the volume button. Though this is out there but it can go missing in the upcoming releases.
  9. The themes and contents downloaded from either Store or Edge will now appear at their supposed locations.

They are many other refinements as well. If you get the full list at Windows Blog

Known issues on this build

Following are the known issues on the Build 18323-

  • Windows Security application might start acting mischievously. The Virus & Threat protection section may show an unknown status or simply won’t refresh at all.
  • The game having anti-cheat codes enabled might create GSOD Error (Green Screen of Death) at the time of launch.
  • The X-Fi sound also starts to malfunction.
  • Even though the night light feature is still working, the apps which works to reduce blue light radiation might cease to work.
  • If you are willing to perform Reset this PC while keeping files & folders on a Reserved storage enabled Windows 10, you have to allow double reboot as Reserved Storage won’t run effectively after the first Restart.
  • Certain Realtek SD card don’t run smoothly after the Build 18323.
  • After the upgrade to the Insider preview, the mice or keyboard might fail to work. What you can do here is to plug out the USB drives then insert them back.
  • If you are using AMD or NVIDIA driver, there is probability of constant Black Screen while the attempt to use Remote Desktop or Display Link. To fix this, you can try this- reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Dwm /v EnableFrontBufferRenderChecks /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f.
  • If you use the Narrator Setting, the value may have gone empty. If that’s the case, you need to use Narrator key +v. This will alter the verbosity level. Close and Open the Settings will do the charm.
  • After installing this build you will simultaneously get two Narrator voices. To avoid this Restart your PC.
  • Some users may get a black screen while using Windows Sandbox.
  • The Insider program Settings won’t allow the Narrator and Screen Reader apps to read properly what’s written on the page. Microsoft will soon release an update to fix this error.
  • There may be some trouble with the icons of the Taskbar. They may appear and evade or sometimes appear back.

Known issues for Developers

Once you install the Windows 10 Build 18323 fast ring on your system, going to the slow ring might bring some error. There is even possibility of optional content starts failing. This feature allows adding, installing or enabling the developer mode. This occurs only because of the fact optional content can be installed on those builds which are approved for specific rings. So, you need to keep on the fast ring to mitigate any sort of errors.

How to get this update on your system

Do you want to install the 19H1 Build 18323 on your System? If yes, then make a click here to open this on your browser. Now open the recent beta package and install the same.

For more queries related to 19H1 Bug Bash or Build 18323, visit this link and write your quest in the Feedback Hub.

How to provide feedback

You can send the feedback to them using Feedback Hub. For this navigate to the path- “Devices and Drivers –> Video Playback” category.

That would be All!