Windows Terminal will replace Command Prompt as default in Windows 11

Microsoft is making some changes to its Windows 11 operating system that will improve the user experience. One such change that will take place during the course of 2022 is that Windows Terminal will replace Command Prompt as the default experience in Windows 11. As a result, when you open Command Prompt on Windows 11, you will be taken to the Windows Terminal.

Starting with Windows Insiders, it will move through rings until all Windows 11 users receive it. Okay, so what does the change mean for developers and users? Let’s take a look.

Windows Terminal will replace Command Prompt

Windows Terminal will replace Command Prompt

Microsoft has planned to replace legacy components with modern ones, as part of its effort to revamp its operating system. In addition to the new Settings app, you will notice a slow but steady demise of the Control Panel. Besides, Notepad has also recently been redesigned, which was a much-needed update. Therefore, it makes sense that Microsoft will soon replace the command prompt with a modernized version with more features.

What is a default terminal?

A default terminal is basically an emulator that supports other command-line programs such as Windows PowerShell and Command Prompt. From a user interface perspective, Windows Terminal is a significant improvement. You can switch between multiple tabs and panes easily, just like if you were using a web browser. By doing this, you can handle many tasks simultaneously and switch between them easily, just like you would while surfing the web.

It’s also possible to rename tabs, duplicate them, change tab title bar colors, etc., through the command line shell. Additionally, you can customize the app’s appearance, colors, so that you can make the experience more personalized. It would be nice if File Explorer supported the same features.

In Windows Terminal, you can render text using the GPU rendering engine. While the command line shell can format plain text, HTML, and UTF-8 characters. In addition to special characters and emoji, this tool includes keyboard shortcuts which are always useful.

What will happen to Command Prompt in Windows 11?

Microsoft announced that Windows Terminal will become the default experience. According to this statement, it seems that Command Prompt will continue to exist along with PowerShell.

Why do you prefer Windows Terminal to Command Prompt?

Despite its primary use by developers, Windows Terminal has a variety of functions that make it useful to everyone. Windows Terminal supports all commands that are supported in Command Prompt. Therefore, if you have experience with the legacy tool, you’ll be comfortable with its replacement. Furthermore, you will find here PowerShell, Azure Cloud Shell, as well as Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which makes it extremely versatile.