Windows Insider Build 20206 – Voice Typing and Emoji Picker

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20206 is now available to download on the Dev Channel. With this build, Microsoft introduces Emoji Picker, Voice Typing support in 14 languages, and improved touch keyboard design. Insiders may now use the spacebar to drag the mouse cursor in any direction they want to. 

With today’s build, the company enables insiders to use the spacebar to drag the mouse cursor in any direction they want to. Moreover, they are delivering a set of input features to Insiders meeting their expectations. Windows 10 Build 20206 now provides additional support for more emoji including kaomoji and symbols. Let’s explore the key features in detail –

Windows 10 21H1 – New Features, Changes and Improvements

What’s new on Insider Build 20206

With Windows 10 Insider Build 20206, Microsoft introduces new features and improves the existing ones. They are as follows –

Note: The new features are rolling only to a subset of Insiders in the Dev Channel. This is to quickly identify and address any issue that may arise impacting performance and reliability. As per Microsoft, the new features will gradually appear to each and everyone in the Dev Channel.

1] Emoji Picker and Support for more Emoji

The company introduces an emoji picker (evolving in nature) and support for more emoji. Moreover, they now support a few additional languages including kaomoji and symbols. 

Microsoft will enhance the capabilities of emoji picker as time passes by. For now, this offers the following new experiences –

  • An updated design: Fluent Design principles featuring a new acrylic background.
  • Emoji search: Improved emoji search ability in new as well as existing languages (inline search box).
  • Animated GIF support, including search: Use WIN + [.] or WIN + [;] to quickly access the animated GIFs. The pre-selected gif will change as per current trends and #hashtags.
  • Converging Input experiences across emoji and clipboard history: Input and Clipboard history will now co-exist. To access the clipboard history, use Win + V shortcut.

Insider Build 20206 - Emoji Picker

2] Voice Typing Support in 14 Languages

Microsoft introduces Voice Typing support on Insider Build 20206 Dev Channel. This is an improved version of Windows dictation that enables users to type effortlessly using their voice. We all have experienced this feature on our Smartphones. Now, it’s time to get cozy and comfy on Windows 10. The new Voice Typing includes –

  • Modern design with optimized Touch keyboard usage.
  • Auto-punctuation allows users to put their thoughts without worrying about punctuation marks like – periods, question marks, etc.
  • An updated back end for the most reliable voice typing experience ever on Windows.

Quick Note: To start voice typing on Windows 10, use the Win + H shortcut. Alternatively, one may also tap the microphone button to start typing.

As of now, this feature is available in the following languages – 

English (US), English (Australia), English (India), English (Canada), English (United Kingdom), French (France), French (Canada), Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spanish), German, Italian, and Japanese.

  • Voice typing automatically uses the pre-defined keyboard language.
  • The Japanese language doesn’t support the auto-punctuation feature.

3] Improved Touch Keyboard Design

Microsoft rolls in a new touch keyboard design for a few Windows Insiders. The improved design features a fresh aesthetic including several small tweaks such as key sizes, optimized layout, accuracy, etc. Here are the key changes in the updated design –

  • New keypress animations and sounds.
  • Direct Emoji Search on the Touch Keyboard. 
  • Optimized Child keys – Press and hold keys like “e” or “-” and see how does it look.
  • All entries in the settings menu now have labels for improved clarity of available options.
  • Voice Typing option available at the left of the space bar in supportive languages.

Insider Build 20206 - Keyboard

To do so, right-click or press and hold on the taskbar, then select “Show touch keyboard button” in the menu. 

4] Use Spacebar to drag Mouse cursor

The company introduces new functionality to drag the mouse cursor using Spacebar on the touch keyboard. Users have desired the same for a long time and have provided feedback to this. 

Just place a finger on the space bar and start sliding your other finger to whichever direction you want to drag the mouse cursor.

Insider Build 20206 - Spacebar

Changes and Improvements on Build 20206

  • When you try opening the annotated or linked content, the Narrator will simply say “No linked item”.
  • The company updates the keyboard shortcut for the restart option to “Alt + R” while inside the Processes tab of the Task Manager.

Fixes on Build 20206

Here are the key fixes on this Insider Build –

  • Resolves an issue that causes certain apps not launching due to missing nlsdl.dll.
  • Fixes Blue Screen of death error that occurs with “KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION“.
  • Addresses a bug wherein the option to enable DNS encryption wasn’t available.
  • Addresses the Mail app syncing issues with other mail services.
  • Mitigates a bug that downloads more data than required.
  • Office documents may now work smoothly when opened from File Explorer. Earlier, such documents were displaying a blank area.
  • Resolves an issue wherein Narrator Home crashes while using the back button.
  • After installing this build, the Narrator’s focus remains on the newly added VPN connection. 
  • Introduces new ways to address issues where the new taskbar experience for pinned websites wasn’t working for some websites.
  • Fixes a bug that results in Task Manager erroneously indicating that a non-UWP app had been suspended.

Known issues on Build 20206

Here are the key issues that still require a fix –

  • The developers are working to address a bug wherein the update process hangs for extended periods of time. 
  • Live Preview of pinned site tabs is still not enabled.
  • The experts are working on enabling the new taskbar experience for existing pinned sites.
  • Some of the Office apps may crash after updating to this build.
  • Microsoft is looking into reports where users complained about the Settings app crashing when they tried opening Manage Disks and Volumes.
  • Insiders may not be able to install the Linux kernel using the wsl command-line.

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