Windows 10 rolls out 20H1 Build 18898 in the Fast Ring

Windows 10 20H1 Build 18898 is out and brings some quality enhancements and fixes for PC. They introduce a new functionality here which displays disk types and its storage. This is indeed a great feature for those who use more than one drive or SSD on their PC.

There are some minor issues as well which we will depict later in this article. They did a marvelous job here and fixed the crashing issue of both i.e. DWM and explorer.exe (owing to pcshell.dll). In addition to these, they also brought DirectX 12 for Hitman 2 which is considered “an absolute game-changer”. Let’s learn more about this Build 18898 in detail-

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What’s new in 20H1 Build 18898

With this build, users can now see the disk type on Task Manager Performance Tab. This may appear small, however, it is one of the best changes that allows looking at which disk types you are currently using on your System. Of course, this proves to be more fruitful only if you are having multiple drives on your PC.

20H1 Build 18898

Build 18898 improvements and fixes

Here, we depict the key changes and fixes for PC on this build-

  1. They solved the issue which causes a sudden crash of DWM on the latest builds.
  2. The team fixed a pcshell.dll bug in which explorer.exe starts crashing in between.
  3. They rectified an anomaly where it displays the prediction candidates though they are blocked after updating Japanese IME settings. If you are still facing this error, just navigate to the below path and reset this app.

Settings > Apps > <select the app> > Advanced Options > Reset before you see the results of this fix.

20H1 Build 18898- Known Issues

  1. Microsoft Team has already fixed the usage of anti-cheat programs while playing higher-end games. Earlier, it used to crash or generate a GSOD bug. They recommend to either update the game or download the specific patches by visiting the game’s official website.
  2. Realtek SD card readers issue continues to persist on this Build as well.
  3. Using Remote desktop on to a more capable VM session may cause Taskbar search results to fade away. You should restart searchui.exe to cope with this anomaly.
  4. There is an observable lag when you drag either emoji or dictation panels.
  5. 20H1 Build 18898 simply turns off the tamper protection attribute on Windows Security. You can turn it back On after updating your PC.
  6. You may not get local languages like- ZH-CN, RU-RU and FR-FR on either Start Menu or All apps.
  7. In case, you select a particular filter on Ease of Access settings, it might not bring the change immediately. To view the changes, just disable this filter options then re-enable this again.
  8. Night light functionality may not appear after a reboot in case Fast Startup is turned On. Browsing Start--> Power--> Restart might fix this trouble.
  9. Microsoft Experts are well-aware of the Bopomofo IME issue in which character switches to Full from Half-width randomly. They are working on a possible workaround and will roll out the solutions when they developed one.
  10. There are some persistent bugs on East Asian IMEs as they may not start sometimes. As a workaround, open Task Manager and end the following task on Details Tab.


Known issues for Developers

After installing this Build on your System, you won’t be able to switch back to either Slow or Release Preview ring. This is because if you do so, you can’t add, install or enable optional content. As they are approved for specific rings only, you have to remain on this Fast ring.

DirectX 12 boosts the performance of HITMAN 2

Microsoft launches DirectX 12 support for HITMAN 2 partnering with IO interactive. The later company was so excited that they literally shared a bit about how innovative this DirectX12 is along with its benefits for Hitman. You can switch to DirectX 12 blog to read the details.

Source- Windows Blog