Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18836 along with Skip Ahead

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Build 18836 with new improvements, changes and features. This is a branch of 20H1 development under which most of the ongoing issues are not there thus imparting good sign for windows users. There are still some shortcomings of this Insider Preview which is supposed to get fixed as time passes by.

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They have improved several errors which ought to occur on Windows Security, Night light and Xi-Fi sound cards sections. There are numerous others fixes which are brought with Windows 10 Build 18836. You can read the whole article to have a glimpse of the changes, refinements and fixes made on this update.

Windows 10 Build 18836

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

Here is the list of general refinements, changes and fixes made under Windows 10 Build 18836.

  • Microsoft addressed the issue where switching off the Location on the Action Center creates bugs and take multiple clicks to respond.
  • Earlier there was problem with proper arrangement of pinned folders on live tiles. This issue is now resolved.
  • They resolved the bug where newly installed apps don’t appear in the search feed.
  • Microsoft have now fixed the issue which prohibits Cortana from opening while PC is in tablet mode.
  • Windows light theme’s name is now modified and its new name is Windows (light).
  • Earlier, there was issue with color change of Cortana while switching from light theme to dark theme or vice versa on secondary monitors. This issue is now addressed.
  • There is still remaining some trouble with Creative Xi-Fi sound cards.
  • They resolved the issue where combination of light theme, small icons and vertical taskbar orientation makes the texts on the taskbar appear vague or dull.
  • Microsoft fixed the issue where current apps don’t appear on Taskbar, however they do while using Alt+Tab shortcut key.
  • In last couple of new builds, there were trouble while logging to WinRE even with Admin account. This won’t be the case if you use this Windows 10 Build 18836.
  • The hibernating message on Screen which stuck your computer’s screen is now available with additional option “Resume from Hibernation”.
  • They fixed the long due Windows Security bug where opening Virus and threat protection tab displays unknown status.
  • Microsoft added new features like import or export distros thus improving the overall function of wslconfig.exe.

Known issues

  1. GSOD i.e. green screen of death may occur if you use anti-cheat program while playing games on your PC.
  2. There has been some improvements in night light reliability feature, however still lies some things which requires adjustment to rectify this issue completely.
  3. You have to restart your system double times, in case if you wish to Reset your PC keeping personal files on the drive. This is a necessary condition only for those Windows Devices on which reserved storage is enabled. The second reboot is to ensure that Reserved Storage feature is working fine.
  4. Microsoft is working on a Solution for the issue in which certain Realtek SD cards readers are not functioning.
  5. With the Onset of Windows 10 Build 18836, you may not be abke to delete, replace or rename files with .mkv extension using File Explorer.
  6. Some troubles also occur in X-Fi sound cards with the new Insider release. Microsoft along with Creative may bring some fix to this in upcoming updates.

Known issues for Developers

The issue for developer remains the same even after the release of Windows 10 18836 Build. If they are on fast ring and want to switch to slow ring, this will bring some nuisance to your System like optional content. However, the same will work completely fine on approved rings. All you can do is to remain on fast ring and use specific ring for optional content.