Released: Windows 10 Insider Preview 19H1 Build 18356 Fast Ring

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Insider Preview 19H1 Build 18356 Fast ring for Windows Insiders. There are new improvements and changes brought with this release. Here, in this article, we will discuss What’s new in Build 18356 19H1 along with general changes and fixes.

1903 Build 18356 has brought one exciting feature which is taking your Phone’s screen to that of a Laptop’s Screen. This is really a nice feature and a highly appreciated move by Microsoft. We will also dip into known issues for developers in addition to yet to solve common issues of this issue. Let’s explore them in detail-

Updates for Insiders- 19H1 Build 18356

Take your phone’s screen to the big screen 

Microsoft has brought exciting features for your Phone app i.e. Phone Screen. This feature will help you in mirroring your Android’s smart screen to the Big Screen of your Laptop/ Desktop.


19H1 Build 18356

In this way, you can access all the apps that lie on your Smartphone. This is a great integration of PC and mobile as after this users won’t have to take out their phone each time for notifications. They can see all the important messages and notices on their PC screen. This is indeed a good feature by Microsoft.

You will receive these features on your Phone app (1.0.20701.0 and above version) soon and so does 19H1 builds.

You can try this feature on any Windows 10 PC that is running Builds 1803 or newer using your Android phone version 7.0 or higher. All Android devices even meeting the general prerequisite, are not compatible with this app. Surface Go is the first device in the Surface lineup to receive this update. Microsoft has said that they will continue expanding the list of devices over time for both i.e. Phone as well as PC.

Users can send their feedback regarding this app directly to the company so that they improve the overall stability of this new feature.

Phone screen requirements:

  • Android phones must be compatible i.e. they running on a 7.0 version or higher such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+.
  • Windows 10 device must have a Bluetooth radio feature that supports minimum energy peripheral role. You can click here to know whether your PC supports it or not.
  • This is compatible with the latest Windows 10 Builds. 19H1 Build 18335 or higher is recommended.
  • Your Phone’s Bluetooth must remain open and in a viable range from the PC with both connected to the same network.

Known issues:

  • Touch Input doesn’t work properly yet.
  • The phone screen doesn’t constantly appear on the Desktop Screen.
  • There are some problems while applying Blue light preferences on Mobile thus no blue light restriction for PC as well in the area where your Phone appears.
  • Audio too won’t come out of the PC rather only phone screen.
  • If you double click anywhere on your PC, it may bring down the notification center.
  • There are some games and apps which don’t support mouse integration like Pokemon Go, Merge Dragons, etc.
  • If you hide the soft keyboard as you have the access to the physical keyboard, it will not work smoothly.

General changes and improvements

  1. Microsoft solved the Edge Browser crashing issue which happens only when it interacts with combo boxes in PDF forms.
  2. They resolved the night light functionality issue to a larger extent, however it still requires some attention. The night light slider is now improved, so now, even if you increase the strength; it won’t be stuck.
  3. They fixed the battery draining problem as well. In recent builds, this trouble had increased.
  4. Usually, when you open certain apps like Voice Recorder or Alarms & Clock in full screen, it generates the issue “…” menu contents in clipped. They fixed this issue in Windows 10 19H1 Build 18356.
  5. The Company fixed the nagging bug which appears on some Insider’s KERNEL_SECURITY_VIOLATION later leading to the “Green screen of Death”.

Known issues- 19H1 Build 18356

Although Microsoft is continuously wiping all the issues of 19H1 Build 18356, there are some which remain as usual. They are-

  1. The occurrence of GSOD when one tries using the Anti-cheat program while playing games.
  2. X-Fi sound cards are still not working.
  3. The trouble with Realtek SD card readers persists. They are investigating this issue.
  4. Users can’t install or update Windows Insider Preview Builds on their System. If you have access to Hyper-V, it is an alternative solution for this bug.

Known issues for developers

The issue persists even on the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview i.e. 19H1 Build 18356. If you have recently moved to any fast ring (lately released) and want to revert back to a slow ring, it may create a nuisance. This is often found that after switching to Slow ring, optional content like Enabling Developer mode will simply fail. In short, we can say that you have to remain in the same ring to add/ install or enable optional content.