Windows 10 Insider 21H1 Dev Build 20190 – Improved Graphics

Microsoft adds another Insider Build 20190 to Windows 10 21H1 Dev Channel. On this update, the software giant has added some really cool features and improvements. They introduce a new app “Tips” featuring all the lately made changes to the recent Build OS. 

Windows 10 Power users now get options to choose among their high-performance GPUs to work with different programs whenever required. Apart from this, the experts improved the overall functionalities of Chinese and Japanese IMEs. Lots of other improvements are coming your way on the 21H1 development branch, so stay tuned. 

What’s new in Dev Build 20190

1] Tips Application

Upgrading the Build OS with no clear or visible changes often make us confused. Users do want to get a feel of what real benefits they are going to acquire after the update. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has brought a new “Tips” application. This will highlight all of the recent changes and improvements on the OS. To access this new feature, follow these steps –

  • Navigate to the below address –

Settings > System > Notifications & actions

  • Move to the right pane and mark the checkbox left of “how me the Windows welcome experience”.

That’s it, You may now enjoy this new experience on the Windows device. Moreover, this is available in different EN locales i.e. US, UK, AU, IN, and CA.

2] Improved Graphics Settings 

Although Microsoft keeps improving the Graphics Settings from time to time, they have added some significant changes to 21H1 Build 20190. The improvements are as follows –

  • Updated the Graphics Settings to allow users to specify a default high-performance GPU.
  • Updated the Graphics Settings to allow users to pick a specific GPU on a per-application basis.

Any insider may alter the Graphics settings browsing to the below location –

Settings > System > Display > Graphics settings

Settings > Gaming > Graphics settings

21H1 Build 20190

Note: This feature is applicable only to power users who are having multiple high-performance GPUs on their devices. What they can do is set a particular application to ask for high-performance GPU whenever required. 

There’s another interesting feature added to such users i.e. “Specific GPU” option.

Changes and Improvements

  • As per Microsoft, they are updating the new Japanese IME to support switching between Hiragana and Katakana IMEs. To do so, Insiders must use Ctrl + Caps lock or Alt + Caps lock shortcut keys.

Dev Build 20190 Fixes

  • They addressed a Windows Subsystem for Linux 1 related error that would display following error message –
    • The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request’. Please see this Github issue for details.
  • The company resolves an issue wherein the explorer becomes unresponsive on touch-capable devices. This bug usually occurs after resuming Windows from hibernation mode.
  • The search results appearing on top of one another is not appearing after upgrading PC to Build 20190.
  • Microsoft improved certain keyboard shortcuts on the Chinese Pinyin IME. 
  • The on-screen PIN pad unexpectedly appearing on the Narrator (focus being set to the login screen) stays resolved with this build. 
  • They addressed the Features on Demand (FOD) issue in which it fails to enable and rather displays the error 0x8000FFFF. As per certain Insiders, this was due to sfc/ scannow failing to perform its task repeatedly. 
  • The software giant resolved the “Edge hanging” issue during an authentication prompt in case of a time-out.

Known issues – Dev Build 20190

Below are the known bugs that may appear after updating Windows 10 21H1 to Build 20190 –

  • A few Store Games may fail to start if protected with Anti-cheat software. Microsoft is still working on a resolution to this issue.
  • The update process may hang for an extended period of time while trying to upgrade to a new Insider Build.
  • The Min, Max, and Close buttons get stuck to their original positions even after resizing a UWP app. 
  • Microsoft is looking into reports wherein the new Taskbar experience doesn’t seem working for certain pinned sites. They are even trying to enable a live preview for pinned site tabs. As per experts, users may unpin the site, remove it from the edge://apps page, then pin back the site. Performing this indeed works for a few Windows 10 users.
  • On certain PCs, the Alt + Tabbing to a browser tab may sometimes move to the previously active browser tab. The developers are looking into this matter as well. 
  • They are working to remove the unnecessary left padding on the Start Menu’s all apps list.

Release Note

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