Windows 10 Insider 20H1 Build 18865 comes live for Skip Ahead

Today, Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Insider 20H1 Build 18865 for Windows Insiders who have opted the same for Skip Ahead. This release is a part of the 2003 ongoing development branch. Windows 10 19H1 is due in the upcoming month of April 2019, only then, they will start sending 19H2 bits to insiders.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the key changes along with known issues of 20H1 Build 18865. In this Build, there are numerous fixes made to the Narrator section which you read below. Let’s explore this new Skip Ahead build in detail-

20H1 Build 18865

General improvements, fixes, and changes for PC

Narrator Settings- Big changes

  1. They fixed an issue where the Narrator read “has finished loading” multiple times while reading a new page in Chrome.
  2. Earlier, the narrator doesn’t read cell content in Excel when using F2 to edit, they solved this bug as well.
  3. The narrator can now announce the toggle state of the checkbox in List view.
  4. Earlier when users try to write in Facebook’s comment section using the Narrator’s copy command (Scan mode), it simply fails. This pops up an error message “Items can’t take focus”, they resolved this problem too.
  5. While working to edit a table, the narrator often said “End of Line” when it encounters an empty cell. They have now fixed this issue.
  6. The Company has improved the narrator’s fallback logic for controls with no accessible name.
  7. The narrator now displays either invalid or required properties on more controls.
  8. This can now read aria-label information from the button as well.
  9. They fixed the issue in which Braille Narrator shows only the window title in place of the first line. This primarily occurs when users try to navigate to the beginning of the document using shortcut Ctrl+Home.
  10. Narrator Braille has now included some reliable links that users can activate using routine keys.
  11. Earlier the same didn’t render information on braille display while creating a page on Facebook, Microsoft fixed this issue as well.
  12. From 20H1 Build 18865 onward, the narrator braille will show an accessible name right at the beginning of every line in a text area.

Some other features

  1. In Cursor & Pointer Settings– Tooltips will now display the mouse cursor whenever you hover over any color option.
  2. They fixed the issue where scan mode simply fails to switch off to allow typing inside the edit field of a Spinner control.
  3. Earlier an issue caused duplicate empty copies of specific folders when users upgrade their System. It stays solved with this Build release.
  4. They fixed the issue in which some insiders face Bitlocker prompting to encrypt certain drives and fails while doing so.
  5. In case your System supports Wi-Fi and Performance tab is set as the by-default tab in Task Manager, it creates some issue. The trouble is that even if the Wi-Fi section in the performance tab seems to be selected, the details which appear here are from the CPU section. The Company has resolved this bug in 20H1 build 18865.

Known issues- 20H1 Build 18865

  1. When you use anti-cheat programs while launching games, it may cause GSOD trouble on your System.
  2. Realtek SD cards too are not working properly. They are investigating this bug and may resolve this soon.
  3. X-Fi Sound cards too are not functioning as they are supposed to. They are partnering with Creative to bring a solution to this trouble.
  4. There is need for an extra reboot on reserved storage enabled PC to perform Reset this PC while keeping your files intact. An extra restart here is to ensure that Reserved storage functions properly on your PC.

Known issues for Developers

If you download and install any of the recent builds from Skip Ahead thereafter switch back to slow or fast ring, it starts failing optional content like enabling developer mode. This occurs as optional content is approved only for specific rings. Hence, you need to remain in the Fast/ slow ring to add, install or enable such contents.