Windows 10 Cumulative updates Complete Catalog

Microsoft rolls cumulative updates for a different version of Windows 10 from time to time so as to fix underlying bugs. In addition to this, the Company also points the known issues in the patch update itself. Although these releases appear arbitrarily, the second Tuesday of every month is hot reserved for such updates. Today, in this tutorial, we bring a catalog that entails all such updates for versions 1903, 1809, 1803, 1709, 1703, 1607, 1511, and initial Windows 10 (July 2015).

Windows 10 receives Cumulative updates automatically through the Windows update section. However, if you have disabled auto-download and installation of patch file for whatsoever reasons, you can get this manually as well. Let’s explore the complete list of all such Windows 10 cumulative updates.

Windows 10 Cumulative updates

Windows 10 versions
  1. Windows 10 20H1 update history
  2. Windows 10 19H1 update history
  3. Windows 10 1809 update history
  4. Windows 10 1803 update history
  5. Windows 10 1709 update history
  6. Windows 10  1703 update history
  7. Windows 10 1607 update history
  8. Windows 10 1511 update history
  9. Windows 10 Initial version (July 2015) update history

List of Windows 10 cumulative updates

Windows 10 20H1 Update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
16th June 2020KB4566866Not Available YetKB4560366
9th June 2020KB4557957Get here

Windows 10 1903 & 1909 update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
16th June 2020KB4567512Get hereKB4560959
9th June 2020KB4560960Get here
12th May 2020KB4556799Get hereKB4552152
21st April 2020KB4550945Get here
14th April 2020KB4549951Get here
30th March 2020KB4554364Get hereKB4541338
24th March 2020KB4541335Get here
12th March 2020KB4551762Get here
10th March 2020KB4540673Get here
27th February 2020KB4535996Get hereKB4538674
11th February 2020KB4532693Get here
28th January 2020KB4532695Get hereKB4528759
14th January 2020KB4528760Get here
10th December 2019KB4530684Get hereKB4524569
12th November 2019KB4524570Get here
24th October 2019KB4522355Get hereKB4525419
8th October 2019KB4517389Get hereKB4521863
3rd October 2019KB4524147Get hereKB4515383
26th September 2019KB4517211Get hereKB4520390
23rd September 2019KB4522016Get hereKB4515383
10th September 2019KB4515384Get here
30th August 2019KB4512941Get hereKB4515530
13th August 2019KB4512508 Get hereKB4508433
26th July 2019 KB4505903 Get here
9th July 2019KB4507453 Get hereKB4509096
27th Jun 2019KB4501375Get hereKB4506933
11th Jun 2019KB4503293Get hereKB4498523
29th May 2019KB4497935Get here

Windows 10 1809 update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
16th June 2020KB4567513Get hereKB4562562
9th June 2020KB4561608Get here
12th May 2020KB4551853Get hereKB4549947
21st April 2020KB4550969Get here
14th April 2020KB4549949Get here
30th March 2020KB4554354Get hereKB4539571
17th March 2020KB4541331Get here
10th March 2020KB4538461Get here
25th February 2020KB4537818Get hereKB4523204
11th February 2020KB4532691Get here
23rd January 2020KB4534321Get here
14th January 2020KB4534273Get here
10th December 2019KB4530715Get here
12th November 2019KB4523205Get here
15th October 2019KB4520062Get hereKB4521862
8th October 2019KB4519338Get here
3rd October 2019KB4524148Get hereKB4512577
24th September 2019KB4516077Get here
23rd September 2019KB4522015Get here
10th September 2019KB4512578Get here
17th August 2019KB4512534Get hereKB4512937
13th Aug 2019KB4511553Get here
22nd July 2019KB4505658Get here
9th July 2019KB4507469Get hereKB4509095
26th Jun 2019KB4509479 Get hereKB4504369
18th Jun 2019KB4501371Get here
11th Jun 2019KB4503327Get here
21st May 2019KB4497934Get here


19th May 2019KB4505056Get here
14th May 2019KB4494441Get here
3rd May 2019KB4495667Get hereKB4493510
1st May 2019KB4501835Get here
9th April 2019KB4493509Get here
2nd April 2019KB4490481Get here
12th Mar 2019KB4489899Get hereKB4470788
1st Mar 2019KB4482887Get here
12th Feb 2019KB4487044Get here
8th Jan 2019KB4480116Get here

Windows 10 1803 update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
16th June 2020KB4567514Get hereKB4562251
9th June 2020KB4561621Get here
12ve May 2020KB4556807Get hereKB4540724
21st April 2020KB4550944Get here
14th April 2020KB4550922Get here
30th March 2020KB4554349Get here
17th March 2020KB4541333Get here
10th March 2020KB4540689Get here
25th February 2020KB4537795Get hereKB4523203
11th February 2020KB4537762Get here
23rd January 2020KB4534308Get here
14th January 2020KB4534293Get here
10th December 2019KB4530717Get here
12th November 2019KB4525237Get here
15th October 2019KB4519978Get hereKB4521861
8th October 2019KB4520008Get here
3rd October 2019KB4524149Get hereKB4512576
24th September 2019KB4516045Get here
23rd September 2019KB4522014Get here
10 September 2019KB4516058Get here
19th August 2019KB4512509Get hereKB4509094
13th August 2019KB4512501Get here
16th July 2019KB4507466Get here
9th July 2019KB4507435Get here
26th Jun 2019KB4509478Get hereKB4497398
18th Jun 2019KB4503288Get here
11th Jun 2019KB4503286Get here
21st May 2019KB4499183Get here
19th May 2019KB4505064Get here
14th May 2019KB4499167Get here
25th April 2019KB4493437Get hereKB4485449
9th April 2019KB4493464Get here
19th March 2019KB4489894Get here
12th March 2019KB4489868Get here
19th Feb 2019KB4487029Get here
12th Feb 2019KB4487017Get here
15th Jan 2019KB4480976Get hereKB4477137
8th Jan 2019KB4480966Get here

Windows 10 1709 update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
14th April 2020KB4550927Get hereKB4541731
30th March 2020KB4554342Get here
17th March 2020KB4541330Get here
10th March 2020KB4540681Get here
25th February 2020KB4537816Get hereKB4523202
11th February 2020KB4537789Get here
23rd January 2020KB4534318Get here
14th January 2020KB4534276Get here
 14th January 2020KB4535289Get hereKB4523202
10 December 2019KB4530714Get here
10 December 2019KB4522812Get hereKB4523202
12th November 2019KB4525241Get here
12th November 2019KB4522811Get here
15th October 2019KB4520006Get hereKB4521860
8th October 2019KB4520004Get here
8th October 2019KB4522809Get here
3rd October 2019KB4524150Get hereKB4512575
24th September 2019KB4516071Get here
23rd September 2019KB4522012Get here
10th September 2019KB4516066Get here
16th August 2019KB4512494Get hereKB4509093
13th August 2019KB4512516Get here
16th July 2019KB4507465Get here
9th July 2019KB4507455Get here
26th Jun 2019KB4509477Get hereKB4500641
18th Jun 2019KB4503281Get Here
11th Jun 2019KB4503284Get Here
28th May 2019KB4499147Get Here
19th May 2019KB4505062Get Here
14th May 2019KB4499179Get Here
25th April 2019KB4493440Get HereKB4485448
9th April 2019KB4493441Get Here
19th March 2019KB4489890Get Here
12th March 2019KB4489886Get Here
19th Feb 2019KB4487021Get Here
12th Feb 2019KB4486996Get Here
15th Jan 2019KB4480967Get HereKB4477136
8th Jan 2019KB4480978Get Here

Windows 10  1703 update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
14th April 2020KB4550939Get hereKB4550992
10th March 2020KB4540705Get hereKB4540722
11th February 2020KB4537765Get hereKB4523201
14th January 2020KB4534296Get here
10th December 2019KB4530711Get here
12th November 2019KB4525245Get here
8th October 2019KB4520010Get hereKB4521859
3rd October 2019KB4524151Get hereKB4511839
24th September 2019KB4516059Get here
23rd September 2019KB4522011Get here
10th September 2019KB4516068Get here
17th August 2019KB4512474Get hereKB4509092
13 August 2019KB4512507Get here
16th July 2019KB4507467Get here
9th July 2019KB4507450Get here
26th Jun 2019KB4509476Get hereKB4500640
18th Jun  2019KB4503289Get Here
11th Jun 2019KB4503279Get Here
28th May 2019KB4499162Get Here
19th May 2019KB4505055Get Here
14th May 2019KB4499181Get Here
2nd May 2019KB4502112Get HereKB4487327
25th April 2019KB4493436Get Here
9th April 2019KB4493474Get Here
19th March 2019KB4489888Get Here
12th March 2019KB4489871Get Here
19th Feb 2019KB4487011Get Here
12th Feb 2019KB4487020Get Here
15th Jan 2019KB4480959Get HereKB4486458

Windows 10 1607 update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
9th June 2020 KB4561616Get hereKB4562561
12th May 2020KB4556813Get hereKB4550994
21st April 2020KB4550947Get here
10th April 2020KB4550929Get here
17th March 2020KB4541329Get hereKB4540723
10th March 2020KB4540670Get here
25th February 2020KB4537806Get hereKB4520724
11th February 2020KB4537764Get here
23rd January 2020KB4534307Get here
14th January 2020KB4534271Get here
10th December 2019KB4530689Get here
12th November 2019KB4525236Get here
15th October 2019KB4519979Get hereKB4521858
8th October 2019KB4519998Get here
3rd October 2019KB4524152Get hereKB4512574
24th September 2019KB4516061Get here
23rd September 2019KB4522010Get here
10th September 2019KB4516044Get here
17th August 2019KB4512495Get hereKB4509091
13th July 2019KB4512517Get here
16th July 2019KB4507459Get here
9th July 2019KB4507460Get here
27th Jun 2019KB4509475Get hereKB4503537
18th Jun 2019KB4503294Get Here
11th Jun 2019KB4503267Get Here
23rd May 2019KB4499177Get HereKB4498947
19th May 2019KB4505052Get Here
14th May 2019KB4494440Get Here
25th April 2019KB4493473Get HereKB4485447
9th April 2019KB4493470Get Here
19th March 2019KB4489889Get Here
12th March 2019KB4489882Get Here
8th Jan 2019KB4480961Get HereKB4465659

Windows 10 1511 update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
10th April 2019KB4093109Get Here

Windows 10 Initial version (July 2015) update history

DatedCumulative UpdateStandalone PackageServicing Stack Update
10th September 2019KB4516070Get here KB4512573
17th August 2019KB4517276Get hereKB4509090
11th Jun 2019KB4503291Get HereKB4498353
19th May 2019KB4505051Get Here

Last Update : 23-06-2019