Windows 10 Cumulative updates Complete Catalog

Microsoft rolls cumulative updates for a different version of Windows 10 from time to time so as to fix underlying bugs. In addition to this, the Company also points out the known issues in the patch update itself. Although these releases appear arbitrarily, the second Tuesday of every month is hot reserved for such updates. In this tutorial, we bring a catalog that entails all such updates for versions 21h1/20h2/20h1, 1909/1903, 1809, 1803, 1709, 1703, 1607, 1511, and initial Windows 10 (July 2015).

Windows 10 receives Cumulative updates automatically through the Windows update section. However, if you have disabled auto-download and installation of the patch file for whatsoever reason, you can get this manually as well. Let’s explore the complete list of all such Windows 10 cumulative updates.

Windows 10 Complete Cumulative Updates Catalog

Windows 10 versions

Windows 10 versions that stopped getting updates from Microsoft

List of Windows 10 cumulative updates

Here is the complete list of recent security updates by Microsoft for different Windows 10 versions. Besides, we have also included the corresponding Build number, standalone package, and the servicing stack update.

Tip: Make sure to first download and install the latest servicing stack update before applying the cumulative update (excluding the latest ones i.e. 21H2 or 21H1).

1] 21H2 Update history

With Windows 10 21H1 release, Microsoft continued bringing cumulative updates for the 21h1, 20h2, and 2004 versions all under the same heading. In the Standalone Package link, we have used the ‘x‘ sign. This varies from 1 to 3 depending upon which version you are talking about. The number ‘1’ belongs to 2004, ‘2’ to 20h2, and ‘3’ to version 21h1. 

Note: No need to separately download servicing stack as it is downloaded along with the cumulative update.

Release Date Cumulative Update Standalone Package Types 
June 20, 2022 KB5016139 Build 1904x.1767 Out-of-band
June 14, 2022 KB5014699 Build 1904x.1766 Security
June 2, 2022 KB5014023 Build 1904x.1741 Preview
May 19, 2022 KB5015020 Build 1904x.1708 Out-of-band
May 10, 2022 KB5013942 Build 1904x.1706 Security
April 25, 2022 KB5011831 Build 1904x.1682 Preview
April 12, 2022 KB5012599 Build 1904x.1645 Security
Mar 22, 2022 KB5011543 Build 1904x.1620 Preview
Mar 8, 2022 KB5011487 Build 1904x.1586 Security 
Feb 15, 2022 KB5010415 Build 1904x.1566 Preview
Feb 8, 2022 KB5010342 Build 1904x.1526 Security 
Jan 25, 2022 KB5009596 Build 1904x.1503 Preview
Jan 17, 2022 KB5010793 Build 1904x.1469 Out-of-band
Jan 11, 2022 KB5009543 Build 1904x.1466 Security 
Dec 14, 2021 KB5008212 Build 1904x.1415 Security
Nov 22, 2021 KB5007192 Build 1904x.1387 Preview

Windows 10 21H1 Update History

Microsoft brings the new feature update for Windows 10 on 22nd Nov 2022. You may see the above table to view the latest cumulative updates that came for Windows 10 version 21H1.

Nov 9, 2021 KB5007186 Build 1904x.1348 Security
Oct 26, 2021 KB5006738 Build 1904x.1320 Preview
Oct 12, 2021 KB5006670 Build 1904x.1288 Security
Sept 30, 2021 KB5005611 Build 1904x.1266 Preview
14 Sept 2021 KB5005565 Build 1904x.1237 Security
10 Aug 2021 KB5005033 Build 1904x.1165 Security
July 29, 2021 KB5004296 Build 1904x.1151 Preview
July 7, 2021 KB5004945 Build 1904x.1083 Out-of-Band
June 29, 2021 KB5004760  Build 1904x.1082 Out-of-Band

2] 1607 update history

Here is the list of all cumulative updates that came this year or before –

Dated Cumulative Update Standalone Package Servicing Stack Update
June 14, 2022 KB5014702 Build 14393.5192 KB5014026
May 19, 2022 KB5015019 Build 14393.5127
May 10, 2022 KB5013952 Build 14393.5125
April 12, 2022 KB5012596 Build 14393.5066 KB5011570
Mar 8, 2022 KB5011495 Build 14393.5006 KB5005698
Feb 8, 2022 KB5010359 Build 14393.4946
Jan 17, 2022 KB5010790 Build 14393.4889
Jan 11, 2022 KB5009546 Build 14393.4886
Jan 5, 2022 KB5010195 Build 14393.4827
Dec 14, 2021 KB5008207 Build 14393.4825
Nov 14, 2021 KB5008601 Build 14393.4771
Nov 9, 2021 KB5007192 Build 14393.4770
Oct 12, 2021 KB5006669 Build 14393.4704
Sept 14, 2021 KB5005573 Build 14393.4651

3] 1809 update history

Dated (Types) Cumulative Update Standalone Package Servicing Stack Update
June 14, 2022 KB5014692 Build 17763.3046 17763.2980
Dec 14, 2021 KB5008218 Build 17763.2366 KB5005112
Nov 22, 2021 KB5007266 Build 17763.2330
Nov 14, 2021 KB5008602 Build 17763.2304
Nov 9, 2021 (Security) KB5007206 Build 17763.2300
Oct 19, 2021 (Preview) KB5006744 Build 17763.2268
Oct 12, 2021 (Security) KB5006672 Build 17763.2237
Sept 21, 2021 (Preview) KB5005625 Build 17763.2210
Sept 14, 2021 (Security) KB5005568 Build 17763.2183
Aug 26, 2021 (Preview)  KB5005102 Build 17763.2145
Aug 10, 2021 (Security) KB5005030 Build 17763.2114 KB5003243

4] Initial version (July 2015) update history

This is the first version of Windows 10 and is still receiving security updates. Though it is receiving security updates each month, we don’t recommend staying on this update. This is because you are missing several new features and improvements that came with each Tuesday patch. 

Dated Cumulative Update Standalone Package Servicing Stack Update
14 Jun 2022 KB5014710 Build 10240.19325 KB5014024
9th Nov 2021 KB5007207 Build 10240.19119 KB5001399
12 Oct 2021 KB5006675 Build 10240.19086
14th Sept 2021 KB5005569 Build 10240.19060
10 Aug 2021 KB5005040 Build 10240.19022

List of Windows 10 versions that Microsoft stops providing updates

Microsoft had stopped providing security, non-security, optional, or out-of-band updates for the following Windows 10 versions –

1] 1909 update history

The last update for Windows 10 version 1909 came on 10th May 2022. In case you are still on this version, you better upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 i.e. 21H2. 

Dated Cumulative Update Standalone Package Servicing Stack Update
May 10, 2022 KB5013945 Build 18363.2274 18363.2271
Dec 14, 2021 KB5008206 Build 18363.1977 KB5004748
Nov 9, 2021 KB5007189 Build 18362.1916
Oct 12, 2021 KB5006667 Build 18363.1854
Sept 21, 2021 KB5005624 Build 18363.1830
Sept 14, 2021 KB5005566 Build 18363.1801
Aug 26, 2021 KB5005103 Build 18363.1766
Aug 10, 2021 KB5005031 Build 18363.1734

Note: Microsoft had previously stopped releasing cumulative updates for Windows 10 version 1903. The last update for version 1903 came on 8th Dec 2020. If you haven’t still upgraded to version 1909, make sure to do the same at the earliest. 

2] 1803 update history

With the last cumulative update on 11 May 2021, this version of Windows 10 has already reached its end-of-service statement. The last cumulative update was a security patch titled – KB5003174.

Dated Cumulative Update Standalone Package Servicing Stack Update
11th August 2020 KB4571709 Get here KB4565552
14th July 2020 KB4565489 Get here
16th June 2020 KB4567514 Get here KB4562251
9th June 2020 KB4561621 Get here
12ve May 2020 KB4556807 Get here KB4540724
21st April 2020 KB4550944 Get here
14th April 2020 KB4550922 Get here
30th March 2020 KB4554349 Get here
17th March 2020 KB4541333 Get here
10th March 2020 KB4540689 Get here

3] 1709 update history

Microsoft announced the end-of-service statement for this version of Windows 10 on 13th Oct 2020 with a KB update – KB4580328.

Dated Cumulative Update Standalone Package Servicing Stack Update
11th August 2020 KB4571741 Get here KB4565553
14 July 2020 KB4565508 Get here
14th April 2020 KB4550927 Get here KB4541731
30th March 2020 KB4554342 Get here
17th March 2020 KB4541330 Get here
10th March 2020 KB4540681 Get here
25th February 2020 KB4537816 Get here KB4523202
11th February 2020 KB4537789 Get here
23rd January 2020 KB4534318 Get here
14th January 2020 KB4534276 Get here
 14th January 2020 KB4535289 Get here KB4523202
10th December 2019 KB4530714 Get here

4] 1703 update history

Microsoft announced the end of service statement for this version of Windows 10 on 9th March 2021 with a KB update – KB5000812.

Dated Cumulative Update Standalone Package Servicing Stack Update
14th April 2020 KB4550939 Get here KB4550992
10th March 2020 KB4540705 Get here KB4540722
11th February 2020 KB4537765 Get here KB4523201
14th January 2020 KB4534296 Get here
10th December 2019 KB4530711 Get here
12th November 2019 KB4525245 Get here
8th October 2019 KB4520010 Get here KB4521859

5] 1511 update history

Microsoft stopped providing new cumulative updates for Windows 10 version 1511 after 10th April 2018. If you are still on this version, better upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10.

Dated Cumulative Update Standalone Package Servicing Stack Update
10th April 2018 KB4093109 Get Here

Last Update: April 2022

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