Windows 10 Build 18329 19H1 Features and Changes

Windows 10 Build 18329 19H1 is out with new improvements and features. Today, in this article, we will talk about them and few changes brought with this release in detail. This insider preview enhances top apps in Search, desktop Win 32 apps, Windows Mixed Reality, and Mail & Calendar version 16.0.11231.20082.

In addition to the above, we will also discuss general improvements, fixes and known issues. Let’s move to explore them one by one-

How to get Windows 10 Build 18329 19H1 on your system

If you are a Windows Insider Fast ring user,  navigate to the path mentioned below to get this update.

Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update

Here check for the available updates. Certain language of Windows 10 edition might not support this build. The list is as follow-

  • Windows 10 Pro: FR-CA, IT-IT, JA-JP, KO-KR, NL-NL, PL-PL, SR-LATN-RS
  • Windows 10 Home: RO-RO, SK-SK, SL-SI, SR-LATN-RS, TH-TH, UK-UA
  • Windows 10 Pro N: RO-RO, SK-SK
  • Windows 10 Home N: RO-RO, SK-SK, SL-SI

Windows 10 Build 18329 19H1 details and changes

Here we will discuss the major changes made in Build 18329 Windows 10 19H1.

Top apps added to Search

Insider preview Build 18329 19H1 has brought top app features added to the right side of Search Home. This aims to access maximum used apps directly from here.

Build 18329 19H1

This feature gets rolled out on the server-side. Therefore, there is a possibility of some users not getting this new feature.

Win32 Desktop apps can now be used in Windows Mixed Reality

From this build onward, you will also be able to use desktop Win32 applications like Spotify, Pant.NET and Visual Studio Code on Windows 10 Mixed Reality.

All you have to do is to open Pins Panel then locate the app which you want to launch. Here you can see “Classic Apps (Beta)” from where you can start any Win32 apps.

Note: This new feature is still in development mode, so you might get some bugs here. Microsoft will address them in upcoming releases.

Support for ADLaM and Osage keyboards

The build 18329 19H1 now supports ADLaM and Osage keyboard. ADLaM script is used to write Pular/Fulfulde language on your system. This is very useful for the Fulani people of West Africa. Similarly, Osage is learning/ spoken in the Osage Nation of Oklahoma.

Windows 10 Build 18329, howtoedge

To enable any of the two languages, select Add a preferred language under language setting. Thereafter choose the one as per your choice.

Mail & Calendar version 16.0.11231.20082

In the build 18329, the major changes are made under Mail and Calendar apps. You will now get the dark mode option while trying Compose Mail and Manage calendar Events. To start Dark mode navigate to Settings → Personalization → Dark mode. See the snapshot below.

Here you will also acquire the default font features. It allows the usage of any specific font face while writing emails. Go to Settings and change the “Default font” to one that suits you.

The settings described above are for one account. The same settings would not carry forward to other devices using the same logged account id.

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

Just like previous releases, Windows Security’s tamper protection settings are still disabled in this Build. However, you can turn these settings On by following the suggestion outlined on this app. The tamper protection settings are there to restrict the bad sectors from altering any security-related settings.

Earlier several Win32 apps have longer launch time owing to wrongly suspension by the OS. They have now fixed this issue.

Microsoft has addressed the bug which prevents the Narrator as well as  Screen Reader programs to read any page effectively.

They have rectified the issue of continuous System Crashes while running multiple offices or other apps.

The trouble where one gets the black screen while altering the landscape to portrait mode is now solved.

Known issues

The virus and threat protection under Windows Security might start to behave strangely after update to this release.

There is a probability of getting GSOD when you use anti-cheat software while playing games on your System.

The X-Fi sound card could start malfunctioning.

Even when night mode is enabled, a blue light reduction might not work as planned in certain apps.

You might need to perform an extra reboot for reserved storage while attempting to Reset this PC feature on your system.

Some users might get a black screen while using Windows Sandbox.

After update to Windows 10 Build 18329 19H1, there may be 2 Narrator voices talking simultaneously. Reboot your device once to overcome this problem.

In this build, the brightness slider may also not function.

Ease of access settings might crash while trying to use color filters.

Known issues for Developers

After the installation of Build 18329 fast ring on your Windows 10, switching to slow ring creates some bugs. There is a possibility that enables developer mode option starts to fail. To avail features like- add, install or enable the optional content, you have to remain in the fast ring.