Windows 10 21H1 Insider Preview Build 20152 – Dev Channel

With the final release of Windows 10 20H1, the insiders were looking all over for new projects to work upon. Well, not anymore, they release the second update to the 21H1 insiders, i.e. Preview Build 20152 in the Dev Channel (Fast ring). Microsoft made quite a few interesting fixes and refinements on this Build such as – IMEs working smoothly, resolving Notepad bugs, etc. 

There still exist lots of known issues that require resolution. For now, the experts are working on several of these bugs and have even cracked the exact reasons behind a few errors. In case, you want to have a complete look at what build is in which Insider ring, head over to Flight Hub. However, do note that updating data at Flight Hub will take a few more days from the date when a build is flighted. Let’s explore the Preview Build 20152 in detail –

Microsoft announces Windows 10 21H1 Build 20150 & ISO for Insiders

Insider Preview Build 20152 Fixes

Here are the key fixes that developers made on Insider Preview Build 20152 –

  • In Builds prior to this, the system simply removed any notepads lying on the computer while attempting to “Reset this PC”. The team finally resolves the underlying causes behind this. Furthermore, they even suggest reinstalling Notepad via Optional Features in Settings.
  • The company also addresses a bug that presents “Windows needs space to continue” dialog with the “no continue” button there. 
  • Windows icon will now appear as usual in the notification area of the taskbar whenever an update is ready for a reboot.
  • They are continuously working to improve the functionalities of IMEs. After installing Build 20152, IMEs will display the correct typing status of whether it is ON or OFF. Besides, tapping the IME mode indicator in the taskbar wouldn’t change the mode from now onward.

Known issues 

There still exist numerous issues that need improvement and they are –

  • System crash error with an HYPERVISOR_ERROR – Reasons Not known yet.
  • The update process may still hang for an extended period of time after installing a new Build.
  • Users won’t be able to launch the Notepad that had automatically saved right before a PC shutdown. However, they may recover such files from – “%localappdata%\Notepad“.
  • Better not go for this Preview Build if you are using an Xbox controller on the computer. Otherwise, you may receive the Blue Screen issue with error code 0xc1900101 in Windows Update History. 

Note: If you want to try out the Build 20152, better detach the Xbox controller. But don’t attach the controllers back till the next preview Build. This is because the moment you re-connect the Xbox to your PC, there appears a Stop error.

  • The experts are working on certain games and apps receiving sudden crash or simply won’t install. They have already identified the root cause, so a solution is on its way. 
  • Rolling back to the previous build still results in the Screen becoming dimmer. 
  • They identified a new bug wherein the Task manager reports 0.00 GHz CPU usage in the Performance tab.
  • While attempting to “Reset this PC” still displays the error message that reads – “There was a problem resetting this PC”. As of now, they are working on a resolution to this. For the time being, one may use the Advanced Startup (Windows RE) to start Reset this PC.

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