Windows 10 21H1 Build 20197 – Changes and Fixes

Windows 10 21H1 Build 20197 is out for Insiders in the Dev Channel. This has brought some interesting changes and fixes to the operating system. On the last few flights, Microsoft has already introduced Control Panel features inside the Settings App. This time, they introduce a new Disk Management tool inside Windows Settings.

With this, users will have better integration with the recent Windows developments like Storage Spaces or Storage breakdown. One can now easily create, resize, format, or change letters of different partitions on the computer. They have brought this feature way back in Build 20175 and it remained hidden up till now. 

Going forward, they now started providing the new “Your Phone” features to the general public. Opening the Your info link under the Accounts settings will now display the active profile picture. If you want a complete look at what build is in which Insider ring, head over to Flight Hub.

What’s new on Build 20197

Changes and Improvements

  • The company updated the Alt + Tab shortcut behavior for the Microsoft Edge browser. After installing this insider build, you may open at most 5 tabs instead of unlimited tabs. However, users may alter this limit as well. All they need is to go to the below path and make the appropriate changes. 
    • Settings > System > Multitasking
  • They brought a new Web Browsing section inside the Settings header.
  • Going forward, one can now see the relevant information only under the active profile picture.
  • They turned off the ESENT Warning Event ID 642 on Build 20197.
  • You may use the Edge browser as the desired app under the Assigned Access.
  • The narrator has now the ability to distinguish candidate characters/words by providing detailed reading information.

Build 20197 Fixes

The key fixes include –

  1. Fixes an issue wherein the sysprep command was failing resulting in an error 0x80073CFA from the last few builds.
  2. Addresses a bug in which the Group Policy Editor was showing a popup error about WnsEndpoint_Policy.
  3. Get-Volume PowerShell command is now recognizing volumes in the exFAT format perfectly.
  4. Works upon a Race condition that causes the Font settings page to crash.
  5. Resolves the Font as well as Themes Settings displaying the old style of Microsoft Store icon.
  6. Earlier while typing with an IME and changing focus to some other apps result in a CTFMON.exe issue. The company has resolved this bug as well.
  7. Fixes an issue that could result in certain apps crashing when typing incorrect combinations with the Chinese Traditional DaYi IME.
  8. Addresses an issue wherein ImmGetCompositionString wasn’t returning the correct IME composition string for YOMI text fields.
  9. Works upon an anomaly that appears on Narrator where Scan Mode wouldn’t stay off in Microsoft Teams.
  10. Resolves an error with the Microsoft Pinyin IME, where when using double pinyin style, when typing something like “goldb;du” where the first candidate could be an English word the conversion wouldn’t work.

To see the full list of other relevant data, open the Release Note.