Windows 10 21H1 Build 20185 – Changes and Improvements

Windows 10 21H1 Build 20185 is out for Insiders inside the Dev Channel. Microsoft has added new functionalities to Your Phone App and quite interesting features to the DNS Settings. Besides, they also release a list of supporting ADMX policies for MDM.

If you are already an Insider, go to the Windows Update section and hit Check for Updates. When the Build 20185 appears, hit the download button. In case you want to become an insider, read how to do this without even using your Microsoft account. To see the entire list of recent builds inside Dev or Beta, visit the Flight hub.

Windows 10 21H1 Build 20185 Changelog

Here are the key changes that come along with Build 20185 –

Improved DNS configuration in Settings

Microsoft has made quite a few improvements inside the DNS configuration under the Network section in Settings. These are as follows –

1] Easily Accessible DNS Settings

After installing 21H1 Build 20185, one can edit the DNS server assignment easily and effectively following a few easy steps. Just open the Settings UI and select the specific options based on whichever connection you are going to connect i.e. WiFi or Ethernet.

2] Encrypted DNS

Windows 10 users may now easily access the Encrypted DNS in the settings app on their computer. This is lot more secure and will protect your privacy while surfing over the internet. Users may now use the “Encrypted DNS” instead of relying on HTTP or DoH for security purposes. Here’s how to configure DoH directly in the Settings app.

For Wifi Connection

  • Launch Settings UI
  • Click Network & Security and select Wi-Fi
  • Go to the Adapter properties link and Edit IP assignment or DNS server

For Ethernet Connections

  • Open Settings UI
  • Hit Network & Security thereafter Status
  • Go to Properties and Edit IP assignment or DNS server

Once you are inside, fill in the IP address and select the “Encryption type” option. After completing this, visit the DNS management section and check the current status. 

Your Phone App – Changes and Improvements

The company is continuously working to evolve Your Phone App. This is to ensure a seamless continuation of Microsoft vision and promise to help users become more productive. With Your Phone app, users don’t need to install any apps separately on the PC. Instead, they can use whatever applications they have on their mobile directly on its interface. 

21H1 Build 20185

With Build 20185, users may conveniently pin their favorite mobile apps to the Taskbar or Start menu. Doing so will save time and unnecessary hassle. Let’s see the key features, fixes, fixes, bugs on Your Phone app –

Key Features

  • You can see the list of all installed Android apps directly on its interface.
  • You may add frequently used apps as favorites inside Your Phone app.
  • Open any application directly on its GUI.
  • If you have mirrored some of the apps, both original and mirrored ones appear separately on the computer.
  • Pin any of the mobile apps to the Taskbar or even Start Menu.
  • Get the notifications from the favorites applications directly beeping into Your Phone app.

Apps Feature Necessary requirements 

To use the above functionality, your PC must meet these minimum system requirements –

  • Windows 10 version should be at least 1809 or higher. 
  • Android version 9.0 or greater.
  • Both Phone and PC remain connected to the same WiFi Network. 

Known Issues/Limitations:

  • A few apps may block the casting feature on different screens. In such cases, you will rather get a black screen.
  • Some games or apps might not respond effectively to the interactions you made using the mouse/keyboard.
  • Audio from apps will still play from your mobile device.
  • The company is planning to roll out a new feature that supports the ability to run multiple apps.

New ADMX Backed Policies for MDM

This new build brings a list of fresh ADMX Backed Policies for MDM. On this build, the experts have enabled 647 new policies across 56 ADMX files. This is to ensure that commercial customers can easily configure the new policies supported through Group Policies. For example – App combat, Servicing, Task Scheduler, and Event Forwarding. A list of recently launched ADMX is provided below –

ADMX file name:

  • AddRemovePrograms.admx
  • AppCompat.admx
  • AuditSettings.admx
  • CipherSuiteOrder.admx
  • COM.admx
  • Cpls.admx
  • CtrlAltDel.admx
  • DigitalLocker.admx
  • DnsClient.admx
  • DWM.admx
  • EncryptFilesonMove.admx
  • EventForwarding.admx
  • FileServerVSSProvider.admx
  • FileSys.admx
  • FolderRedirection.admx
  • Help.admx
  • HelpAndSupport.admx
  • kdc.admx
  • LanmanServer.admx
  • LinkLayerTopologyDiscovery.admx
  • MMC.admx
  • MMCSnapins.admx
  • MSAPolicy.admx
  • nca.admx
  • NCSI.admx
  • Netlogon.admx
  • OfflineFiles.admx
  • PeerToPeerCaching.admx
  • PerformanceDiagnostics.admx
  • PreviousVersions.admx
  • QOS.admx
  • Reliability.admx
  • Scripts.admx
  • sdiageng.admx
  • Securitycenter.admx
  • Servicing.admx
  • Setup.admx
  • SharedFolders.admx
  • Sharing.admx
  • Shell-CommandPrompt-RegEditTools.admx
  • Smartcard.admx
  • Snmp.admx
  • TaskScheduler.admxtcpip.admx
  • Thumbnails.admx
  • TPM.admx
  • UserExperienceVirtualization.admx
  • W32Time.admx
  • WinCal.admx
  • WindowsAnytimeUpgrade.admx
  • WindowsConnectNow.admx
  • WindowsMediaDRM.admx
  • WindowsMediaPlayer.admx
  • WindowsMessenger.admx
  • WinInit.admx

Changes and Improvements – Build 20185

  • The company moved the 3D viewer app location on the Start Menu All Apps List. One may access this application right under the Windows Accessories folder.

Fixes on Build 20185

  • Using the “close all windows” action will now close all of the opened site tabs in the Taskbar.
  • The taskbar will now show the internet connection appropriately. 
  • Dragging and Dropping an app on the Start Menu will be effective.
  • The letter headers in the Start menu’s all apps list having unnecessary left padding gets resolved on this build as well.
  • The company improved an issue wherein the tiles were difficult to read while using some less transparent backgrounds. 
  • They resolve a bug wherein tile groups start disappearing while using a Start Menu layout featured by MDM.
  • The app icon will remain completely in line even if a notification includes an inline-image.
  • No issue while impacting the touch keyboard launch reliability.
  • Resolves an issue wherein TextInputHost.exe would enter an unresponsive state. As a result, the clipboard history, emoji panel, and the dictation fail to appear while pressing their corresponding keyboard shortcuts.
  • A bug that prevents pasting the contents from the clipboard gets solved as well.
  • ARM64 devices may now resume effectively from the hibernate mode.
  • Resolves an issue in which the new Microsoft Edge doesn’t appear inside the App History section of Task Manager.
  • Earlier, opening the Storage Settings immediately enters into one of the sub-pages and couldn’t load the page successfully. They address this bug on Build 20185.
  • When you install an application, this results in a blank icon instead of a plus icon on the main Default Apps page inside Settings. They have fixed this bug as well.
  • Works upon an anomaly where launching an app from its taskbar jumplist weren’t working for certain desktop bridge apps. Rather, this would result in the app disappearing from the taskbar.

Known issues

There are a few bugs that Microsoft still needs to take care of. They are as follows –

  • A few Microsoft Store games still fail to launch while using Anti-cheat programs.
  • The update process hanging for extended periods of time may also occur during the installation of new builds.
  • While resizing a UWP app, users may face difficulty while using the Min/Max/Close buttons.
  • The taskbar may get stuck or stop working for some of the pinned sites on the Edge browser. As a solution, you may try to unpin the site by visiting the edge://apps page, Restart Edge, and pin back the site.
  • Users might not be able to see a preview of pinned site tabs. There are some other issues as well related to pinning sites on Edge. The experts are working to bring a resolution soon to this in an upcoming Build release. 
  • If you try opening a WSL 1 distribution, this may result in the following error. Please check out this Github issue for the latest updates.

Release Note