Windows 10 21H1 Build 20180 is out for Insiders – Dev Channel

Microsoft releases a new flight for Windows 10 21H1 Insiders in the Dev Channel i.e. Build 20180. This new build brings quite a few changes along with quality improvements and fixes. With this release, the company is allowing the new features that it forecasts in Build 20161. 

After installing this build, users may encounter different types of issues while using Alt+Tab to switch between pinned sites on Microsoft Edge. As per Microsoft, the team is already working to resolve all the bugs that appear while using this shortcut and may bring an update to this soon.

Build 20180

What’s new in Build 20180

The company has already started the Build 20161 new features for almost all the users with the OS Build 20180. However, only a subset of insiders will enjoy the new pinned sites capability mentioned in the last week’s flight of Build 20175.

Updates for developers

As per Microsoft, they will release Windows SDK matching to each new flight to the Dev Channel. So, better keep an eye at Flight hub to see the recent OS flights. 

New Changes and Improvements

  • The developers modified the tablet posture logic for 2-in-1 devices so as to apply this only while using a single screen.
  • They will soon bring the new folder icon inside the Start Menu’s All app’s list. The new icon will be a small one with better alignment and improved size. 
  • With Build 20180, they improved the Search box inside the Default App settings page. They did so to enhance the overall performance.

Fixes on Build 20180

  • The team resolves an issue in which Magnifier doesn’t follow the cursor while zooming exceeds 100%.
  • The taskbar will now display the Publisher name for UWP apps.
  • They improved Pinyin IME to produce the right character even when you are using the full-width mode.
  • Lastly, they improve the Alt+Tab functionality to prevent sudden browser crashes or bugs. 

Known issues on Build 20180

  • A few Microsoft Store games still fail to launch while using Anti-cheat programs.
  • The update process hanging for extended periods of time may also occur during the installation of new builds.
  • While resizing a UWP app, users may face difficulty while using the Min/Max/Close buttons.
  • The taskbar may get stuck or stop working for some pinned sites. 
  • Using the “Close all windows” feature may not close all of the running windows in the background.
  • Users might not be able to see a preview of pinned site tabs. There are some other issues as well related to pinning sites on Edge. The experts are working to bring a resolution soon to this in an upcoming Build release. 
  • If you try opening a WSL 1 distribution, this may result in the following error. Please check out this Github issue for the latest updates.

The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.

Release Note: Windows Blog

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  1. Build 20180 was a sad release. Frankly, for the risk of installing a new build, the features it brings are virtually non-existent. I would like some reassurance that nobody will provide, that there will be more actual updates. There is no shortage of pending changes.

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