Windows 10 21H1 Build 20170 – New Features and Changes

Microsoft rolls in Windows 10 21H1 Build 20170 for insiders in the Dev Channel. With this build, the software giant introduces several new features, changes, and bug-fixes. As a part of bringing things from Control Panel to the Settings UI, they brought over Sound Settings. Furthermore, they release new Launcher version 6 for android users. They even improved the Settings icon to look great with theme-aware tiles on Build 20161

Important: Insiders having AMD processors won’t be offered Windows 10 21H1 build 20170. It is because of some compatibility issues on this build that may impact the overall usability of AMD-running PCs. 

What’s new on Windows 10 21H1 Build 20170

Improved Sound Settings

As mentioned in the last build, experts tried bringing some more Control Panel capabilities into Settings. They have improved the sound settings experience on build 20170. Users may now manage sound devices by navigating to the path – Settings > System > Sound. Additionally, they have also updated the Volume Mixer to include a link to the per-app audio settings. Windows 10 users may now use this to redirect audio endpoints per app.

As per Microsoft, there’s more yet to come in this area, so stay tuned.

Access to new Microsoft Launcher v6

The company finally releases the Microsoft Launcher v6 for the general public. If you were eagerly waiting for this, get a copy by visiting here. The new launcher brings several new features like Personalized News, Bing-Supported Wallpaper, Dark Theme, Landscape Mode, Customizable App icons, etc. In addition to this, the launcher makes sure to optimize battery, utilize less memory, load fast, and boost performance. 

New Features on Microsoft Launcher v6

  • Personalized news: Get the feed updates throughout the day with trending news, tech articles, weather forecast, and others.
  • Landscape mode: Use either vertical or horizontal orientation whichever suits you the most.
  • Customizable icons: Premium custom icon packs with adaptive icons.
  • Beautiful wallpapers: Get access to a wide collection of wallpapers from Bing. You may select your own photos as well.
  • Dark theme: Switch to Dark Theme to reduce eye strain at night or in low light environments. They designed this to be compatible with Android’s default dark mode settings.
  • Improved performance: The launcher will load faster, use less memory, and remain battery efficient. 

Windows 10 21H1 Build 20170

Microsoft Launcher requirements

  • Android version – 7.0 or higher.
  • Download the Microsoft Launcher from the Google Play Store

New App Icon

Windows 10 21H1 Build 20170

Known issues with the Launcher

  • Android 10 users may feel a glitch while using the new launcher.
  • Doesn’t support dark themes on Android version 7.0 and below. 
  • Only OEM devices support using the new launcher as the default one.
  • Syncing Issues with Sticky Notes.
  • You may require to re-enable the Notification badges.

Although this is available for all android users, some of them won’t be able to get this immediately.

In case of receiving any bug or error, report the same navigating to the below address – 

Settings > Help and Feedback > Report a bug

Or, use the Feedback shortcut on your home screen. To know more, read Microsoft Launcher FAQs.

Improved search from the taskbar in Windows 10

Microsoft had enhanced the Search UI functionalities to make it easier for what you were looking for on the computer. After installing Windows 10 Build 20170, users may notice two-column layouts on the Start Home Screen. They are – Recent Activities and Quick Searches

Two Columns Inside the Search UI

Under the Quick Searches section, you may get information like – local weather, top news, and other useful info. In addition to this, Windows Search now supports web search for Dutch-speaking customers in the Netherlands. Users residing in the Netherlands who have set Dutch as their default language may now search anything directly pressing the Win+S hotkey. They no longer need a web browser to search for content in the Dutch language. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, send feedback to the experts by tapping over the Feedback button. 

New Changes and Improvements

  • Microsoft is keen to change the existing icons to something new and exciting. Continuing this trend ahead, the developers have introduced a new Settings icon on this build. The new Settings icon provides a classy look to the Start Menu with theme-aware tiles

New Settings Icon

  • They have temporarily disabled the Notepad’s ability to restart after Windows reboot or update. 
  • Moving further, they have enabled an experimental implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 on 21H1 build 20170. IIS/HTTP.SYS has TLS 1.3 enabled by default. SSPI callers may now use TLS 1.3 bypassing the new crypto-agile SCH_CREDENTIALS structure during the AcquireCredentialsHanlde call. SSPI callers using TLS 1.3 should ensure that their code handles SEC_I_RENEGOTIATE correctly.

Windows 10 21H1 Build 20170 Fixes

  • Addresses the Screen flickering bug while resizing certain apps when snapped side by side in tablet mode.
  • Resolved a persisting IME error wherein using the Mouse left click eventually hangs input devices.
  • Master Volume Slider is now working perfectly fine inside the Sound Settings. 
  • They worked upon a race condition in which update notifications simply doesn’t appear. 
  • The developers solved the “certain keyboards not working” issue on prior builds.
  • Insiders may now use the modifier keys like Shift or Ctrl without being dropped over a remote desktop connection.
  • Previously, a handful of insiders were not able to launch Start. The company resolved this bug as well. 
  • They decrease the overall logoff time on the build 20170.
  • Screen won’t turn dim after applying this Build OS.

Known issues on Build 20170

  • The Task Manager still reports 0.00 GHz CPU usage in the Performance tab.
  • Using anti-cheat programs on Microsoft games may fail to launch.
  • The experts are working to resolve system crash errors with a HYPERVISOR_ERROR bugcheck.
  • After installing a new build, the update process still hangs for extended periods of time. 
  • There’s an ongoing project to fine-tune the tile animations in Start to avoid different flashes of color.
  • Microsoft acknowledges reports that sleep is not working for some Insiders.

To access the full list of Insider Channels, visit the Flight Hub. However, keep in mind that the latest build may not appear there as the company takes some time to update the Flight Hub.

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