Windows 10 20H2 Insider Preview Build 19631 – Changes and Fixes

Windows 10 20H2 Insider Preview Build 19631 is out with new fixes and refinements. The key feature on this build is the availability of ARM64 based VHDX for the insiders. If you are on Build version 19559 or above, you may download and give this a try on your Desktop. Besides, they also made slights changes to the Windows Sandbox and Hello PIN. 

There appears a few known issues as well on the 20H1 Build 19631. As per Microsoft, they are currently looking into several reports and feedback they received recently. Let’s explore the new features, fixes, and changes on this build –

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Build 19631 Changelog

Here are the key highlights of the 20H1 Insider Preview Build 19631 –

ARM64 VHDX available for download

Microsoft has introduced the concept of Hyper-V on ARM64 devices back in February 2020. They mention it as well on Build 19559 and was compatible with Surface Pro X running the Enterprise or Pro editions of Windows 10. 

Recently, they made ARM64 VHDX available on Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19624. Insiders may download the Hyper VHDX visiting the official page so as to test running Windows 10 as a guest OS in Hyper-V. From now onward, they will update the VHDX regularly and will feature in every Insider Preview builds. 

Note: Hyper-V on Windows 10 ARM64 devices is compatible only with Build version 19559 and above. So, we suggest not running this on any prior builds as they may require nested virtualization support. 

Some Other changes & improvements

In addition to the above changes, the team works upon the following bugs too –

  • Improves the Windows Hello configuration so that it works well with 940nm wavelength cameras.
  • Windows Sandbox (WSB files) are now case insensitive.

General Fixes on Build 19631

Microsoft performs the following fixes on this build –

  • Resolves IIS configuration issue, earlier this automatically resets to its default state.
  • Previously, when users press a key on the keyboard, it doesn’t wake up the device. The company addresses this issue as well on this build.
  • Fixes the Remote Desktop reliability issue.

Known issues on Build 19631

  • If you have booted your device using eMMC, this may cause bugcheck while resuming your PC from the hibernate state.
  • In case, you upgrade to a newer Build, the update process might hang in for extended periods of time.
  • Taskbar preview thumbnails rendering issue remains as it is. While performing tasks on the taskbar, you may encounter a blank area at its position.
  • The company is still working on the broken icon issue that appears next to the Documents/Downloads page name.

Source – Windows Blog