Windows 10 20H2 Insider Build 19628.1000 – Changes and Fixes

Windows 10 20H2 Insider Build 19628.1000 is out with new changes, fixes, and improvements. On this build release, the company has rolled back the Korean IME to its previous version. They introduced initial support for DNS over HTTPS to help users opting into encryption whenever Windows performs DNS queries. Moreover, the tech giant resolves an update error code – 0xc0000409.

There appears a few known issues as well on this preview build. As per Microsoft, they are currently looking into several reports and feedback they received recently. Let’s explore the new fixes, changes, improvements, and bugs in detail –

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Windows 10 20H2 Build 19628.1000 Changelog 

Here are the key changes that came along with Windows 10 20H2 Build 19628.1000 –

General Improvements and Changes 

  • They have added initial support for DNS over HTTPS so that users may opt into using encryption while Windows makes DNS queries. To know more details, visit the official blog post
  • Microsoft greeted everyone who shared feedback on the updated version of Korea IME that came with Build 18941. Besides, they will return the IME version to the previous one and continue to receive your feedback on this matter. 

New Fixes on Build 19628.1000

  • Addresses error code 0xc0000409 that occurs after installing Build 19624 and prevents updating to newer builds. 

Build 19624.1000 Known Issues

  • The NVDA, Narrator issue that occurs in earlier previews, appears here as well. For the time being, NVAccess releases an NVDA 2019.3 patch fixing the known bugs on Microsoft Edge.
  • The company is currently working to resolve an issue wherein the update process takes a huge time to install the recent preview build.
  • Microsoft is well aware of the issue – “Taskbar preview thumbnails aren’t rendering consistently”. They will soon release a fix to this in upcoming flights. 
  • When users reach out to the Settings > Privacy the Documents and Downloads sections, there appears a broken icon next (mostly a rectangle) next to different page names. The tech giant is working to resolve this bug as well.
  • Applying a new build resets the IIS configuration to its default state. As per the experts, users should back up their IIS configuration and restore it after they download/apply the new flights. 

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