Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 Build 18850 rolls out with new features

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 Build 18850 for those insiders who have opted for Skip Ahead feature. This new release is from 20H1 development branch. Windows 10 19H1 is nearly complete and is ready to launch in the month of April’ 2019. Once this update gets released, they will start bringing 19H2 bits for Windows insiders.

As you are here, you must be willing to know more about Windows 10 20H1 builds. Here, in this article, we will discuss new features, fixes & improvements brought in Build 18850. We will also look into Known issues along with the same for developers. Let’s explore this update in detail-

20H1 Build 18850

What’s New in 20H1 Build 18850

Snip & Sketch version 10.1901.10521.0

Microsoft is going to roll out a new update in this Skip Ahead which will contain following features-

  • They fixed an issue which causes snips to appear a bit slurry even after saving or copying to clipboard.
  • They have added narrator i.e. Screen reader to confirm a copied snip on the clipboard.
  • Microsoft has fixed an issue that may crash the app when users close two windows simultaneously.
  • They have updated the default savings of images as .png format. Now users can select other formats as well to save pictures using a drop-down menu.
  • Earlier when you copy something and switch out of the application, Clipboard automatically discards text/ files. They have fixed this issue, hence you won’t face such problems anymore.
  • They have also addressed the issue in which the default file locations switch to documents instead of pictures folder. While doing alteration, they also fix the issue where the save dialog box doesn’t remember the location on which the last snip was saved.

Note: All of the changes brought in this section are based on the feedback sent to Microsoft. Again, this app is not bound to Windows 10 20H1 Build 18850 only. You can try this application on other flights as well.

General improvements, fixes and changes for PC

  1. The Settings app now works smoothly when you navigate to Narrator settings in Windows Sandbox.
  2. Again, Microsoft fixed the bug where two different times appear on a clock; one inside Sandbox while the other outside of it.
  3. They fixed a bug which changes the text cursor position from where reading was started in Edge browser.
  4. The Company fixed an issue in which the Narrator Scan mode down arrow navigation may stick while browsing in Chrome.
  5. Microsoft resolved the Emoji 12 issue that appears as boxes in several XAML text fields.
  6. They have improved the Win+ (period) shortcut key functionality.
  7. Earlier, entering wrong password/ pin while trying to logon in certain applications started 30 second wait time. They have resolved this issue, now the pin entry data field will appear shortly afterward one attempt fails.
  8. The Company has also fixed an issue where enabling high contrast mode during Windows Startup doesn’t persist at first login.
  9. Earlier, when user try to open Microsoft Word web tile (pinned to Start); it starts Microsoft Edge in private mode. This occurs only when office apps were not there on your System. They have settled this issue.
  10. They also rectified Microsoft Edge crashing issues while editing or reading PDFs.
  11. Microsoft improved Cloud clipboard experience so that it syncs data in a reliable and smooth way.
  12. Previously, we as a user, have experienced Lock Screen stuck or not dismissing trouble. This doesn’t fade away until we press Ctrl+Alt+Del hotkey together. The Company has fixed this issue in 20H1 Build 18850.

Known issues

  1. Microsoft has created a fix on 20H1 Build 18850 which can send feedback to the core team if certain apps are found not working. This is applicable to all third-party apps that are used to adjust System color.
  2. If you try opening the anti-cheat program while playing games, it may result in GSOD bug.
  3. Creative X-Fi sound cards are still not working. The Company along with Creative are working on a possible solution for this.
  4. They are still exploring the issue which results in some Realtek SD card readers malfunction.
  5. The trouble of mouse pointer color turning into white (while logging out then signing back in) persists.
  6. Microsoft is working on an issue which prevents VMware to update or install Windows Insider Preview builds.
  7. There is a need for an extra reboot on Reserved Storage enabled PC. This comes into the picture when users try to perform “Reset this PC” along with keeping files and folders of device enact. They have solved this issue on recent builds of Windows 10 19H1, therefore, hope they will fix this too for 20H1 builds.
  8. Monitors are missing for display calibration situations on in-built color management apps. However, you can select a color profile under Display settings page as a possible workaround.

Known issues for Developers

In case you have installed any one of the recent builds and try to switch to Slow or Fast ring, it may create some nuisance. You have to remain in the fast ring as otherwise optional content like enabling developer mode will simply fail. You can add, enable or install optional content only by remaining on approved specific rings.

Wrapping up…

Hope you get the glimpse of new changes, improvements and fixes of Windows 10 20H1 Build 18850. The Company is trying its best to resolve known issues, yet this will take some more time to become smooth and reliable as well. That would be all for now. If you have any query about Windows 10 several builds or this article, do drop a message in the comment box.