Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update [20H1] – New Features & Changes

Microsoft is all set to release its ninth major edition Windows 10 version 2004, [20H1] Update in between 26-28 May 2020. The company has worked pretty hard to improve OS performance, enhance security, and overall smooth user interface. Although you will auto-receive a notification regarding this featured upgrade, you may download/ install this using Media creation Tool or Update Assistant as well. 

The tech giant has made some stunning improvements to the OS like – Notepad will now get updates via Store, No download folder inside the Disk Cleanup Tool. Windows Defender will now feature as Microsoft Security as this now functions beyond the reach of the operating system. 

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What’s new on Windows 10 20H1, May 2020 Update 

Below are the highlights of new features, improvements, and changes Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update –

1] What’s changed on the Desktop Screen

Microsoft made quite a few Desktop improvements on Windows 10 2004, May 2020 Update such as Start Menu, Search UI, Lock Screen, Cortana, and others. Let’s explore the changes in detail –

Start Menu

The company adds a new tile on the Start Menu that reads “Start typing to search” and “Recently added”. You may find this at the top on the Start home screen. Besides, this includes a quick access feature that helps to find results either locally or online. The same feature exists on Windows 10 1909 Update as well, however, it doesn’t bear any name officially.   

Moreover, they introduced an easy way to find files/folders, settings, programs, etc. alphabetically or as per their date of installation. All you need is to click at the top and select the preferred letter. The system will then display a list of apps/files matching your selection.

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Start Screen

Windows Lock Screen 

Microsoft introduces the “use of PIN” at the lock screen while entering Safe Mode on Windows 10 PC. Previously, users boot into the safe mode using the profile password only.

Moreover, Windows 10 users may now troubleshoot login issues using the hotkey – “WinKey + Ctrl + Shift + L“. Use “Win+L” to lock the Sign-in Screen thereafter press the above keys combination so that the system starts looking for any underlying cause. After a few minutes of investigation, your PC sends the recorded file as feedback to its server and displays a reference number. Note down this number as you may need this while reporting any bug or issue. 

Windows Search UI

The company has powered up the Windows Search User Interface to a greater extent. From now onward, even if you made some typo errors, the search UI understands that clearly and displays the correct and meaningful application, file, or settings. To know more, see the snapshot below –

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Auto Check

There appears a new “Quick Searches” functionality right at the start of the Search button. This includes weather, top news, Election results, and Market summary. 

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - SearchUI

Moreover, users may now look for any file using the “Search with a screenshot” tool just like “reverse image search” by Google. 

To enhance the search functions, they even introduce a new concept inside the Searching Windows Indexing Status. Windows 10 users may now search for a file that exists anywhere on the computer including libraries and desktop. Using this feature, one may reduce the Battery life or CPU consumption

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Searching Windows

Rename Virtual desktops

Windows 10 users who create more than one desktop on their computer may now change their names as well. All they need is to click once at the header and custom change its name to something they prefer. See the Snapshot below –

Rename Desktop

Cortana – A separate App

Microsoft made Cortana a separate entity that can receive updates right from the Microsoft Store. They have improvised several new things to the Cortana interface. Users may now either type or speak to search for any particular things. For example – If you speak – “Launch Microsoft Store”, this responds clearly and performs the task as well. 


You can now even adjust Cortana’s size, drag it to different positions on the desktop screen, and many more things. 

Adjust Cortana

Since this is no longer a system app anymore, typing “Cortana” on the Settings page displays – “No results“. The same follows on the Speech settings page as well. 

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - No Cortana under Settings

File Explorer

Windows File Explorer doesn’t get any new features. Instead, Microsoft removes the Homegroup options under “Give access to” submenu. 

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Give Access to

Previously, when you perform a right-click on the “.HEIC image file”, there doesn’t appear either “Print” or “Set as Desktop Background” options. With Windows 10 version May 2020 Update, the company introduces both these features on such image files as well. 

Task Manager

The tech giant improves the Task Manager interface along with adding a few new things such as – Drive types under the Performance tab. This thing is quite useful to those who use HDD, SDD, etc. on their computer. You can clearly see the hard disk marked as the “SSD” in the below snapshot –

Task Manager

Task Manager now receives a separate section for the dedicated graphics card displaying its current temperature along with other details.

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Task Manager

Furthermore, they add the “provide feedback” option in the context menu under the Details tab. Make a right-click on any of the files enlisted there and you can notice this change –

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Details Tab

Action Center and Notifications

Windows 10 May 2020 20H1 Update also receive minor improvements inside the notification settings. After receiving a notification, click the gear button (settings), and you may turn off the entire notifications for the particular app.

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Notification

2] What’s new in Settings UI

Microsoft has added some stunning features to the Windows Settings UI. The first of all is that you receive a profile section right on the Win+I homepage. Besides, this includes sections that are separately meant for OneDrive and Windows Update. Now, there is no need to visit the respective categories and find whether there are any pending updates or not.

Moreover, each time you upgrade to the next build version, there appears a “Get even more out of Windows” where you can perform the necessary changes. 

Windows 10 2004 May 2019 Update - Get Even More

Let’s explore what other changes come for different sections that you in general access via the Settings page.


Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update is receiving a major improvement titled “Storage Sense”. All you need is to turn On this feature and this will automatically clean all the junk files that pile up over a period of time. 

Turn On Storage Sense

Notifications & actions

Microsoft adds a new checkbox inside the Notifications & Actions that reads – “Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most of Windows“. Turning On this functionality will let you choose the optimum features for your computer. 

Notifications and Actions


With May 2020 Update, one can separately adjust the Master volume and System sounds. 

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Volume


With version 20H1, one receives the feature to manually adjust the cursor speed. One can even adjust the slider next to “how many lines to scroll each time” over a single roll. 

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Mouse

options

If you open Sign-in options under the Account section, there appears a new feature – Restart Apps. You can turn on this by just sliding the toggle switch. Once enabled, this will auto-save the data of restartable programs when you either sign-out or restart any particular application. 

Moreover, the company introduces the Dynamic lock feature under Sign-in Options. After enabling, this will allow Windows to automatically lock the login screen so as to prevent any unauthorized access. 

Besides, the newly added Windows Hello PIN will replace the password option on the login screen as well as across the OS.

Restart Apps

Optional Features

Windows 10 users now have even more power to select and install several optional features simultaneously on their PCs. If you are already aware of how to use this feature, type the “query” in the text field thereafter install the same. In case, you are not well-versed with this, scroll down to find and install any useful feature (if found any).

Optional Features

Network Status

Microsoft removed accessing Control Panel’s networking via Network Settings or vice versa. The Network Status page now depicts the list of active connections as well as quick access to modify any pre-existing settings.

Note: Even though you may connect to different network connections, the Status page reflects the active one. 

Data usage

Windows 10 users can now know the amount of data that they used while being online right on the Network Status page. In case of heavy data usage while connected to a network, click the Data Usage link and set a limit. After creating a limit, you will receive a warning message each time you either get close or surpass the pre-defined data limit. See the Snapshot below –

Network Status


Contrary to earlier Windows 10 versions, May 2020 [2004] now provides a clear understanding of the available list of languages on PC. Visiting the language section, you may now notice five sub-sections. They are –

  •  Windows display
  • Apps & websites
  • Regional format
  • Keyboard
  • Speech

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Language

Just play with each one of them separately and you will understand what they are and their purposes. 

While adding a new language, there exists a tooltip now detailing a few words about the particular language. 

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Add new language

Permissions & History

The company has made some cool changes on the Permission and History page. With May 2020 Update, one can easily look for contents that lie at OneDrive, Outlook, or Microsoft accounts such as personal, work, school, etc.

Permissions and History

They removed the “More Details” page inside the History section. You may now allow Windows Search Store to view at search history locally on the computer. Or, clear device search history as well.

Diagnostics & feedback

The company removed the “Recommended troubleshooting” settings on the Diagnostics & feedback page.

Diagnostic and Feedback

Delivery Optimization

With Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update, Delivery Optimization page now includes new settings to throttle the bandwidth using absolute values. You may set this for foreground or background downloads separately.


The Backup doesn’t receive any new updates except the option to backup files, documents, etc. on the OneDrive account.


Microsoft introduces a “Recommended troubleshooting” section on the Troubleshoot settings page. One can optimize this using the drop-down menu.


There is no separate list of troubleshooters on Windows 10 20H1. Instead, all of them are clubbed together at the “Additional Troubleshooters” section.

Troubleshoot Settings

Clicking this opens a list of features that you must be familiar with from Windows 10 19H1 itself.  

Additional Troubleshooters


Microsoft replaces the “Reset this PC” feature with “Cloud Download” on the recovery page. One can now use this option to get an image file of Windows 10 instead of using an old iso file.

The “Cloud Download” features reinstallation of the same build, version, as well as edition that currently lies on the computer. You may this tool to remove all third-party apps that are currently running on your PC. Moreover, users can still download and create a “Local reinstall” so as to reinstall Windows 10 version 2004 using the local files.

3] What’s changed inside the Ease of Access

Here are the key changes in the Ease of Access –


The Narrator receives the following key improvements on Windows 10 2004, May 2020 [20H1] Update –

  • Click me link solution

Are you feeling bored by tabbing through “Click me” links? Don’t worry, the narrator will now let you know the headline of the page that’s related to. To get it, only you need to use a shortcut key, which is Caps + Ctrl + D. As soon as you press the shortcut key, the Narrator will take the using URL of the hyperlink and then convey it to an online service. After that, it will provide the page title to the Narrator.

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Narrator Settings

  • Data Table Reading Improvements

Windows 10 May 2020 Update has optimized the information details that you usually hear with the Narrator. It mainly happens when you navigate a table using table navigation commands. The narrator now works in a sequence way such as, it first reads the header data > then the cell data > then the row/column position for the particular cell. However, the Narrator only reads the title, if the tile is changed. Thus, you can keep the focus on the content of the cell.

Note: In the Bopomofo IME settings, now you can use Ctrl + Space shortcut key to toggle the conversation mode.

  • The narrator will now start reading webpages and emails automatically

It would be quite helpful to hear the most important content faster, right? With the new version, the narrator will now start reading the loaded webpages automatically. It would be quite helpful to hear the most important content faster, right? With the new version, the narrator will now start reading the loaded webpages automatically.


Text cursor

The Narrator page now gets a new text cursor feature. Using this accessibility, users can see and find the text cursor wherever they are at any time. All they need is to select a text cursor indicator from the available range of sizes. 

One can enable this feature after visiting the Text Cursor page under the Ease of Access section. 

Note: Microsoft has changed the name of the Cursor and pointer page to Mouse Pointer.

Text Cursor

Accessibility Improvements

 The Windows 10 version 2004, May 2020 Update (20H1) will bring some major Accessibility improvements –

  1. It will carry table reading improvements in which the efficiency of the Narrator is considerably far better while reading tables. Also, when you move along with the corresponding column or row, then the Header information will not be repeated. The entering and exiting tables have been verbose to a lower limit.
  2. In order to give a proper webpage summary, the company has added a new command (Narrator + S) in the Narrator. At the present time, this command will basically be used to provide information about hyperlinks, landmarks, and headings.
  3. With the new version, the accessibility of the Magnifier application is improved now. While using this tool, it will keep the text cursor in the center of the screen that provides an easy and smooth typing experience. However, if you prefer the older version, you can change it through the Magnifier settings.

Eye Control Improvements

Windows 10 2004, May 2020 Update includes an important Eye Control feature that works with some particular eye-tracking devices. Here are the following –

  • Drag-and-drop

In Windows 10 20H1 version 2004, users will get a new Drag and Drop feature in Eye Control. Using this feature, they would able to control the computer with their eyes without any additional application. To do this, only they need to have a supported eye-tracking device. This feature allows them to mouse drag and drop function by simply using their eyes.

  • Pause

In the new updates, the company has worked on the pause experience. Now, if you select the pause button, it totally makes the launchpad disappeared. And the launchpad appears again when either you close your eyes for a while or look away from the monitor. This feature lets you watch full-screen content without any interruption. For example, just like watching a video. In the same way, it also lets you an eye gaze enabled tools without triggering Eye Control features. This would be beneficial if you play the recently launched Eye First applications.


Microsoft introduces quite a few useful hotkeys on Magnifier at the same time resolves several bugs and errors. The key changes are as follows –

  • Dark Theme Support.
  • Brings in three different ways to read texts – “Play,” “Selected text,” and “Read from here”. 
  • No “Collapse Magnifier window to a floating transparent magnifying” option.
  • Improvements made while reading in the Lens Mode. The text cursor shapes now appear more legible and aesthetic.
  • A new “Keep the mouse pointer” menu to keep the text cursor in the center of the screen making it easier and smoother to type.
  • A new “Reading” section to adjust the Magnifier Reading Modifier key behavior. Options include “Control + Alt,” “Caps Lock,” “Insert,” and “Caps Lock or Insert.”

Note: Magnifier now acknowledges its previous positions and after a restart, this appears at the same location.

Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update - Magnifier

4] What’s new for the Input changes


Microsoft introduces 39 additional languages as a part of its SwiftKey technology. The company aims to provide more accurate auto-corrections and predictions while you write on different topics. This not only improves your writing skills but also minimizes any typos. 


Microsoft is adding 12 additional languages to its dictation panel.

IME improvements

Microsoft brings in new features and changes to the different IMEs. They are as follows –

  • Japanese IME

The company introduces an updated IME experience that is more secure and safe with a clean interface. Moreover, this is fully compatible with different Games. 

  • Korean IME 

Microsoft has also improved the Korean IME interface along with making it more reliable, secure, and features an improved design. Users may now get more accurate and relevant “Text suggestions” while typing in the Korean language. 

Note: The Ctrl + Space keyboard shortcut now is set to “None” on both Japanese and Korean IMEs. 

  • Chinese IME 

The team improves the speed of toggling conversion mode (中 mode and 英 mode) on the Chinese IME. One may now disable the Shift + Space keyboard shortcut by right-clicking the 中/英 icon available at the taskbar. Or, browse to the below path and disable this feature –

Settings > General and disabling the Use Shift + Space to switch character width option.

Note: There come new versions for –

  • Chinese Simplified IMEs (Pinyin and Wubi)
  • Chinese Traditional IMEs (Bopomofo, ChangJie, and Quick)

5] What’s new for System Apps

Here are the key changes on the System Apps that appear on Windows 10 20H1 Update –

Wi-Fi and Ethernet

From now onward, there appears a lock icon next to the secured Networks under Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

Microsoft brings in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 on Windows 10 version 2004, May 2020 Update. This will replace the previously running ELF64 Linux binaries. Again, as this uses a real Linux kernel, Windows 10 users will experience an enhanced interaction between Linux batteries and the operating system. 

As per the company, this delivers a much faster file system performance and full system call compatibility. To know more about WSL version 2, visit the official Microsoft website.

Sync settings engine

The experts were working rigorously to improve the sync settings on Windows 10. Finally, they succeed to sync apps and programs smoothly across Windows 10 Platforms. 


May 2020 [20H1] Update now supports pairing to a Bluetooth device right from the notification pane. There is no need to open the settings app from now onward. The company has improved the Bluetooth interface so as to make the pairing more reliable and faster. Furthermore, there appears a “Dismiss” button that provides you more control over the connection.

Network cameras

Windows 10 2004, May 2020 Update receives native support for network cameras. Developers will find this pretty useful to build machine learning-based video analytics solutions securely. 

Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup Tool will no longer feature the “Download folder” while trying to free up spaces on the computer.

Disk Cleanup Tool


Notepad becomes a separate entity with the launch of Windows 10 2004 May 2020 Update. You may update this app more frequently by visiting the Microsoft Store. There’s no need to wait for any major release to notice any improvements. Besides, this now has the ability to restore unsaved contents even after installing an update.

Microsoft Security

The company has enhanced the capabilities of Windows Security to a larger extent. Windows Defender antivirus program now functions beyond the reach of the operating system. That’s the reason why its name “Windows Defender” changed to Microsoft Security. 

Xbox Game Bar

Pressing WinKey + G starts the Xbox Game bar featuring an FPS counter and achievement overlay. 

Windows 10 version 2004, May 2020 Update Summary  

Microsoft lately reveals to launch Windows 10 version 2004 [20H1] in between 26-28 May 2020. This delivers some wonderful new features along with improving the existing tools and in-built utilities. You may download the ISO file, make the file bootable, and install it on your device. 

If we summarize this new featured update, it basically separated Cortana from being an integrated part and empowers Linux to become an even more powerful module. There are some fine improvements in the Search UI and the same goes for Desktop and System apps. The most important thing that Microsoft provides is that “users may now use their PCs without creating any password”. 

That’s it, I hope you do like the tweaks and enhancements that came along with Windows 10 version 2004, May 2020 Update. If you have any queries or suggestions related to this article, do ask us in the comments section.

Imp: In this guide, we have discussed the key changes that we found on Windows 20H1 Insider Program. We will regularly update this post as new features roll in on Windows 10 version 2004.