WhatsApp Screen Sharing & Landscape Mode in Video Calls

Back in May, WhatsApp started testing screen-sharing and landscape modes on Android with beta users. With that being successful, Mark Zuckerberg has today announced that WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature will now be available for all users belonging to iOS, Android, and even Windows. 

In addition to this screen-sharing feature, Whatsapp users may now do video calling even in Landscape mode. This new landscape mode support will offer a wider and more immersive viewing experience. Let’s explore how to enable both of these features. 

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Enable Screen Sharing & Landscape Mode in WhatsApp Video Calls

To enable screen sharing or landscape mode in WhatsApp during Video Calls, you need to follow these easy steps –

  1. Initiate a WhatsApp video call with the individual you wish to share your screen with.
  2. On the lower navigation bar, where the video control options are located, locate and tap on the recently introduced screen-sharing icon. This icon resembles a phone with two outward-pointing arrows.
    Start Broadcast
  3. A notification will emerge on your device, informing you that you are about to initiate screen recording or casting through WhatsApp.
    Start Screen Sharing
  4. This will also provide a cautionary note, highlighting that all the content visible on your screen, including sensitive information like usernames and passwords, will be viewable by the other participant.
  5. Press the “Start Broadcast” button and your screen will be shared with the recipient.

You may terminate the screen-sharing session at any point during the video call. If you desire so, just click on the Stop Broadcast once, and the session will end right there. 

Stop Broadcast

Note: To fully enjoy screen sharing during video calls on Whatsapp, you may also enable the new landscape mode. 

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