What is Jucheck.exe and how to remove it in Windows 10

Did you find Jucheck.exe file on your Windows 10 PC and get confused if there is a virus running on your system? Well whatever this might be i.e. a virus or a simply core file, we try to analyze this error and provide some easy fixes. Following this guide, you can identify the true identity of any executable file.

When you are sure that the running file is dangerous, you must perform Full scan and remove all the infected files that exist on your PC. In addition to above, we will explore some other methods as well to remove Jucheck.exe from your system. They are- disable automatic updates, disable Startup Java Settings and uninstall java entry. Here is the detail discription about the discribed section-

  1. What is Jucheck.exe
  2. How to confirm if it is a Virus or not
  3. Perform Full Virus Scan
  4. Disable Automatic Updates
  5. Uninstall Java entry
  6. Disable Startup Java Settings

What is Jucheck.exe

Jucheck basically stands for (Java Update Scheduler) where .exe implies an executable file. Sun Micro-system has created this core component of Java program. It works as an automatic updater for Java Runtime Environment. When more than one java files are running continually, Jucheck.exe may notify of new available update that you should download/Upgrade.

How to confirm if it is a Virus or not

Before applying any of the fixes described below, ensure whether the file at hand is a virus or legitimate core file.

If you are suspicious of the running file, first make sure that if it is in fact dangerous or not. This is because both files (fake/original) look identical, thus it is very difficult to identify the genuine one. Fortunately, there are some ways to recognize the file identity and fix the same (if it is a malware). Here is the easy way to find its dubious nature-

  1. Open the suspicious file and check its publisher name. If the name appears Unknown (not Microsoft), this is not a genuine file.
  2. Make a right click on the file at hand and select “open file location” on the context menu. If the path matches C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\ folder then there is nothing to worry about as the file is genuine. However, if otherwise it is a Malicious file, so follow below 4 easy solutions (discussed below).

Fix- Jucheck.exe Java error in Windows 10

Here, we discuss some easy workarounds to fix Jucheck.exe file (if virus) in Windows 10. They are-

1. Perform Full Virus Scan

Most of the time, existence of virus can create such nuisance on your PC. Hence, perform a Full scan using in-built application i.e. Windows Defender. Follow these steps to remove malware, if any lies in your Windows device-

Step-1: Go to right pane of System tray and click on the Windows Security (Shield Icon).

Step-2: When the new window appears up, select Virus & threat protection category.

Step-3: On consecutive screen, hit Scan Options to go to next section.

Step-4: Henceforth, click Full Scan radio button followed by Scan now to start searching the malware.

Full Scan

Once this task is over, it will display the list of malicious files that exist on your system.

Step-5: At last delete all infected documents and Restart your system. Hope the problem is no longer available now.

2. Disable Automatic Updates

Sometime, when Java set to Auto Update, it might download wrong file having similar name. If that’s the case, it would be best to disable Automatic Updates of java files following these steps-

  • Go to Cortana and type Control Panel in text area.
  • Here select Programs category followed by Programs & features.
  • Now locate Java then hit Update tab.
  • Succeeding after, uncheck the check box Check for Updates Automatically and press OK.


Once finished, Reboot your system. Hope after next log-into your PC , there may not be any harmful application.

3. Uninstall Java entry

If there still lies Jucheck.exe file (malware) on your System, it might be due to corrupted or older Java version. In such cases, you need to uninstall java from PC then reinstall it back. This task is quite easy, just follow the below procedure-

Press Win & I hotkey altogether to launch Settings.

On next screen, Select App category followed by Apps & features on the left column.

Switch to the right hand side and look for Java, if found do the click on it.

Now tap Uninstall button thereafter Uninstall again to confirm the changes.


Once finished, Restart your system and check if the problematic file has vanished or not.

You may visit official website to download the java platform without paying any penny.

When you have the set-up file, make a double click on the same to install Java at (C:\Program Files (x86)\Java).

4. Disable Startup Java Settings

If you continue experiencing this Jucheck.exe virus, you have to its basic functions from boot Status. Here is the complete procedure-

  • Jointly press Win key & R to launch Run dialog.
  • Type msconfig in void box then hit Enter to launch System Configuration window.
  • Once the new window appears up, tap Services tab to see the list of installed services.
  • Succeeding after, locate Java on the list and uncheck this check box.
  • Switch again to the Startup tab and select Task Manager option.
  • Subsequently, select Java and hit Disable button.


  • At last, Restart your system to save the changes made so far.

Hope, you don’t face the Jucheck.exe related error on your PC anymore.