Google reveals upcoming changes on Chrome- improve user privacy

Today, in this blog post, we will discuss the upcoming changes in Chrome that will arrive by 2019 end. Google has proclaimed that it will change the way Chrome handles cookies thus improving user privacy.

As we know, cookies are used to trace the browsing activity of users on a website. It also serves personalized content and ads across the web. The changes require the enhancement of transparency about how websites are using cookies.

upcoming changes to Chrome

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What are the changes that will bring to Chrome

The upcoming changes to Chrome are as follow-

  • The company will modify the ways cookies work. It also helps the developers to specify clearly which cookies need allotting to work across the web. There will be separate cookies used to track the users.
  • Again, there is a requirement of developers to use this mechanism to access their cookies across the sites. This alteration will allow users to remove all such cookies from the websites. However, single domain cookies will remain unchanged, preserving user logins and settings.
  • Chrome is designing to restrain fingerprinting across the web. The company is adjudicating to overcome the ways in which browsers can be passively fingerprinted. So that they identify the active fingerprinting efforts and interference as well if that occurs.
  • There is a possibility of several changes in the Chrome user interface. Google has not revealed any information about this yet. However, they address there are significant changes in the web platform to allow this.

These features will come out later this at the end of this year.