How to Uninstall Microsoft Chromium Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft has finally unveiled the stable version of Chromium Edge after one year of trials at Edge Insider. With this new project, the company made Edge a native web-browser and it will receive updates independently to that of monthly Windows 10 patches. It includes all the useful features that were tested on its legacy versions like Beta, Dev, or Canary. However, if you don’t want to continue with this, you may choose to uninstall Microsoft Chromium Edge.

Earlier, uninstalling Microsoft Edge poses security issues as this was a core component of Windows 10 OS. But, as of now, if you don’t like the performance of new Chromium Edge or face any other bugs, you may simply uninstall this web-browser. Let’s explore how to remove this application on Windows 10 PC –

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How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

To uninstall Microsoft Chromium Edge in Windows 10, try the following suggestions –

1. Using Windows Settings

To uninstall Microsoft Chromium Edge in Windows 10, use the steps –

  • At first, press Win+I hotkey to launch the local Settings.
  • Head over to the Apps Category thereafter Apps & features.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge

  • Next, scroll down and tap Microsoft Edge on the adjacent right pane.
  • When its box expands as shown below, press the Uninstall button.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge

  • On the succeeding pop-up wizard, click Uninstall again.
  • If the UAC prompts, press Yes to begin this task.

That’s it, your PC will remove this web-browser along with its cache, bookmarks, and browsing history. 

2] Using Command Prompt

Alternatively, one may also remove the Chromium Edge browser via running a few codes on the Command Prompt. Here’s how to do this –

cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application
  • Running “dir” code will list out the available directories. Here, find the existing version and execute cd <version number> code –

cd 83.0.478.61

  • Next, run the following two commands to uninstall Microsoft Edge from the computer. Again, make sure to press Enter after each code –
cd Installer
setup.exe --uninstall --system-level --verbose-logging --force-uninstall
  • Once you execute the above codes successfully, Chromium Edge gets removed from the PC. See the Snapshot below –

Uninstall Microsoft Chromium Edge

If you ever want to re-download this application, visit Microsoft Edge Support and tap over the “Get the new Microsoft Edge now“.

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  1. This info did nothing for me. The apps & features had edge listed, but I couldn’t uninstall it, or modify it. The
    DOS version was equally useless because there is no file folder “Microsoft” under Program Files (x86). I didn’t look at the date of this posting, but it’s out of date. I have 5 PC’s in the house, and all are the same.

    • Hi Jack,
      Indeed this article is old, however, we have recently updated this post. The above two ways will work on Windows 10 version 20H1, 19H2, and 19H1. If you are using an Insider Program, this might not work. Please let me know if you still find it difficult to uninstall Chromium Edge.

      See the Date encircled - 12-07-2020

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