How to Uninstall and Hide Apps on iPhone

In this post, we will discuss whether you can remove hidden apps along with ways to uninstall and hide apps on your iPhone. When it comes to downloading and running apps on iPhones, we rarely worry about anything as it keeps all our data private and secure.

However, what if you have accidentally or intentionally downloaded some applications that you want to get rid of. Well, you can always uninstall those apps and make them hidden. iCloud will get rid of all data related to those apps. Without any further ado, let’s begin this discussion. 

How to Uninstall and Hide Apps on iPhone

Can I delete hidden Apps on iPhone or iPad?

As of now, you can only hide uninstalled applications on your iPhone or iPad. There is no way applying which you can remove all your purchase history on your iPhone. If you are willing to remove an application, you may long press on the app icon and choose to Remove app. A pop-up will appear next asking if you really want to delete the application, or simply remove it from the Home Screen. Click Delete App and the chosen software will be removed from your iPhone. 

After removing an application, you may hide that. To do so, follow these steps –

  • Launch App Store and click on your user profile (right-top corner).
  • Click Purchased, and when it expands, head over to the tab – “Not on this iPhone/iPad“.
  • A list of all uninstalled apps will appear here. 
  • Swipe an application to the left and you will see the Hide option. 

App not on this iPhone - Hide it

  • Click on it and the chosen application will be hidden next. 

Alternatively, you may also long-press on this icon and choose the Hide option. 

Hide an application on iPhone

How to delete Installed Apps on iPhone

To uninstall or remove an application on iPhone or iPad, do the following –

  • Tap the Settings icon first.
  • When it launches, locate and hit General.

General Setting on iPhone

  • Scroll down and click on iPhone Storage. If you are on your iPad, click iPad Storage instead. 

iPhone Storage

  • It will take some time to find and display all the installed apps on your device. 

View Installed apps on iPhone

  • Once you view the contents on this page, scroll down and locate the application that you no longer want to continue with.
  • You may either choose to Offload App or simply Delete App. In case you are planning to not use that particular software in near future, go for the Delete option. 

Delete Installed App on iPhone

That’s it, the chosen software and all its related data will be removed from your iPhone. Now, when you re-visit the App Store, you will see a download option next to the recently removed application. Long press on this app and choose to Hide App

How to locate hidden apps on your iPhone?

After you delete or uninstall an application, the first thing that must come to your mind is “where exactly do the deleted apps go”? Well, here’s a guide on where such apps go and how you may locate them –

  • Open Settings first and click on your profile.
  • Come down a bit and click Media & Purchases.

Media and Purchases on iPhone

  • A pop-up window will appear next, click View Account
  • Subsequently, you need to verify your id using either Face id or the login password. 
  • Provide the same and scroll down to Hidden Purchases.

View Hidden Purchases on iPhone

  • Here, you may view all the apps that were hidden on the App Store. 

To unhide a particular app, click the unhide button available on the already uninstalled program. You may now go back to App Store and see that specific application listed there. I hope you are now able to hide apps on your iPhone. Let’s know if you face any difficulty following this post. 

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