How to Turn ON/OFF Windows 10 Apps Notification using Action center

Do you feel annoyed with lots of Windows 10 apps notification popping now and then? If yes, then read this article to turn on/ off all unnecessary pop-ups on your System from Action Center. This is quite easy as all you require is to reach notification settings of an app using Action Center and opt out of its notification without even opening the app.

Nowadays, pushing notifications has become a trend for every website. The moment you click on it, updates will start to float in the Action Center. It is pretty common on those apps which are downloaded and installed from Microsoft Store. Let’s learn on how to mute them on your System-

How to Turn ON/OFF Windows 10 Apps Notification using Action center

Finding and muting the app which generates annoying notifications is really a tiresome job. However, there is a way out here. All you have to do is to right-click on the appeared notifications and opt to open its Settings or turn off notifications from the app at hand.

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Here is the complete guide on how to adjust notification settings of Windows 10 apps. Let’s focus on three topics-

  1. Turn On/ Off notification of specific apps.
  2. Change Priority of Notifications for Certain Apps.
  3. Restrict the number of Notifications which Appear in Action Center for a particular App.

How to Turn On/ Off Windows 10 specific Apps in Windows 10

Follow the below-written steps to turn on or off Windows 10 Apps notification on your System-

Step-1: At first Click on the Start button and hit Settings (gear) icon.

Step-2: Thereafter select ‘System’ category followed by Notifications and actions on the left column.

Step-3: Again in the right pane, scroll down the cursor and disable the toggle switch of those applications from which you don’t want to receive any notification.

Here we turn off the notification of Microsoft Store (see snapshot).

Windows 10 apps notifications

Change Priority of Notifications for Certain Apps

If you wish to get the notification of certain apps immediately unlike the rest, you can set its priority. Here is the procedure-

  • Press Win+I hotkey together to open Settings.
  • Choose System henceforth choose Notification and action option from the left pane.
  • Click and select the particular app of which you want to alter the Settings.
  • Again click on the priority option.

Note: Here you will get three options and they are-

  1. Normal– If set to this mode, you will receive notifications at a regular interval.
  2. High– Once selected this, the notifications will appear frequently.
  3. Top– Notification will always be there and reside at the top of the action center.

Turn On OFF app notification

  • At last, hit Confirm button to apply the changes.

Restrict the number of Notifications which Appear in Action Center for a particular App

You can also restrict the number of notifications which do appear in the action center for certain apps.

Press Start Menu and select Settings option.

Again go to System and choose Notifications and actions.

On the list, click the particular app followed by a drop-down arrow.

Lastly, you can fix the number of notifications by picking up the number that appears here.