How to turn off News Feed on Chromium Edge Browser

Microsoft’s new Edge browser based on chromium is doing pretty well owing to its great customization and smooth interface. However, there are features that edge insiders simply want to disable here. One such feature is the presence of news feeds on the Homepage. Here, in this article, we will see how to turn off news feed in a new tab on the Chromium Edge Browser.

The Company allows its users to customize the new tab as per their liking. Additionally, this also provides focused inspirational and custom options on its hamburger menu to modify the current settings. Its inspirational section shows the image of the day from Bing along with top sites whereas the focused section displays top sites only.

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You can hide the image of the day, most visited sites and feeds using its custom options. Feeds, however, may appear when you scroll down the cursor. Although it does help in imparting a new look to Edge, you can disable all of these sections permanently using the below workaround. Let’s explore this in detail-

Turn Off News Feed on Chromium Edge Browser

You can disable news feed on Chromium-based- Microsoft Edge Browser using these steps-

  • At first, open Microsoft Edge Dev and type edge://flags/ in the address bar followed by Enter.
  • Here, scroll down the cursor to locate the option “Enable using the Microsoft Edge local NTP”.
  • Once found, pull over the drop-down menu and choose Enabled option.

A message will pop up at the footer asking to Relaunch now.

News Feed on Chromium Edge

  • Tap the Relaunch now button and the changes will take effect immediately after the Browser restart.

Note: To get back news feed on New Edge, you can select the Default option on the drop-down menu.

On opening a new tab on Chromium edge, you won’t receive cluttered news anymore. Instead, you can see the Search box along with Microsoft branding.

We hope, you now know how to turn off news feed on your new web-browser.