Top Windows 10 themes of July 2019 [Download]

Today, we will discuss the top Windows 10 themes that came in July 2019. They are Visions of Vinyl, Waterscapes by Mark Nelson and Stranger Things 3. The first one depicts the beauty of Cornish seasides while other the immense power which small kids possess in the web-series. As per the age ratings, any one can apply such themes on their PCs. Stranger things 3 comprises 10 remarkable 4k images that you can use as Desktop Wallpaper.

You can apply any of these Windows 10 themes on at least ten Windows 10 PCs. All you require is to sign in using Microsoft credentials. Here, in this article, we explain these themes in detail – RAM, approximate size, and system requirements. Let’s learn about each theme in detail-

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Get Top Windows 10 themes of July 2019 for your PC

Here, we discourse the top astonishing themes which are new in the market. They are-

1. Waterscapes by Mark Nelson

This is a lovely theme designed by Mark Nelson and is available free of cost in Microsoft Store. Moreover, this embarks the beauty of Cornish Seaside, the Northumbrian coast, and Cumbrian Lakes. In addition to this, it consists of 20 beautiful wallpapers that will relish your Desktop Screen. Being only 22.44 MB in size, this is a lightweight theme and doesn’t lag in between. With the age rating for all ages, you can easily apply this on your Family PC.

Top Windows 10 themes in July 2019

To get this theme, click here.

2. Stranger Things 3

Microsoft releases this theme as a token of appreciation to the web-series Stranger Things season 3. This theme brings back the strange summer of 1985 right to your Desktop Screen. This occupies 49.12 MB storage of your HDD which is quite larger than common Windows 10 themes. However, as this comprises ten 4k images that portray an immense look, you won’t mind its size. You can avail of this theme at no cost starting from 3rd July 2019.

Stranger things 3 Windows 10 themes

Click here to get this theme.

3. Visions of Vinyl

Microsoft rolls Visions of Vinyl Windows 10 theme on the 18th of July 2019. This comprises 15 stunning 4k images that will transform your Desktop Screen into analog-loving collectors. The pictures that came along with this theme are meant for wallpaper purposes only. Being only 13.55 MB in size, this is a lightweight theme and provides a charming look to your Windows 10 device.

visions of vinyl

Click here to download this beautiful theme.

How to get these themes

Follow these easy steps to download and apply Windows 10 themes on your PC-

  • Go to the System tray and press the Store icon.
  • When Microsoft Store appears, type the theme’s name in the search field. Now, select the well-matching result from the list.
  • Thereupon, hit Get button and this will prompt you to log into your Microsoft Account.
  • Once you sign in, press Get button again afterward Apply to download the specific theme.
  • Succeeding after, navigate to the following path-

Start → Settings → Personalization → Themes

  • Here, select the recently downloaded theme and set it as Default.

In case, you want to change the color of Start Screen to resemble the current Theme, go to the address-

Start → Settings → Personalization → Colors 

Here, switch to the right pane and enable the checkbox “Automatically select a primary color from the background”.

System Requirements

  • Windows OS version: Version 14951.0 or higher ones.
  • Architect Support: x86, x64, ARM and ARM64.
  • Age Rating: All ages.