Top Windows 10 Themes of August 2021 [Download]

Here we discuss the top Windows 10 Themes for August 2021 – Otters, Mountain’s Glow, and Explore Beekeeping. Mountain’s Glow portrays the beauty of seventeen spectacular mountains all over the world. The same can be said for Explore Beekeeping, which displays honeybees and engineered honeycombs in minute detail. The Otters Windows 10 Theme comes with 4k images of cute and adorable otters.

Top Windows 10 Theme

You can apply each of these themes on up to ten different Windows 10 Machines. Just enter the Microsoft Store using proper credentials and save a copy for yourself. Here, in this blog post, we guide the basic entails of each like RAM, approximate size, and System Requirements. Let’s explore them in somewhat more detail-

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Get Top Windows 10 themes of August 2019 for your PC

Here, we discuss the top spectacular themes which are new in the market. They are-

1] Mountain’s Glow Theme

Microsoft unveils Mountain’s Glow Theme for those who admire the natural beauty, especially the Mountains and its sky-touching peak. This comprises 17 remarkable images (free of cost) of mountains all across the globe. These wallpapers are meant for wallpaper purposes only. 

This is the latest Windows 10 Theme by Microsoft which appears in the Store on 20th Aug 2019. Being only 16.38 MB in size, this is a lightweight theme that you can install on up to ten separate Windows 10 devices. The Company brings this theme in the US language for all ages people. 

Top Windows 10 themes of August 2019

Click here to get a copy of Mountain’s Glow.

2] Explore Beekeeping Theme

On 12th Aug 2019, Microsoft introduces a new theme “Explore Beekeeping” for its users. This consists of 20 images shot down from different angles. These pictures portray different aspects of Bees and their keepers and houses (honeycombs). 

Though this consumes slightly more storage on your HDD, the wallpapers that it presents are totally worth it. If you do like this little creature and adore its engineered mind, give a try this Beekeeping theme. 

Explore Beekeeping

You can use this link to get a copy of Explore Beekeeping.

3] Get Otters Theme

The Company releases the “Otters” Windows 10 Theme on 26th August 2019. This is a perfect gift by Microsoft to those who love and adore animals. With this theme, you will get twelve 4K images to decorate your Desktop beautifully. All these pictures portray the cuteness of splashing otters. Windows Users may install this theme on up to ten different Windows 10 devices by signing into their Microsoft account.

Being 38.82 MB in size only, this occupies a tiny space of your HDD. This personalization app is available in the English language along with a few other prerequisites. 


You can use this link to download this theme.

How to get these Windows 10 Themes

Here are the easy steps that help you to download and apply these themes to your System-

  • First, launch the Microsoft Store app.
  • Type the particular theme’s name under the Search field thereupon tap to open the well-matching result.
  • Now click on the Get button. A new prompt appears asking you to sign in to your Microsoft Account.
  • Once you log in, press the Get button again followed by Apply to download the specific theme.
  • Next, navigate to the following path-
Start → Settings → Personalization → Themes
  • Now, select the recently downloaded item and set it as Default.

In case, you want to optimize the Start Screen color as per the current theme, go to the following address-

Start → Settings → Personalization → Colors

At last, go to the right panel and turn on the checkbox against “Automatically select a primary color from the background”.

Best Windows 10 Themes for Every Computer

Here is a list of the best Windows 10 themes:

  • GreyEve Theme
  • Hover Dark Aero Theme
  • 3D Theme
  • Simplify 10
  • XP Themes
  • macDock
  • Various
  • Meteor Showers
  • Flattastic
  • Ubuntu SkinPack

System Requirements

  • Windows OS version: Version 14951.0 or higher.
  • Architect Support: x86, x64, ARM, and ARM64.
  • Age Rating: All ages.