The 3 Best Free Windows 10 Theme of March 2019 [Download]

Today, we will discuss the 3 best Windows 10 theme which came in Mar’ 2019. If you do like to change your Desktop wallpaper on a regular basis, you should try any one of these. They are Pi Day, An African Safari and Smiling creatures. All three themes are available at Microsoft Store and come at zero pricing. With a unique combination of pictures, they will definitely mesmerize your Desktop Screen.

You can use each one of them on up to 10 different devices with a sign into your Microsoft Account. Though they support United State English only, users from any country can use them. They are meant for decorating Desktop Wallpaper only. Let’s explore some more important detail about them.

  1. Pi Day
  2. An African Safari
  3. Smiling Creatures

Download: 3 Best Free Windows 10 Theme of Mar 2019

Here, we will talk about key features, storage, contents and access link of all 3 themes of Mar’ 2019. They are-

1. Pi Day

Pi Day Windows 10 theme is a collection of 8 various colorful images let experience you the mathematical environment on your desktop. These pictures are available for all ages who love to keep calculation and geometrical atmosphere on their screen. Besides, the theme is a lightweight which can be accessed from the Store at free of cost. You can get this to a minimum of ten Windows 10 devices by signing to your Microsoft Account. In addition, this theme occupies almost 9 MB of your Hard Disk with English as the default language.

Windows 10 theme

To know more about Pi Day theme, click here.

2. An African Safari

An African Safari Windows 10 Theme is available in Store with the compilation of 20 pretty images of magnificent African animals. This app comprises different wallpapers like – Cheetah cubs in the savannah, a giraffe in a misty forest and more. However, it occupies only 11.77 MB space on your Hard Disk which is really quite less.

Windows 10 theme

Get An African Safari theme from Microsoft Store.

3. Smiling Creatures

The 16-images set of adorable wallpapers are now available in Microsoft Store under the name Smiling Creatures Theme. This theme comprises of 16 lovely images of fishes, animals and one happy grasshopper. It decorates your Desktop with immense beauty of several animals as well as fishes. This is a lightweight theme which is 17.75 MB in size.

Smiling creatures

To receive Smiling Creatures theme, visit Microsoft website.

Download and install Windows Themes on your PC

  • First of all, go to the System tray and hit the Store icon to let open the Microsoft Store.
  • Here, type theme’s name on the search box and press Enter at the end.
  • When a theme bearing the same name appears up, double click to open the specific theme.
  • We have depicted An African Safari snapshot below. Make a click on Get button, thereafter wait till the theme is downloaded on your System.
  • Once the downloading and installing processes are over, hit Apply button.
  • Henceforth, navigate to the following path-
Start → Settings → Personalization → Themes

At last, select the one which suited your mood best and enjoy its decent collection of wallpapers.

In case you want to modify the Start Screen color so that it matches with the current theme, locate this path-

Start → Settings → Personalization → Colors  

Here, switch to the right pane and tick against the checkbox “Automatically select a primary color from the background”.

Minimum System requirements to download these Themes

To get the lovely wallpapers of each Theme, your System must meet these necessary requirements. They are:

  1. Your PC must be running on Windows 10 OS version 14951.0 or later.
  2. The system architect should be one of these i.e. x86, x64, ARM or ARM64.


Try these beautiful themes and you will surely love them. Each one of them is unique in itself with adorable pictures and awe moments. However, if you feel something not right or have difficulty understanding them, do ask us in the comment box.