The 7 Best Alternatives to ChatGPT

In this post, we will learn and discuss the seven best alternatives to ChatGPT, a chatbot, everyone is talking about these days. As there is always scope for making something extraordinary and brilliant, you should also check out some of its alternatives and decide if it’s worth the switch. 

Have you ever wondered how come ChatGPT becomes so trendy while others are still figuring out a place in the digital world? Though ChatGPT & GPT-4 has been made on the same OpenAI source, you may use ChatGPT without paying any charge, GPT-4 comes at $20 per month. If for some reason, you didn’t like ChatGPT, and want to try a few other AIs in the market, this article is curated for users like you. 

Alternatives of ChatGPT

AI-powered Alternatives to ChatGPT and Search Engine

Thanks to constant publicity, now everyone knows what a ChatGPT is in the real world. However, did you know that there are several tools out there that might outperform this new AI in the long run? In this post, we have discussed the seven best alternatives to ChatGPT in Windows that you should try out first. These new chatbots are as follows –

1] ChatSonic

Chatsonic also known as WriteSonic is one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT. If you are planning to switch to some other AI chatbot, we recommend using this chatbot. The developers have recently enhanced its capabilities by adding GPT-4 features to it. 


This AI lets you perform the following activities on its interface which are otherwise limited on ChatGPT – 

  • Since this has been developed on top of ChatGPT, you will find its capabilities pretty enhanced as well as exciting. For example, it can remember conversations queried over it and continues exactly from where you left the conversation.
  • An important use of using ChatSonic is that it can answer your queries by searching over the internet, which is currently not possible over ChatGPT. As it searches over the internet, the answers it provides are more accurate and less prone to ambiguities.
  • This chatbot comes with 16 different personas, ranging from an accountant to a poet, which is quite an advanced thing for AI. It is because of these many personas, you will get a different feel while talking to ChatSonic in its different roles.
  • Another important feature of using ChatSonic is that you can ask your queries to it over a microphone as well, which you normally do while talking to Siri or Google Assistant. After you are done with the conversation, you may even choose to share the replies through links or Word/PDF. 
  • One can use this chatbot as an extension in both your default browser as well as an Android app. 

Should I use ChatSonic instead?

Recently, ChatGPT brings a feature where it can generate images from the prompts you ask from it. However, this is available only if you purchase a subscription to GPT-4. With ChatSonic, you can get 25 free image generations every day, which is quite a very good thing considering this feature is still not available in rival AIs. In case you require more than this number of images, you can always pay a minimal charge of $12.67 per month.

2] Jasper Chat

There has been some time for which Jasper was the sole content generator tool in the digital world. Many users use this tool to create an articulated guide or well-written post. However, with the sudden rise in ChatGPT, it has taken the back seat. 

The developers have recently added an AI chatbot to it which serves purposes similar to its competitors. With a chatbot added to it sideways, users may use this tool to perform tasks that were earlier restricted to businesses like advertising, marketing, and such.

As per the official statement, Jasper Chat has already understood over a billion articles that might prove useful when users interact with it. With an understanding of 26 languages, Jasper can read and write in 25 languages including English, Spanses, Portuguese, and others. 

Since this is not a search engine, whatever you ask of it, Jasper will always double-check the answer before it produces. One may sign up for a trial basis availability to Jasper and decide if s/he really wants to go for this chatbot when the trial period is over.

3] Open Playground (GPT-3)

Both ChatGPT and Open Playground are based on the same Open source and that is from OpenAI. GPT-3 Playground comes into the digital world even before the introduction of ChatGPT, however, it never went viral. This is because of its inclination toward solving technical glitches instead of focussing on publicity. 

ChatGPT, however, from its start focused on generating an AI that answers queries very similar to a human being. As a result of this, it reached the masses very fast and become a viral thing. If put correctly, ChatGPT is more of an iteration based on GPT-3, developed and streamlined to produce answers with a human touch. 

Still, if you compare both these tools, you will find GPT-3 Playground has a much larger and more powerful AI model. This can even understand human intent correctly and hence provide context-specific answers and sustain coherent conversations.

On one hand, where ChatGPT refuses to answer on sensitive topics, Open Playground answers you more efficiently. If we sum up, we can say that this Open Playground AI is for mature users who know what to search for on an AI chatbot. 

4] The New Bing

Microsoft has hyped introducing the ChatGPT very much to its users. However, the tech company hasn’t yet encashed what it must have hoped for. This is because of so many AI chatbots available in the market that are outperforming this new Bing.

What we liked in the new Bing is its way of linking both its Search engine and ChatGPT capabilities over its homepage. The AI pops up from every corner and lets users know of its presence, which is a good thing. 

The best thing about Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing is that it has been released based on GPT-4 model, an advanced version for now by ChatGPT. 

Start a new topic in Bing AI ChatGPT

When you search for anything over the new Bing, it uses both its database up to 2021 and the information available over the internet to provide real-time information about trends and events. Microsoft also cites sources from where it has created the excerpt for users like us. 

Thankfully, Microsoft Bing is now available for all users and certainly, there is no wait-up time period to use this tool on the Edge browser. As per the official statement, the new Bing has already been used by millions of users worldwide. 

How to use new Bing AI with ChatGPT on Windows

5] Google Bard AI

In response to Microsoft releasing ChatGPT as its official AI, Google has also worked on and brought a new AI to its fore and that is Bard AI. However, this chatbot is available to a select group of testers and users in some specific countries. With a dedicated team working on this project, we hope, Google will soon let its AI available for common users as well. 

With no availability to Bard AI, it is impossible to say anything about how it performs in the real field and how easy the human touch would be on this chatbot. Purely based on how it fairs on its unveiling date, we don’t feel Bard AI would be a great threat to ChatGPT and other competitors. But as we know of Google, it can always outperform the competition in the long run. So, we hope Bard AI comes pretty strong when available to the general public.  


YouChat in all senses works very similarly to ChatGPT and is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model. When you first open this site, this will resemble very alike to the Google Search engine. Featuring different colors, this chatbot provides easy access to YouChat, YouCode, YouWrite, YouImagine, and More. There’s an option to join discord on its homepage as well. 

With YouChat, you can perform either of the following tasks with ease –

  • Its multi-dimensional interface with horizontal and vertical scrolling lets you discover more in less time.
  • Personalize your search with 150+ apps like StackOverflow, Medium, Amazon, and Twitter.
  • Protect your data while you browse the web.

Overall, this is a great search engine with an AI chatbot embedded within it. Very similar to the New Bing, this chatbot also provides you with a list of links to indexed web pages relevant to your query.

Note: You don’t require to sign up for a YouChat account to search for queries online. However, if you want to continue ahead with the queried item, you must create an account there. has worked on its one flaw which was its limited knowledge of our world as was the case with GPT-3.5. With the recent advancements in the field of AI, YouChat has also improved itself and now it provides better answers from the Year 2023 as well. See for yourself the below snapshot – 

Queried about iPhone 14 on YouChat

When asked the same query in ChatGPT, we get incorrect information due to its limitations of reading info till the year 2021. 

Queried about iPhone 14 on ChatGPT

Since YouChat serves a dual purpose, this is a pretty well alternative to using ChatGPT. 

7] Perplexity AI

Like many other chatbots, Perplexity AI has also been developed on OpenAI’s API and it performs pretty well when compared to ChatGPT. The best thing about this chatbot is that it presents the AI in a minimalist manner and is simple to use. If you want, you may switch between the light and dark modes over it. 

Go to its official website and search for anything that comes to your mind. This chatbot will answer your queries in a very simpler yet effective manner. Perplexity also cites the sources from where it has picked up answers so that you can visit them and read the solutions in detail if the need arises. 

One very effective feature of using this tool is that it can open the AI up to accidental plagiarism. Unlike Microsoft Bing, which copies and pastes the materials from the cited sites, Perplexity uses its own coding and presents the answers in a way that seems quite good. You can check the same by simply copy-pasting the things it presents and searching the same over Google. You will be amazed to see Perplexity is doing its due diligence.

An AI chatbot confusing and providing wrong results over some complex topics is very common these days. This has been brought to all people since everyone nowadays is checking how effective an AI can be. To our surprise, we did not find the Perplexity confusing in between an ongoing conversation, and this is quite a good thing for an AI chatbot. 

Quering over Perplexity

Perplexity Drawbacks

The two drawbacks of using Perplexity as your default AI are the following – 

  • This will only respond to what has been asked of it. This means it forgets all the previous queries asked of it. 
  • Besides text, there is no other way by which you may interact with this AI. 

As of now, the Perplexity AI is free to use. So, you can check for yourself if this one is the AI you were looking for all along. 

What is Character.AI? And how do we use it? 

Character.AI is neither a search-engine-based artificial engine nor it does provide answers to general topics. As its name suggests, this is a simple character-theme AI chatbot that lets you interact with your favorite celebrity. Using this, one can easily simulate interactions with movie characters, historical figures, or other popular celebrities. 

For example, we initiated a chat with Elon Musk and try to interact with him. The persona that has been created by this AI matches the character with whom you wish to interact, which is quite a good thing. 

Interacting Elon Musk over CharacterAI

One can’t use CharacterAI to replace ChatGPT, however, it is totally worth enjoying the interactions with some famous celebrities. Use this for fun and you will definitely like this AI. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1] What is an AI Chatbot?

AI chatbots are basically virtual programs that have been developed to ease out human day-to-day activities. If you try any of the ChatGPT alternatives or even the ChatGPT itself, you will never feel like you are talking to a bot. This is due to the fact that a chatbot responds very similarly to what typical human answers when asked questions. 

Besides providing a human touch, a chatbot can do a lot of other things like solving complex mathematical problems, generating codes, writing essays, and many other things. 

2] Are ChatGPT alternatives any good?

Though there are many alternatives to ChatGPT, only a few of them does what ChatGPT already does. Based on your interests, if you wish, you may switch to a different AI. 

3] What is Search Engine AI Chatbot?

Search Engine Chatbot AI works very alike to a normal AI, however, they also provide you with links to Source articles from where they have generated an excerpt of a queried item. 

As of now, only two search engine chatbots are in the market that meets the expectations of users using ChatGPT. They are Microsoft Bing and Google AI Bard. Since the Google AI Bard is only available in a select few countries, you should use the ChatGPT AI-based new Bing. 

4] Is ChatGPT available for free?

ChatGPT comes in two different forms and they are ChatGPT alone and GPT-4 model. The first model i.e. ChatGPT is free to use and you may perform experiments over there. However, if you want to check out GPT-4 model, you must sign up for a subscription fee of $20 per month. When you purchase GPT-4, you will not face any downtime even during peak hours. 

5] Why ChatGPT is mostly down?

ChatGPT, from start, has gained huge popularity among the masses because of its unique strengths and capabilities. With its popularity reaching even further, new users are creating their accounts on OpenAI’s website to explore what this new AI offers. 

As a result of this constant new user addition and increased demand for ChatGPT across the globe, you may at times feel that ChatGPT is down. Its parent company is continuously working to improve it even further. If you are getting the Server down error message, you may wait for some time and then try again. Hopefully, ChatGPT opens up this time. 

6] Which one is better? ChatGPT or Bard AI

Both ChatGPT/GPT-4 and Bard AI belong to some all-time famous Search engines and they are Microsoft and Google respectively. However, as Bard AI is still new and Google is using its own code, there is a slight edge to Bing AI. This is because the new Bing is an AI-powered ChatGPT that can perform complex tasks with ease. 

Still, it is quite early to say which one will be the winner in the long battle. Whoever wins, we can say one thing for sure is that the next 2-3 years will bring some significant change to the AI world. 

7] What’s still to come on ChatGPT?

As we all know OpenAI source code is available for all, several tech companies have used this source code to bring their own AI. You have already seen some of the finest AI chatbots that have been developed by some famous companies. 

However, there is no tool right now which comes as far as ChatGPT or its paid version, GPT-4 has reached by now. In the future sure, but for now, there is only one AI in demand and that is none other than the ChatGPT itself. 

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