The 4 Best Free Windows 10 Themes of Jan 2019 (Download)

Today we will explore 4 Best Windows 10 themes of Jan’ 2019. Microsoft has recently launched them and is available for free at its Store. They are for wallpaper purposes only. With the motive to decorate the desktop, these pictures are the result of decent photography portraying the world and nature.  

Although these themes support United States English only, yet they are perfectly suited for every System. You are allowed to have them on up to ten different Windows 10 devices. Here, in this article, we will unearth Opposite Day, Seeing Red, Knits and Wool and The Butterfly.

  1. Opposite Day
  2. Seeing Red
  3. Knits and Wool
  4. The Butterfly

Download: 4 Best Free Windows 10 Themes of Jan 2019

Here is the description about each in detail-

Opposite Day

Opposite Day theme is a collection of 15 sets of different images. This theme is a combination of two same images yet different in color. The pictures available here are for desktop wallpaper purposes only. You can get this theme for free by signing to your Microsoft Account. The approx. size consumed with this Theme is 14.73 MB.

Opposite Day theme

Get to know more about the Opposite Day theme.

Seeing Red

Seeing Red Theme is available at Microsoft Store with the compilation of 15 images. All these pictures are available free of cost. It does have different colors like burgundy, pink, ruby red of pictures of cars, cranberries, cardinals, and more to make your desktop look amazing. It will occupy approx. 11.77 MB memory once installed on your computer. After installing and set as the wallpaper you will have fun with the screen.

Seeing Red theme

Download Seeing Red theme from Microsoft Store.

Knits and Wool

The sixteen sets of wool shine are now available in Microsoft Store under the name Knit and Wool Theme. This theme comprises shelves skeins to cozy cables. It works to decorate the Desktop Screen with immense beauty and shine. Knits and Wool Theme is 13.97 MB in size thus it won’t eat large ram of your System.

knits and wool theme

To receive the Knit and Wool theme visit the Microsoft website.

The Butterfly

The Butterfly is one of the charming themes out there. This consists of 20 wallpapers free to avail. Each one shows the delicate beauty of butterflies when they feed, hatch and flit. The interface of this theme is smooth and superb. The Butterfly theme is 16.69 MB in size which is quite less.

The butterfly theme, howtoedge

Get and install The Butterfly on your computer.

How to download and install this app:

At first, make sure that your System has a proper internet connection.

Now go to the system tray and click on the Microsoft Store icon.

Type the theme’s name in the search box. Once the best match result found, click on the same. We have downloaded here the butterfly theme. The same is depicted below in the snapshot.

  • Click on the Get button and wait until the download gets completed.
  • When the task is finished, hit the Apply button and navigate to the path-
Start → Settings → Personalization → Themes
  • Now select your suited theme and enjoy its decent collection of wallpapers.
  • If you want to change the color of Start Screen so that it matches the current Theme, go to the address-

Start → Settings → Personalization → Colors and switch to the right pane.

  • Thereafter select the checkbox “Automatically select a primary color from the background”.

Minimum prerequisite to download these Themes:

To have these astonish themes on your Windows 10 device, your System must meet the minimum system architect. They are:

  1. Your PC must have the Windows 10 OS version 14951.0 or later.
  2. The system architect needs to be one of x86, x64, ARM or ARM64.

That’s All!