How to sync clipboard across devices on Windows 10

The sync clipboard across devices feature will remain intact in the upcoming Windows 10. This clipboard experience started with the 1809 version which uses the cloud to copy and paste content from one device to another. It now includes a new interface i.e. Win + V which aids in copying and pasting anything that lies in history.

By default this attribute is not enabled, hence you have to enter the Clipboard Settings section to manually activate this option. Here, in this guide, we will discuss how to enable clipboard history syncing across multiple devices. Do note that each device you are using must be connected to the same Microsoft account otherwise, this won’t function. Let’s explore this in detail –

How to Clear Clipboard history using a shortcut on Windows 10

Enable clipboard syncing across multiple devices

Here, we see how to sync clipboard history across multiple devices on Windows 10 –

  • At first, press Win & I hotkey together to open Settings.
  • Here, select System followed by Clipboard on the left pane.
  • Again, move to its corresponding right side and click sign in the link under Sync across the Category section.

sync clipboard across devices

  • On the next window, select sync your settings option from the left column.
  • Succeeding after, turn On the toggle switch under the Sync Settings option.

You can manually enable or disable individual sync settings such as- Theme, Passwords, Language Preferences, Ease of access, etc. (See the snapshot below).

sync clipboard across devices

When you have performed the above steps, it’s likely that each and every content that you copy will start syncing as per the applied settings.

In case, you don’t find this feature, you must be running an old Windows 10 version.