Solved: Code 9 – Windows Cannot identify this Hardware in Windows 10

Today, in this guide, we discuss the error code 9 – Windows Cannot identify this Hardware in Windows 10. This is one of the most disturbing issues that several users encounter these days. In general, this bug arises when some of the device drivers become obsolete or their files go missing. This bug can also appear if there is insufficient RAM space on your PC.

Update driver, delete unnecessary files to release RAM space, Run Hardware Troubleshooter are some of the best workarounds to resolve this issue. You can also try uninstalling and later reinstalling corrupt drivers to cope up with Code 9 trouble. In case, these workarounds don’t bring a change and the problem still persists, configure a few entries on Registry Editor. Let’s explore these workarounds in more detail-

  1. Update Driver Manually
  2. Uninstall Faulty Device Driver
  3. Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter
  4. Modify Registry Keys
  5. Increase System Memory
  6. Change faulty Hardware

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Fix: Code 9 – Windows Cannot identify this Hardware

Here, we depict different workarounds to solve Code 9 – Windows Cannot identify this Hardware in Windows 10-

Update Driver Manually

Obsolete device drivers are the prime reasons behind Code 9 issues on your System. This is why it is best to update the drivers which are causing trouble. Just follow these simple steps-

Step-1: Press Win & X keys together to launch the Power menu. Here, select the Device Manager option.

Step-2: On the next window, expand each category separately in order to view the corrupted driver.

Note: The Yellow exclamation mark next to files implies the driver needs to be updated.

Step-3: Make a right-click on the same and choose the Update Driver option on the context menu.

Step-4: Subsequently, select Search automatically for updated driver software. This will automatically lookout for suitable drivers for your system.

Windows Cannot identify this Hardware

Step-5: This requires an internet connection to download the file, so make sure your web data is working properly.

Step-6: If you do have the driver somewhere on disk, select Browse my computer for driver software option.

Once you select the downloaded driver from the local drive, let the System install and update the driver automatically.

Uninstall Faulty Device Driver

The error code-9 in a disk drive is associated with incompatible hardware drive. Hence, you should uninstall corrupt drivers on the device manager. Succeeding after, you can reinstall the latest version of removed drivers as per your System configuration. Here is the detailed procedure-

  • Right-click on Windows icon and choose Device Manager from the Power Menu.
  • On the new window, enlarge each section to locate the problematic device driver.
  • Once found, right-click on the same and choose Properties option using the context menu.
  • Again on the succeeding window, tap the Driver tab then hit the Uninstall button.

Windows Cannot identify this Hardware

  • Henceforth, select Uninstall on the next dialog to remove the driver permanently.
  • Once finished, Restart your system.

To reinstall-

After next login, you can reinstall the device driver-

  • Press Win & R shortcut keys together to launch Run dialog.
  • In the void box, type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to begin Device Manager.
  • Succeeding after, select the particular device driver and click on the Action menu.
  • Furthermore using the drop-down window, choose Scan for hardware changes.

Code 9 - Device Manager

At last, follow the on-screen instructions until this process finishes.

Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter is yet another effective method to solve not only Device Manager Code-9 but also other hardware-related problems. To do this, follow these easy steps-

  1. Go to Cortana and type Control Panel in the void box; click on the first result.
  2. In View by: category, select Small icon there forth Troubleshooting using search options.
  3. Select View All link on the left pane henceforth choose the device which contains any bug.
  4. Now, choose Next to begin the process then follow the on-screen instructions.


Once this is over, Reboot your system and check if the Windows Cannot identify this Hardware issue has solved. If not, try the next workarounds.

Modify Registry Keys

You can take the help of the Registry Editor as well to solve Code 9 – Windows Cannot identify this Hardware error in your system. Here are the steps to follow-

  • Press Win and X hotkey together and select Run from the list.
  • Type regedit.exe in the text box thereafter hit OK to launch the Registry Editor.
  • If UAC prompts, tap Yes.
  • On next window, navigate to the following path-


  • Henceforth, switch to the right pane and make a right-click on UpperFilters and LowerFilters entries then choose to delete option from the context menu.

Windows Cannot identify this Hardware

  • At last, Restart your PC and check if the Device Manager Code-9 issue has fixed or not.

Warning: Editing Registry incorrectly may create a nuisance on your System, hence follow the method only if you know what are you dealing with.

Increase System Memory

If the Windows Cannot identify the Hardware problem, this might be due to insufficient RAM on your system. Hence, first, check the availability of memory space on your device then create more storage if required. Here are the steps to follow-

  • Hold and press Ctrl + Shift and hit Esc keys combination to start Task Manager.
  • Scroll down the cursor and select the More Details option. If selected already, leave this.
  • Again under the Performance tab, analyze the available memory space.

Windows Cannot identify this Hardware

  • In case this is not sufficient, install additional RAM.

Change faulty Hardware

In case, the above methods do nothing, there is a possibility of fault in connected hardware. Hence, remove the faulty hard drive or Video card and replace them with new ones.


Note: Changes require expertise in this section, So contact specialist or visit the computer Store to change Hardware.