How to Solve Xbox One Error 0x807A1007

Several users reported receiving an error 0x807A1007 when they were trying to join an Xbox One party. Though not always, it might also occur when you are already logged in and are playing online games on your gaming console. In this post, we will discuss what possibly could have triggered this error code and four working ways that might address this problem.

The error 0x807A1007 implies that the Internet connection between your Xbox One and the other party members has somehow been disconnected. This could happen when there is a network connectivity issue between you and the host. Though not always, this could also have been the work of disabled UPnP, causing NAT issues. Follow this guide on how to solve this error code on Xbox One when joining an Xbox party. 

Fix Xbox One Error 0x807A1007

Why can’t I join an Xbox One party?

Users encounter error codes when joining an Xbox One party only when the following conditions meet –

  • The gaming console isn’t receiving enough internet packets: Wait for your network to stabilize itself. You may also reboot your router and ensure your device is connected to a stable network. 
  • Your console encountering NAT-type issues: The UPnP must have been disabled on your Xbox One. Turn On this feature to resolve NAT-type issues on your gaming console.
  • The server is down or not running: Go and enquire about the same by visiting the Xbox Server Status page. 
  • Glitches within your Xbox One device: Reboot your controller and check if the error 0x807A1007 resolves this way. 

Fix Error 807A1007 when joining Xbox Party

This error code appears when you are trying to join the Xbox One party. To solve this, attempt the below fixes one after another.

1] Check your Network

The first workaround to this error 0x807A1007 is checking the internet connectivity on your Xbox One device. In order to play games or join a party on Xbox, you must remain connected to a stable network. You can confirm this by running speed tests on devices that are connected to the same network. If there are indeed some network issues, wait for some time and try again. You may also reboot your router once and check if the problem resolves this way. 

4] Turn On UPnP on your router

The modern router comes equipped with a UPnP feature which when disabled, triggers NAT-related issues. This, in turn, restricts users from joining a party or playing games on Xbox One. By default, this feature comes pre-enabled on your router. So, you must have disabled UPnP at some point by opening your router settings. 

Re-enable UPnP on your Xbox One and check if the error 0x807A1007 resolves this way. Even in cases where you find this feature enabled, turn it off first, restart your Xbox controller, and turn on this UPnP when your device wakes up. Here’s how to enable this feature on your Xbox device –

  • First of all, log into your router’s configuration page using the login address and credentials provided by the manufacturer.
  • Once you are inside it, go to the Advanced tab.
  • Under Advanced Setup, look for “Turn on UPnP” and tick the box available next to it. 
  • Save the recent changes and close your router settings page.
  • Turn off the power supply to your router next. 
  • Go to your Xbox console, and restart it as well. To do so, press and hold the Xbox button until your controller turns Off.
  • Wait for 10-20 seconds, and hit the Xbox button again. Power On your router and when the internet is available, log in to your Xbox account. 

Hopefully, the error 0x807A1007 must have been resolved by now. 

3] Check Xbox Server Status

Many a time, the problem isn’t with the internet connection, rather it is because the related servers are down. If that’s the case, you should visit and check Xbox Server Status. This is important as you can’t play games online when the servers are down or not running. In case you do some services down, wait for the same to come live again. On this site, you will see three different colors signaling “Up and running“, “Limited“, and “Major outage“. Only when all the services are green, you may go ahead and join the Xbox one party. 

4] Reset the Router to its default settings

If there isn’t any network issue and the Servers are all up and running, the problem might lie within your router itself. Since you are still getting this error code 0x807A1007, perform a factory reset to your Router to bring back its original settings. 

Search for a tiny button on the router which has “Reset” written just below it. Press and hold this button for at least 20-30 seconds, and your router will revert back to its default settings. Wait for a few seconds more and restart your router. I hope you are now able to join a party on Xbox One. 

What to do if the Xbox party throws an error code?

As stated above, Xbox party issues often occur either because of internet connectivity issues or when the UPnP is disabled. Consider performing internet speed tests on devices connected to the same router first. If the error persists even after this, re-enable UPnP, and check if doing so resolves the Xbox Party connecting issues. 

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