Skip Ahead to start early test Windows 10 19H2

Windows 10 19H2 is now live and users are now getting Skip ahead option to start the early test of the prerelease. This will the next major update of Windows 10 after April 2019. This is indeed great news for Microsoft’s enthusiasts and its developers. So, Get ready to enroll your system to test the 1909 version of Windows 10 Update.

Microsoft is soon going to start development on Windows 10 version 1909. This update will consist of lots of new features and improvements. They have also announced that there will be a limited number of sites to enroll in the non-primary devices to the Windows Insider Program branch. Once it gets occupied, the option will be closed. Today, in this article, we will discuss how to use the skip ahead feature in the upcoming Windows 10 1909 update.

How to enroll for Skip Ahead to test Windows 10 build 19H2

Here is how to enroll for the Skip Ahead feature to test build version 1909 on your device-

Step-1: Press Win key and I altogether to launch Settings.

Step-2: Hit Update & Security category thereafter Windows Insider Program from the left pane.

Windows 10 19H2, Enroll to Skip Ahead

Step-3: Switch to the right-hand side and click on the currently available option under the “Pick your Insider settings” section. See the snapshot below:

Windows 10 19H2

Step-4: At last select Skip Ahead radio button.

When the task is finished, your PC will automatically switch to the PRERELEASE build of the October 2019 Windows 10 update.

Note: The builds available in the prerelease as well as the release section might appear to be the same. However, the build number will depart from one another as time passes.

The build currently available is not stable. They are for now beta users only so that they run this, find issues and provide feedback. The suggestion received will be then applied to the upcoming release of Windows 10 19H2.

Once the new release is found to be stable, the Skip Ahead option will eventually fade away. Thereafter Fast ring will start getting back builds from the prerelease section as usual.