How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone with iOS 16

With iOS 16, it’s now possible to show battery percentage on all versions of the iPhone. iPhone and iPad users often feel the necessity of seeing battery percentages right on the nav bar. However, this was not possible on previous versions of iOS. This is why they have to settle with the graphical representation of the Battery on their phones. 

The only problem with this feature is that when you turn On this feature on your iPhone, the graphical representation of the battery will lose its meaning. This means that when you enable battery percentage on your iPhone, the nav bar will display the full battery graph-wise. It doesn’t matter what is your current battery percentage. This must sound strange, but this is what it is.

No Battery percentage in the status bar

Show Battery Percentage on iPhone with iOS 16

If you want to enable battery percentage on iPhone or iPad, do the following –

  • Unlock your iPhone and tap the Settings icon.
  • Scroll down a bit and click Battery.

Battery on iPhone

  • Slide the Battery Percentage toggle switch to the right. 

show battery percentage on iPhone

  • The battery icon on the status bar will start displaying the battery percentage

Note: The only problem with this feature is that you can’t view the graphical representation of the battery. This means that you can only view the percentage with no real link to the battery graph. I hope, this problem resolves by the next beta release of iOS 16. 

Should I enable Optimised Battery Charging on iPhone?

If you cautiously monitor the timing from when you start charging your iPhone and unplug the lightning cord timely, there’s no need to enable this feature. 

However, when you enable this feature, iPhone learns from your daily charging routine and charges iPhone or iPad accordingly. This means that your phone will wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it. Doing so also improves your battery aging as it would be hard to get past the 100% mark on your iPhone. 

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