How to Run both Classic and Chromium Edge together on Windows 10

Microsoft is soon going to unveil the first stable version of Chromium Edge by the mid of Jan 2020. This new web-browser will replace the Classic Edge making it inaccessible to open the old browser. In case, you want to run both Classic and Chromium Edge together on Windows 10, it is possible after adjusting existing policies under Group Policy or Registry. 

The Company delivers updates for all its three channels regularly. While Canary receives new updates daily, Dev gets over a span of 1 week. The beta version of Chromium Edge receives a major update every 6 weeks. Now, it’s the time for a stable version to come and replace the existing Microsoft Edge web-browser. Let’s learn ways to run both these browsers side by side.

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How to Run Classic and Chromium Edge together

To run both i.e. Classic Edge and Chromium Edge simultaneously, use either of the two workarounds –

1} Using Group Policy

Group Policy is the easiest way to configure some settings so as to run both web-browsers simultaneously on your computer. All you need to perform these simple steps –

  • Press the Win button and start typing “GPE” using Keyboard.
  • Select and click the top result to open Group Policy Editor.
  • Navigate to the following address on the left pane –
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge 
  • Now, switch to the right side and right-click on “Allow Microsoft Edge Side by Side browser experience”.
  • Select “Edit” on the context menu, and a new window will appear immediately afterward.
  • Tick the circle against the “Enabled” option thereafter press Apply & OK.

Lastly, close all the running windows and Restart your PC.

Note: Windows 10 Home users can’t use the above workaround as the GPE is by-default disabled. They may either upgrade their existing operating system to PRO/Enterprise or simply follow the next method.

2} Via Registry 

One can start using both Classic and Chromium Edge together after tweaking a few entries inside Registry Editor. Here’s how to proceed –

Note: Making any changes inside the registry is quite risky especially when you are not well aware of how it functions. Hence, we suggest you do exactly as explained here in this post. Do create a backup of important files and folders in case it backfires. 

  • Press Win+R to start Run dialog.
  • Type Regedit at void and press Enter to invoke Registry Editor.
  • Now, browse to the following address expanding the entries on the left column sequentially –
  • Here, create a new 32-bit DWORD value and name it “Allowsxs“.

Run both Classic and Chromium Edge together

  • Double Click the newly created entry and put “1” in the Value data field.

Note: You need to create a 32-bit DWORD even if you are having a 64-bit Windows 10 OS.

That’s it, you may now simultaneously run both Microsoft Edge and Chromium Edge on your PC.

The latest version of Edge Channels 

  • Canary – 80.0.328.0
  • Dev – 80.0.320.5
  • Beta – 79.0.309.15

You may visit Microsoft Edge Insider to download any one of the above.