How to restrict Cortana reading Browsing History

Do you want to restrict Cortana reading Browsing History on your System? If yes, then you have come to the right place as we will tell you how to perform this in one go. Cortana is an advanced version of the simple search box of the Windows operating system. You can access this simply by clicking on the round white icon next to the Windows icon. Cortana can be at times very useful like using the speech function to shut down your PC, perform simple calculations, open different applications and many others.

Cortana works very smoothly when signed into your Microsoft Account. Moreover, this stores information like Calendar events, location, Contacts or the search queries to allow you personalized settings. The default settings on Cortana allow it to track several activities of yours such as the places you visit, your personal interests, etc. In short, it reads all the browsing history and creates a virtual profile. If you want to restrict Cortana from reading your Browsing History, do as written in this article.

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How to Prevent Cortana from reading your Browsing History

  • At first press Win & I hotkey together to open the Windows Settings.

Restrict Cortana

  • Here scroll down the cursor to find the Cortana icon. Click on the same to open the Cortana window.
  • Now select Permissions and History option on the left pane.
  • Again on the right pane, choose to Manage the information Cortana can access from this device as highlighted below.

Restrict Cortana

  • On the succeeding page, turn off the toggle against Browsing History.

Browsing History

This is it. From now onward, Cortana won’t store any information related to Browsing History on your System. If you wish to delete all those data which have been collected by Cortana till now, just sign out on your device.

There is a new Cortana UI planned for the upcoming Windows 10 releases. In the latest Windows Insider preview build 18317, Cortana and search box are two different identities. They can be differentiated by the taskbar button and flyout respectively.

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