How to Restart your iPhone

Android lets its users power off and restart their devices whenever some issues pop up on them. Restarting is indeed an effective process as it helps speed things up, fix problems, and make your phone work better.

If you have recently switched to an iPhone from Android, this is the first thing that you will miss the most. Apple lets its users restart their phones, however, there are some tricks hidden which you will come to know in the below sections. 

Without any further ado, let’s see those two methods in detail –

Restart your iPhone – 2 Ways

This post discusses two different methods by which you may easily restart your iPhone. They are as follows –

1. Using Volume Up/Down and Power keys

The straightforward method to restart your iPhone is by using the Volume Up and Down keys followed by the Power Key. Start with fast and short pressing Volume Up and then Down key, and then press and hold the Power key. 

Keep on pressing the Power Key and you will see the “Slide to power off” your iPhone. Keep on pressing the Power Key and you will find your iPhone restart in no time. 

Restart iPhone

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2. Using AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch is a great feature on iPhones that helps users like you to perform a series of actions right from the comfort of the home screen. By default, iPhones come with this feature disabled.

In case you didn’t find the above method comfortable, you may enable AssistiveTouch and then set how to restart your iPhone within it. Here’s how to work on this feature on iPhones –

  • Unlock your iPhone and tap on the Settings icon. 
  • When it opens up, scroll down and click on Accessibility

Open Accessibility in iPhone

  • Under Accessibility, scroll down to the Physical and Motor section, and tap Touch

Open Touch under Accessibility in iPhone

  • On the next screen, you will find the option to AssistiveTouch at the top. Click on it to view the available options. 

Open AssistiveTouch in iPhone

  • Enable the toggle switch available next to AssistiveTouch, and then hit Customize Top Level Menu

Customize Top Level Menu in AssistiveTouch

  • By default, your iPhone will display 6 different items available inside its AssistiveTouch. Click on the Custom icon. 

Select Custom and change it to Restart

  • Your iPhone will now display a wide range of available options to choose from. Scroll down and select Restart.

Restart iPhone using AssitiveTouch

That’s it, you have successfully added the Restart option under AssistiveTouch on your iPhone. Whenever you require restarting your iPhone, tap over the AssistiveTouch icon and then hit the Restart button. Your iPhone will reboot immediately afterward. 

Restart your iPhone

I hope you find this article useful and are now able to restart your iPhone with ease. Let us know in the comment section if you face any difficulty following this article. 

Soni Aryan

Soni Aryan

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