How to reset the mail and Calendar app on Windows 10

Today, in this article, we will explore how to reset the Mail and Calendar App on Windows 10. There are numerous in-built apps provided by Windows 10. Mail and Calendar app is no doubt one of the best applications out of them. It lets us manage all our email accounts on one platform.

However, owing to continual updates in progress, there is a likelihood of receiving an issue at one time or another. Several users have reported that they are not able to sync their email accounts. In a few cases, it is found that they are unable to add a new account to this app. Most of the time, just tweaking the account settings, resolves the issue. But, sometimes you may need to do more than this.

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Here, we’re going to describe three methods to fix this issue. You can follow them in chronological order-

  1. Reset the mail app using Settings.
  2. Rest the mail app using PowerShell.
  3. Install Missing app packages.

How to reset the mail app on Windows 10

Here is the complete step walkthrough on how to reset mail app on Windows 10-

1. Reset the mail app using Settings

Step 1: Press Win + I hotkey to open Settings.

Step 2: Click on Apps; You’ll be jumped on Apps & features section of the next Screen.

Step 3: Select Mail and Calendar option from the list and click the Advanced options.

Reset Mail and Calendar App

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Reset button.

Reset Mail and Calendar App

Doing this, all the information like the app’s data, settings, and the sign-in details will be removed. Thus, your Mail app is reset now.

2. Reset the mail app using PowerShell

If you are not able to reset the mail app using Settings as described above, try configuring this with the help of PowerShell. Here is the procedure-

Uninstall the Mail and Calendar apps

  • Follow the steps given below to uninstall the inbuilt mail app –
  • Right-click on the Start button and select PowerShell (Admin).

Power Menu

  • After that, a pop-up menu will ask for consent, Click Yes.
  • Now, type the command –
Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps | Remove-AppxPackage 


  • Press Enter after the end of the command.
  • Finally, reboot your computer.
  • Subsequently, it is required to re-install the uninstalled apps from the Windows Store.

Reinstalling Mail app using Microsoft Store

Follow the steps given below to re-install the inbuilt apps –

  • Click the Start button; type Store.
  • Here search for Mail and Calendar then click on the top result. See the snapshot below-

Reset Mail and Calendar App

  • Now hit the Get button to download and install this application on your system.
  • This will launch the Mail app.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the rest part.

Once you have re-configured the Mail app following the above process, the issue of Mail not opening and email syncing will get rectified automatically.

Note: You may need to adjust settings under privacy for the smooth functioning of the Mail and Calendar app. Just go to Settings → Privacy and enable the radio button of this app under the Calendar and Email section.

3. How to install missing Mail app packages on Windows 10

If you are still having trouble with emails syncing or not able to add a new account, there may be some missing  Mail app packages. Here is how to configure “Feature on Demand” settings.

  • Hit the Start button and search for the command prompt.
  • Right-click on the result and choose Run as administrator option.
  • Type the command written below and press Enter.
dism /online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:OneCoreUAP.OneSync~~~~
  • Reboot your PC.
  • When your computer restarts again, open Mail.
  • Hit the Settings (gear) button at the bottom-left corner.
  • Here select Manage Accounts and see whether Account Settings are available. If yes, it implies that packages have been added to this.

In case, there is still the issue of email syncing, try to delete and re-add your mail account. For this; navigate to the path Mail Settings > Manage Accounts > Select the account. Here choose Delete account from this device and hit Delete button.

Once the account is removed successfully, select the Add Account option to re-add the same account on your device.

Hopefully, the Mail app should start working effectively. If you do have any queries related to this article, drop your question in the comment box.



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