Released: Windows 10 Insider Build 18351.7 Slow Ring with fixes

Microsoft has finally released the updated version Windows 10 Build 18351.7 Slow Ring for Insiders on March 11, 2019. It comes just after the next week of the release of Build 18351 Fast ring with a few changes and fixes. They have incorporated KB4492310 in this release to solve the Chinese version Multiple games crashing issue.

As per Microsoft, this build is stable and they hope it will bring users close to RTM. The entire changelog is alike to Build 18351 Fast Ring. They also resolved the trouble in which Region Settings automatically set to default after build upgrade.

Build 18351.7 Slow Ring

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  1. Microsoft has made more slots available for those users who hadn’t receive the State of Decay game for free. This is again for the limited time, so hurry else time will lapse. You can have a look at here to know everything related to this. Doing so ease the “download” as well as the installation procedure thanks to several users’ feedback.
  2. They now fixed an issue which prompt monitors to fade on a few in-built Color management apps.
  3. The Company also resolved the Explorer.exe crashing trouble, some Insiders reported the same.
  4. Earlier when users put an incorrect pin on a locked screen, it starts a 30 second wait time. Microsoft has rectified this bug and users won’t get this unexpected trouble anymore.
  5. They have now fixed the mouse pointer color that turns into white while signing out and logging back in.
  6. The “Change how capitalized text is read” feature stay disabled with Build 18351.7 Slow Ring. This feature earlier causes the Narrator to read reliability trouble.
  7. Microsoft fixed the issue which causes Emoji 12 to appear as boxes in some of the XAML text fields.
  8. They resolved the error where text scaling values won’t persist across Win-32 apps up-gradation.
  9. The Company improved the Clock Timing inside and outside of Windows Sandbox. From now onward, users can see the same timing at both places.

Known issues- Windows 10 Build 18351.7 Slow Ring

  1. The GSOD error which comes into effect while using Anti-cheat programs on games still persist.
  2. Creative X-Fi sound cards are not working properly. Microsoft said that they are partnering with Creative to bring a solution to this bug.
  3. As usual, Realtek SD card readers are still not working properly. Microsoft is working on a solution for this.
  4. Though this Build 18351 19H1 has brought some improvements in night light, there are instances where insiders face some trouble.
  5. The Company is working on a fix for the VMware application. Earlier, this app was preventing the installation of Windows Insider Preview builds along with their update. For now, Hyper-V is an alternative solution for this.

Known issues for Developers- Build 18351.7 Slow Ring

This issue for the developer remains the same as it is continuing for the last several builds. You simply can’t downgrade to slow ring if you had gone for Fast ring previously. In doing so, optional content like enabling developer mode will fail as they will install only on approved rings. However, you can add, install, or even enable optional content while remaining on Fast ring.

You can download this release i.e. Windows 10 Insider Build 18351.7 Slow ring by visiting Check for Updates inside the Settings app.